LG G5 is known for its incredible design and colors. If you are a proud owner of LG G5, you would never want to hide your beautiful phone. On the contrary, you would need to protect it from daily wear and tear.

If you are in a fix and not able to decide on protective cases for your LG G5 Smartphone, we have a solution for you and that is the clear protective case instead of a bulky one. There is a range of sleek and innovative protective cases available as clear, transparent cases. They are tough on the outside and protect your Smartphone without hiding its awesome looking design.

Best LG G5 Clear Cases

We have enlisted 10 best clear cases for LG G5 available in the market which will protect and also show off its beauty.

10 Best LG G5 Clear Cases

#1. Pleson

Pleson LG G5 Clear Case

The case by Pleson enjoys high rating among its users for its precise design and amazing quality. The case is lightweight and its TPU cover makes it durable. It will provide maximum protection to your LG G5 with its features like front raised edges and anti-slip protection. The case has the dotted pattern and it is fingerprint resistant.

The TPU cover is extremely soft and odor free. Although its TPU cover is soft yet it provides full protection against minor drops and shocks. The stylish case is the perfect fit for regular use.

Price: $29.99 ($7.95 on Amazon while writing this)
Buy it from Amazon.com

#2. Exact

Exact Bumper Case for LG G5 Clear Case

The see-through case by Exact is made up of a polycarbonate shell and is lined with TPU bumper strips. The shell is hard yet light in weight. It looks amazing on your LG G5 without making it look bulky.

The glossy transparent case is lined with TPU bumper rim in different colors to add a touch of color. The best fit is ensured and you can access all your buttons and ports with an ease.

Price: $5.95
Buy it from Amazon.com

#3. Ringke

Ringke Crystal Clear Case

A perfect fit for your LG G5, it also comes with colored bumper accents to flaunt your Smartphone with a unique design. The case has laser precise fit and comes with 2X clarity coating. It enhances the overall look of your LG G5 without adding any bulk.

The cover is made up of TPU with Active Touch Technology that facilitates easy access to its ports. They have taken care of the charging ports and audio jacks by providing dust caps for both. The lifted edges will protect the Smartphone from everyday scratches.

Price: $30.00 ($11.99 on Amazon while writing this)
Buy it from Amazon.com

#4. i-Blason

i-Blason Clear Bumper Clear Case

The clear bumper case from i-Blason will let you show off your LG G5 while providing the maximum drop protection. The case cover is made up of 3H rating scratch resistant material so you can be rest assured of unwanted scratches. It also prevents from the cover getting discolored.

The raised edges will protect the screen and the shock resistant bumper will prevent it from any sudden drops.

Price: $9.99
Buy it from Amazon.com

#5. Spigen

Spigen Ultra Hybrid Clear LG G5 Clear Case

The Spigen clear case is made to fit your LG G5 with perfection. The solid and reinforced polycarbonate shell in conjunction with soft TPU on the inside ensures maximum protection to your device.

The case has an engineered finish and port opening for easy access to its buttons. The TPU inner is apt at absorbing shocks because of minor drops. Indeed, a great choice to use on the everyday basis.

Price: $24.99 ($13.99 on Amazon while writing this)
Buy it from Amazon.com

#6. EasyAcc

EasyAcc LG G5 Soft TPU Clear Case

The ultra-transparent case is best to show off your phone’s beauty as well as provide high protection against shocks and scratches. The TPU material provides good grip, thanks to its anti-slip properties. The TPU material is of premium quality and extremely flexible.

It will prevent the case from getting discolored even if it is exposed to high temperatures and humidity. The case prevents dust accumulation as well.

Price: $19.99 ($5.99 on Amazon while writing this)
Buy it from Amazon.com

#7. Cimo

Cimo Premium LG G5 Soft Clear Case

The case is made up of high-quality TPU material that offers shock resistance in case of accidental drops. The case is tough and shatterproof. It comes with the perfect fit and precise design that allows easy access to all the buttons and ports including the fingerprint sensor.

You will get a good grip while you hold your LG G5 inside this case so you can use it with one hand with ease. The raised edges on the front provide maximum protection to the screen in case it is placed upside down.

Price: $7.98
Buy it from Amazon.com

#8. Poetic

Poetic Bumper Clear Case for LG G5

This clear polycarbonate case is made exclusively for the LG G5 Smartphone. The case has TPU covering on the inside which is soft and easily absorbs shocks. The edges are engineered as a part of Poetic’s X-Form architecture and provide maximum drop protection.

The side grips ensure that the device does not slide while you are using it. The inner TPU layer is thin and sleek yet handles drops easily. The raised bezel on the front protects the screen and the case is extremely thin without any bulk.

Price: $12.95
Buy it from Amazon.com

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#9. REDShield

REDShield Crystal Silicone LG G5 Clear Case

The case offers dual protection with TPU soft inner and Plastic outer. The case is slim in design and light in weight. Being extremely durable, the case is great for everyday use. The outer silicone case is tough and made up of more durable material than ordinary silicone cases.

The case has opaque sheen along with good grip. The flexible fit is endowed by the rubbery matte body. The high-quality case is well equipped with shock dispersion technology to combat any drops.

Price: $7.99
Buy it from Amazon.com

#10. Profer

Profer Soft Bumper LG G5 Clear Case

The case provides maximum protection to your device with an outer polycarbonate shell and inner premium TPU layer. You can feel the excellent grip while holding your LG G5 with this case.

The case offers complete protection even on the corners along with raised camera cut out to protect the camera lens. The case is highly flexible and resistant to getting deformed even after multiple uses. You can even clean it with water and put it back refreshed.

Price: $21.99 ($7.99 on Amazon while writing this)
Buy it from Amazon.com

We hope our selection of the 10 best clear cases for LG G5 will help you select the perfect one for your Smartphone so that you can show off its unique design. Do share this with your friends on social media and spread the good word. Stay tuned to this space for more.

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