From different wearable especially made for entertainment purpose, GPS tracking watches for kids certainly possess a different flavor altogether. Whenever you wish to purchase a full-on GPS tracking watch for your kid, make sure that it comes with the support of strappings because it makes a lot of sense. Because you always need to monitor the movement of your kids always and strapped GPS tracking watch on your kid’s wrist can, most of the time give you the exact location.

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We all are aware that the world isn’t the same as it used to be. There are open threats like kids are getting abducted or they go missing on their own or god forbid, meeting with an accident. So the security of your kid is understandably foremost for any parent. We have chosen the best of such GPS tracking watches for you which are specially made for kids. You can choose the one which you feel is perfect for your kid. So here we go.

Best Kids GPS Tracking Watch

Best GPS Tracking Watches for Kids

#1. GizmoPal GPS Watch by LG

This is an upgraded version of the original one as it was made for the toddlers only. The best part of this watch is its design and some fun things which can keep your kid engaged. It has the voice clock which tells out the time. The watch has inbuilt Wi-Fi and GPS and it can be easily attached to any Android device. Parents can also set a location reminder which will inform them about whereabouts of their kids throughout the day. With setting up boundaries and call out features this is one of the best GPS tracking watches available for kids.

GizmoPal GPS Watch

Price: $59.99 [$79.99 on Amazon when we are writing this.]
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#2. The hereO GPS Watch

This is probably the least harmful watch for kids. It has the beautiful looks which kids will certainly fell for. It can run till 72 hours continuously and can give you the exact location of your kid. Comes in different styles, for kids, it is just like another toy, and this also means that for someone with malicious intent too won’t be able to doubt that it is a GPS tracking watch. The herO watch also has a tamper alert, so someone, even if the kid removes the watch, it alerts you to ones with a ping. An inbuilt panic button can automatically send the location to a pre-programmed group of family members just in case of any emergency.

hereO GPS Watch

Price: $183.00
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#3. Sports Imports LLC

This is one of the latest tracking devices which can be immensely helpful to your kid’s security. What’s more that it can support both Android and iOS smartphones. With GPS and GSM location tracking available, it also has the two-way voice calling facility for the selected numbers. With the geofencing feature, you can set the boundaries for your kid’s movement, and if it is breached, you will immediately inform. Comes in attractive blue and pink color it also has an SOS alert mode which will keep on calling a number till it is not received. Really worth watching for your kid with GPS tracking.

Sports Imports LLC

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Price $109.95
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#4. GBD Children Smart Watch

GBD is one of the trusted names in GPS tracking watches made specially for kids. This watch is equipped with US mobile SIM card which is 100 compatible with this watch. You need to check the pre-paid plan offered with this SIM, and then this watch is all yours. This watch has seven cute themes which will keep your kid engaged. Not only that the icons given can be easily operated by kids as well. The OLED (black & white) screen will protect your children’s eyes. The silicon band design is also waterproof, so your watch is totally protected. Any of the family member attached to this terminal and this terminal holder can also call them. You can track the exact location of your kid in real good time. There are 3 buttons for calling SOS to three different contacts.

GBD Children Smart Watch

Price: $56.99
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#5. Orbo Kids Smartwatch

The looks of this GPS tracking watch presented by Orbo is really adorable. It has hours of entertainment to keep your kids engaged. The captive touchscreen has a vivid display and high intuitive menus which are a perfect match for the little ones who are always looking to get knowledge. The best part of this watch is the tiltable camera which will keep on capturing picture and videos and save it to the watch whenever needed. This watch carries 1GB memory which can be expandable to 32 GB. So you can literarily keep an eye on your kid’s activity. This watch is, by the way, can be used for one-way calling. You can call on the watch, but your kid will not be able to call you.

Orbo Kids Smartwatch

Price: $43.95
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#6. SinoPro Q50 Children Smart Watch

This is a call location finder watch so if by god forbid your kid is missing you can find him/her by getting a call from your watch. This watch is loaded with features like Two-way calling, SOS calls, GPS tracker, fence security, fitness tracker, voice chat from the app, alarm warning, pedometer and also taken off a warning. So your child will remain protected from all possible hazards which might occur in your absence. The material is hard and environment-friendly. It will protect your kid’s eyes and also waterproof for washing hands and playing games casually. It is compatible with Android 4.0 and above and also iOS 8.0 and above. Most of the carriers in the USA are compatible with this watch. With two-way calling feature and also location tracker in APP makes this watch one of the most desired watches for the safety of your child.

SinoPro Q50 Children Smart Watch

Price: $28.99
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Parting Shot

Hope you have liked our collection of the GPS tracking watches for your kids’ security. We know it is the foremost thing for you and hence we have taken all the care we can before we choose them.

We wish your kid all the safety all the time!