Whenever you look at your smartphone, there are plenty of apps will always come to help you get your task done smoothly and efficiently. We call them “Utility Apps.” These are lots of useful apps available for iPhone, but which are the best utility apps that will push your boundaries and take you to the next level of enjoyment with your iOS device.

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These utility apps smartly save your time, and thus they are beneficial to you. Earlier, we already listed some of the different apps like best parent control apps, best business card scanner apps, best battery saver apps and much more. Today, In this article, we have listed the best utility apps for iPhone. Let’s take a look!

Best Utility Apps for iPhone

10 Best Utility Apps for iPhone

#1. Safari

Safari App for iPhoneFor every iPhone user, the name ‘Safari’ comes naturally as it is the exclusive browser for iOS. Safari is one of those dreams which were seen by Steve Jobs long before he created iPhone. This browser supports all iOS devices including OS X. The Safari users can explore all its features with utmost ease. What makes Safari special is that despite one can use other browsers he can’t use any other search engine but Safari.

Price: Free
Download Safari for iPhone

#2. Google Authenticator

Google Authenticator App for iPhoneIf you are a ‘Google Fan,’ then this utility app should attract you. Google Authenticator is a 2-Step Verification app for all your Google Apps. It works with all the Google apps, and you don’t need to ask for 2-Step Verification each time you wish to. The app automatically sends you a verification code once you log-in to any Google account after submitting the password. This utility app one of the must-have apps for professionals for sure.

Price: Free
Download Google Authenticator for iPhone

#3. iHandy Level

iHandy Level Free App for iPhoneYou may need to measure plenty of things during the day. iOS too can do some handy leveling work but that was bury under the compass and here is where iHandy Level comes to your rescue. Measure anything like picture alignment, angle measurement, and measure angles of slope escalator easily with this app. For the best results just calibrate your iPhone before use.

Price: Free
Download iHandy Level for iPhone

#4. Google

Google app for iPhoneYes, you can always browse- the Google.com website from your iPhone’s Safari browser but having that exclusive Google app on your smartphone is always a good idea. Search anything by using your iPhone’s keyboard or even asking Google by saying “OK Google” and your job is over. Apart from search Google Now will keep you updated on news, traffic and weather conditions always. Did we forget sports, movies and events updates here?

Price: Free
Download Google for iPhone


IFTTT App for iPhoneIFTTT has changed the entire concept of atomizing of apps. It is a trigger which can turn on applets with a simple switch. You can remain informed about what is happening around from online news portals and sports channels via IFTTT. Nowadays it’s an open secret that using IFTTT for Amazon Echo can be handy for you as it will connect Alexa directly to certain apps. With so many social apps at your disposal, IFTTT can also become a great platform to streamline them.

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Price: Free
Download IFTTT for iPhone

#6. SignatureNow

SignNow App for iPhoneThis utility app is made especially for the business people and professionals. Those professionals who travel a lot and also need to sign various documents in a hurry should get this app on their iPhones. All you need to do is to upload a document which needs your signature in Word, PDF and rich text format from your iPhone or iPod’s email and just use your finger to sign it. You can even download your important documents from Camera or Dropbox.

Price: Free
Download SignatureNow for iPhone

#7. 1Password

1Password App for iPhone1Password is an app which made its debut along with the Apple store in 2008. Once upon a time, it was a default password managing an app for iOS. None the less it is still a great utility app because it not only stores your important passwords for all your apps and also on Safari, but it also can save your important details like credit card and debit cards, software licenses, etc. You will find many best password manager apps, but no one can beat 1Password for sure.

Price: Free
Download 1Password for iPhone

#8. AnyFont

AnyFont App for iPhoneAnyFont is yet another great utility app for professionals. If you have to make your business presentations more often, then AnyFont can be a great helping hand to you. This app will make your presentation look more attractive and more convincing than what you have been doing till now. You can install lot many fonts on your iPhone to create not only your presentations, but you can even use them in other apps as well. Yes, you need to pay $1.99 for this wonderful app, but it is worth spending if you need to add some dynamism to your work.

Price: $1.99
Download AnyFont for iPhone

#9. Dark Sky

Dark Sky Weather App for iPhoneYou probably have tried and used many weather apps on iPhone, but one can bet that no one can beat Dark Sky weather app. It gives you a precise weather information based on your iPhone’s GPS, unlike other apps which rely on zip codes and city names. Now you don’t need to add and delete locations in the weather app inbuilt in iPhone because Dark Sky can do that for you easily by paying just $3.99 for it.

Price: $3.99
Download Dark Sky for iPhone

#10. Evernote

Evernote App for iPhoneOne will hardly find an iPhone user who is not aware or not using the Evernote app almost every day. This app is compatible with Apple Watch so you can sync your iPhone with it and can ask Evernote to do lot better and bigger work for you. Evernote allows you to write notes, make researches and also create checklists. All in all, Evernote is a must app for every professional.

Price: Free
Download Evernote for iPhone


These ten best utility apps for iPhone will undoubtedly help you to organize your routine in a much better way. Do you think the same way? Did we miss any other useful app? Let us know your views on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus or here in the comments section.