For those who are not aware of what exactly Kodi is about, let’s explain to them something about Kodi. Kodi is a media player software which is designed for PC home theater. It was formerly known as XBMC and hence you can still it is referred by its old name even now, but if you see that you just need to believe that it is referred to Kodi only. Because Kodi is an open source project it can run on Windows, OS X, Linux, Android and iOS operating systems without any glitch.

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Kodi runs on the 10-foot user interface which can be used on Television sets and remote controls. You can use Kodi to view pictures, listen to the music, watch movies and record live TV. It is easy to use because it is easy to customize. Because Kodi is easy to customize the real fun comes when you use add-ons and change the interface. Apart from these, a mere add-on can actually change the entire experience of Kodi.

Best Kodi Addons (XBMC Addons)

So to give you the best experience of Kodi we have brought some of the best add-ons of Kodi.

12 Best Kodi Addons (XBMC Addons) of 2016

#1. Yahoo! Weather Addon

Yahoo! Weather Kodi Addon

One of the most popular weather plugins is here. It will keep you updated with daily weather forecast with Yahoo’s powerful weather services. There are many contenders for these services both locally and internationally, so if you wish you can add one of those plugins as well, but this one is the best one as of now.

Download from the website

#2. 1Channel Addon

1Channel Kodi Addon

This is one of the oldest and largest libraries of movies of its kind. Maybe this plugin is now known as 1Channel but its original name was LetMeWatchThis. It has more than 60,000 movies and plenty of TV shows as well which cross the number of around 9,000. The biggest drawback is the video quality is not up to the mark always and link breaks are common.

Download from the website

#3. Navi-X Addon

Navi-X Kodi Addon

This is the mixture between Genesis and Playlist loader. It can be utilized for both scraping and user contributed playlists. You can enjoy a number of movies and TV shows but what will steal the show is the live streams and podcasts and any multimedia content you can imagine. This is very old but very popular add-on for Kodi users.

Download from the website

#4. Watch 1080p Addon

Watch 1080p Kodi Addon

If you can’t bear lower quality movies then this new add-on from Metal Kettle Repository is for you. Watch 1080p includes movies in 720p and 1080p mostly, although you may find some 480p quality movies among them as well. All the movies are available from direct sources which are highly reliable. The add-on has categorized moves based on year and popularity as well. What’s more, there is a search option available as well. There is no country bar so watch any movie from any country.

Download from the website

#5. Addon installer

Addon installer Kodi Addon

To manage all the plugins you will go to know in this article first you need to add the installer, so you can manage everything smoothly. This installer will let you install and upgrade various plugins and even you can browse them as well, but for that, they have to be available in a safety vault.

Download from website

#6. SportsDevil Addon

SportsDevil Kodi Addon

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We got add-ons for movies, TV shows already in this article and how can we miss all the sports addictive people? The SportsDevil add-on will bring you the live sports shows like NFL, Boxing, UFC, and wrestling as well. Apart from these, you can even watch English Premier League, Cricket, Baseball, and Hockey. The quality of the links are ranging between 480p and 720p and most of them are reliable.

Download from the website

#7. TV Guide Addon

TV Guide Kodi Addon

We have gone through many plug-ins in this article which can stream both movies and TV shows, but this one is made exclusively for TV shows. This add-on is a guide to the various TV programs so you are saved from switching between channels every time. This plugin, all in all, can become a guide for your TV programming.

Download it from the website

#8. Backup Addon

Backup Kodi Addon

This is one of the most useful plugins for Kodi. It will save your Kodi configuration to the different and remote path just like you save your data in a local storage or on a cloud like Dropbox or Google Drive. You can export your Kodi database, playlists, add-ons along with all the other configuration details. You can schedule and demand them when you want to use them.

Download from the website

#9. YouTube Addon

YouTube Kodi Addon

Every day, a big number of the traffic on the internet is diverted to YouTube and it will not be a good option for you to ignore it on Kodi either. So here is an add-on for YouTube on Kodi which will enable you to subscribe the channels, add and remove favorites, browse region specified feeds and find your desired video by using the advanced search option. While searching it also filter the unavailable videos so that you can get only active videos only.

Download from the website

#10. TuneIn Radio Addon

TuneIn Radio Kodi Addon

TuneIn radio is one of the most popular podcasts and radio services. It has more than 100,000 radio stations and more than 4 million podcasts. You might be already using it on your smartphone or tablet but this one is an unofficial plugin for Kodi.

Download from website

#11. SALTS Addon

SALTS Kodi Addon

This is a premium TV shows and movie stream which can offer you a variety of sources. This add-on will allow you a number of links which will bring you plenty of stream with top quality sources. It also supports the Read-Debrid which is a premium holster for the high-quality video streaming. It also includes HD quality videos with or without subscription option.

Download from the website

#12. CU LRC Lyrics Addon

CU LRC Lyrics Kodi Addon

Yes, you might have got the idea how this add-on must be working. If you are a professional singer and you want lyrics of a song you want to sing at a party, then CU LRC Lyrics will be very handy. It supports both regular and LRC lyrics and you can search both synchronized and unsynchronized lyrics from files and also from third party sources.

Download from the website

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These are some of the best Addons for Kodi. There are so many Addons available for Kodi but we have taken care about the variety of add-ons so that they can be more useful to you. Hope you will use them and you will like them as well.

Do let us know which addons from above you downloaded on your Kodi and give us your feedback here in the comments and on Facebook,Twitter, and Google Plus.