The Amazon Kindle Fire HD tablet has 8-inch beautiful display with a 1,280 x 800-pixel so that you can enjoy your favorite movies and games immersively. As it has IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen, you will have to take care of its display to get prevented from unseen impacts. So, it would be better to buy the best screen protectors for Kindle Fire HD 8.

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A single scratch on your device’s screen can spoil your enjoyment, that’s why we are here with top 10 best Kindle Fire HD 8 Screen Protectors. These all are made of a premium quality material to keep your tablet’s screen always new and scratch-free. Well, most of them made of 9H hardness to extreme protection from bumps and hard impacts.

Alongside, they are also made to give high definition clarity as well. So, go through the list and pick the perfect mate for your stunning Kindle Fire HD 8.
Best Kindle Fire HD 8 Screen Protectors

Best Kindle Fire HD 8 Screen Protectors (2016 Release)


Starting this journey of the best Kindle Fire HD 8 screen protectors with the bestseller screen protector on Amazon. Yes, over one thousand customers have given their positive reviews for this OMOTON screen protector, so the trust comes naturally with it right? Let us know more about this screen protector.

Kindle Fire Hd 8 Tempered GlassFeatures of OMOTON Screen Protector

  • The screen protector is a brand new product from OMOTON for Amazon Fire HD 8 tablet.
  • The cuts are precise, and it covers the entire surface of your device.
  • It has the highest quality 9H hardness, and hence it secures your tablet from any hard substances.
  • Get the easy bubble-free installation.
  • Hydrophobic and Oleophobic screen coating reduces smudges and fingerprint.
  • The thickness of just 0.26mm maintains the original touch experience.

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#2. NuPro

A relatively new name for everyone but we were surprised to see that even NuPro screen protectors are popular on Amazon. This product too has more than a one thousand customers who feel positive about it and gave it a high rating.

Kindle Fire Hd 8 Screen ProtectorFeatures of NuPro Screen Protector

  • The design of this screen protector is exclusive to Amazon Fire HD 8.
  • Get the best protection from scratch, smudges, and dirt.
  • You cannot only install but can also remove this screen protector easily, and it will not remove any residue.
  • The pack has two screen protectors, and you need to pay just for one.
  • This is an anti-glare film, so your eyes will remain free from irritation.

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#3. Mr. Shield

Mr. Shield is known brand for providing some excellent screen protectors for many smart gadgets. This screen protector is special because of its rounded edges. Because of rounded edges, the protector will not be chipped, and it will feel good on your fingers as well.

Tempered Glass For Kindle Fire Hd 8Features of Mr. Shield Screen Protector

  • The Mr. Shield screen protector is an ultra-thin screen protector.
  • It has the industry best 9H hardness to give maximum protection against scratches and dirt.
  • The ballistic glass material used in this protector will even protect the screen from high impacts and drops.
  • The screen protector is also polished so that it will add value to the looks of your tablet.
  • Get 99.99% HD Clarity to enjoy vivid picture quality.
  • Mr. Shield gives no hassle lifetime replacement warranty.

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#4. KuGi

Another great brand we are bringing which made a special screen protector for your unique gadget, Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8. KuGi is providing two pieces of tempered glass screen protectors in this pack, and you need to pay for just one piece if we compare the price with other such protectors.

Fire Hd 8 2016 Screen ProtectorFeatures of KuGi Screen Protector

  • The KuGi screen protector will look beautiful and will give you good feel always.
  • It has a 99% retina clarity and also touchscreen accuracy as well.
  • Because of Oleophobic coating, the protector is tough on dirt and smudges.
    Very easy to clean.
  • Fits perfectly to the entire screen of your device easily.
  • Adhesives used in this protector make it easy to install the film and also to remove if required.

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#5. MoKo

MoKo is known for providing not only quality protective cases but also quality screen protectors and this screen protector from MoKo is specially made screen protector for your Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8. It is manufactured from the top quality tempered glass material.

Screen Protector For Kindle Fire Hd 8Features of MoKo Screen Protector

  • The best 9H hardness of this film will fight against any hard substance like keys etc.
  • The screen protector is also shock resistance, so any significant impact will not affect it.
  • Just 0.33mm thickness provides you original touch feel.
  • 99% light penetration ratio preserves the original viewing quality.
  • Best under bright light backgrounds, which will not give irritation to your eyes.
  • The advanced fitting technology will make convenience for fitting and removal.

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When we are writing this, this screen protector from AILUN is a brand new entry in the world of this particular product. AILUN, despite being new is gaining good reviews from its customers on Amazon. So let us check what AILUN is offering us.

Fire Hd 8 Screen ProtectorFeatures of AILUN Screen Protector

  • The screen protector has 2.5D edges, which mean it won’t chip and will give a good feel for your fingers.
  • The film is ultra-clear and full proof against scratches.
  • The best part of this screen protector is that it fits most of the best Kindle Fire HD 8 Cases easily.
  • Went through a specially tempered processing which strengthened the surface of this screen protector.
  • Get the perfect sensitive touch and quick response always.
  • The company offers 12 months warranty with each screen protectors, so feel free.

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#7. Supershieldz

Supershieldz always gives you a different screen protector because it doesn’t use tempered glass like the other manufacturers. Supershieldz screen protectors are made from the best quality Japanese PET film. Don’t worry it will still give your Kindle Fire HD 8 screen the best protection it deserves.

Best Kindle Fire Hd 8 Screen ProtectorFeatures of Supershieldz Screen Protector

  • The screen protector is equipped with anti-glare protection hence your eyes will not get irritation even under bright lights.
  • You will get bubble-free installation, and when you remove it, it will not leave any residue behind.
  • Get perfect touchscreen accuracy from this real touch sensitivity film.
  • Scratch resistant coating will make sure that no scratch can spoil the looks of your tablet’s screen.
  • Very easy to clean if you see any oil or sticky residue on it.

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SPARIN is one of the market leaders in screen protector products, and it is here with a screen protector with an exclusive design and range of other features as well. The 2.5D round edges make it look even better and will prevent chipping as well.

Tempered Glass Screen Protector For Fire Hd 8Features of SPARIN Screen Protector

  • It will automatically attach to the screen smoothly while you install it.
  • Just in case if you find a spot or a section which is not stuck perfectly then you can peel it off and install it again.
  • Your gadget’s screen is protected from dirt, dust, and scratches.
  • Also made up with PET explosion-proof membrane so even if the glass breaks it will break into a net structure with tiny pieces and hence will give no harm to human body.
  • Get the best HD and touch experience with this screen protector from SPARIN.
  • If you buy two or more SPARIN screen protectors, the company is offering a discount as well.

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#9. Fintie

The ultra-clear Fintie screen protector for Kindle Fire HD 8 will cover the entire portion of your tablet’s front because the design is exclusive to it. The unique design also gives full access to all the sensors as well.

Made from the top-quality PET material that is highly durable and will last longer.

Best Screen Protector For Fire Hd 8Features of Fintie Screen Protector

  • Forget about scratches, dirt, dust and any other daily harmful elements damaging your gadget’s screen.
  • The thickness of this film is just 0.1mm which means you will not get any better touch experience anywhere else but here.
  • Anti-reflective and dazzle which will eliminate 98% of the external environment of the light reflection and high dazzle.
  • Get three screen protectors in this pack by paying for just one.

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#10. ArmorSuit

We started this exclusive list of Kindle Fire HD 8 screen protector with a great product and now ended it with another fantastic film as well. Armorsuit is also known for providing excellent screen protectors, and this product too got high ranking from sizable satisfied customers on Amazon.

Hd Screen Protector For Fire Hd 8Features for ArmorSuit Screen Protector

  • You will get installation solution, squeegee, lint-free cloth and installation manual along with the screen protector.
  • Installation of this screen protector becomes super easy, as the film is flexible and will cover the entire front of your device.
  • The military grade film gives scratchproof, ultra-tough protection to the screen.
  • This optically clear screen protector also is a yellow-resistant material and hence will last long.
  • The film is self-healing so even if you leave a bubble it will remove automatically after some time.
  • Significantly reduces fingerprint smudges and dirt.
  • Get lifetime replacement warranty from ArmorSuit.

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Hope, you will like our list of the best Kindle Fire HD 8 screen protectors. These are the best screen protectors we could find, and you will probably not find any match anywhere else.


So, do let us know how you liked this list and also tell us your experience about the screen protector you purchased from the list for your Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8. You may give your feedback here in the comments section or on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. We are waiting, as your feedback is valuable to us.