The days were gone when you need to search for specific news feeds. As the technology is upgrading day-by-day, it becomes easy to get news & updates of every category from every corner of the planet. So, if you wish to get an update of a football match or want to know every Hollywood gossips, then we are bringing here the best Podcast apps for iPhone.

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With the help of these top 10 Podcast apps, you can sync your all favorite podcasts like News, Climate, Crime, Sports, Business, Technology, Celebrities, and more and then hear or read it whenever you want. Alongside, we have also taken care of the best utility apps for iPhone. Are you ready pick the best podcast app for your iPhone? If so, then let me walk you through the list.

Best Podcast Apps for iPhone

10 Best Podcast Apps for iPhone

#1. Overcast: Podcast Player

Overcast: PodcastIt is very simple yet powerful podcast player who has features like Smart Speed, Voice boost, and Smarter Playlists. All these features will help you to listen to podcasts more efficiently. You can try new shows from anywhere and from any place with full control over your content. Overcast provides you modern and fully featured audio podcast player with an interface which is easy to understand.

You can download the podcasts anytime and then you can listen to them even when you are offline. Just search and browse for the new podcasts and you will also get recommendations from Twitter also, which will give you more options. If you wish you can enable push notifications for your favorite podcasts as and when uploaded. All in all, it’s a complete podcast app for everyone.

Price: Free
Download Overcast: Podcast Player

#2. Apple Podcasts

Podcasts iPhone AppApple Podcasts is a default podcast app with every iPhone. Because it is a default app your iTunes and desktop sync with it automatically and it is also integrated with Siri. The interface of this app is very much the same what you find in iPhone’s music app and also iTunes, so it should be very easy for you to operate it. Just browse subscribe and enjoy your favorite podcasts with ease from this app.

You can also create and customize your podcasts from thousands of free podcasts available on a variety of topics. If you are a fan of arts, business, comedy, music, news, and sports, you will get everything you want. Just tap on favorite and your podcast will be saved and you can listen to it at your convenient time. Enjoy all audio and video podcasts with one single app.

Price: Free
Download Apple Podcasts

#3. Pocket Casts

Pocket Casts iPhone AppIf you are looking for a podcast app for your iPhone which is stylish and loaded with features, then you should look at Pocket Casts app. Because it is loaded with features and got a great interface, we believe you won’t mind paying few bucks in the front right? You can easily adjust the playback speed, and also trim silences from episodes which will save your time.

Not only that, but you can also change background and foreground voices according to your choice. There are plenty of smart tools which will make it easy for you to refresh and sync your podcast while you keep on adding the new ones. If you feel there are too many podcasts you got in this app, then you can also choose to queue them automatically with a unique feature.

Price: $3.99
Download Pocket Casts

#4. Soundcloud – Music & Audio

SoundCloud Podcast iPhone AppWhether you are a podcast lover or not, you know about Soundcloud for sure as it is one of the oldest and most popular podcast apps. Soundcloud works on a very user-friendly interface, and with so many users online it is very easy to operate also. You can follow your favorite podcasters on Soundcloud and also click on favorite to listen to those podcasts at a later stage.

You may find a little bit difficult to discover a particular genre of the podcast on SoundCloud, but if you search for ‘audio genres’ directly, you will get the most popular podcasts on the app. Because Soundcloud is world’s largest podcast platform you will find more than 150 million podcasts and mind you, they keep on growing every day.

Price: Free
Download SoundCloud

#5. Downcast

Downcast iPhone AppDowncast is another smart podcast app with an excellent interface which will automatically catch your imagination when you first see it. It has everything that a podcast app should have, but it offers many extra features as well. Features like password protection for each podcast you download and also iCloud syncing. So, with Downcast you can keep your podcasts safe and can also hear from where you left.

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Get Bluetooth, gesture and remote control support from Downcast which is probably not possible with few other podcasts. You can subscribe to the podcast in many ways, including via URL. If you wish you can even download podcasts automatically and then also auto refresh the podcast feeds. A smart playlist by adding and editing podcasts is very easy in this app.

Price: $2.99
Download Downcast

#6. iCatcher! Podcast Player

iCatcher Podcast iPhone AppIf you are new to the amazing world of podcasting, then we believe you should download iCatcher. The reason behind our recommendation is that it has a simple interface, but at the same time it also gives you a split screen support so you can understand podcasting in a much better way. Apart from these features, it has plenty to offer you as well.

You can easily download refresh your background and quickly subscribe to the podcast you wish to hear again and again. With this app, you can easily protect your podcasts with a password. Hence no other person can peep into what you like to listen. It is very easy to sync subscriptions and also episode-wise playback positions and playlists with iCatcher!

Price: $2.99
Download iCatcher

#7. Castro 2

Castro 2 Podcast App for iPhone

Castro 2 is one of the best platforms to discover new podcasts and share with friends and family on the social media. It is the best app to track lots of podcasts at once without getting stunned. If any new Episode published, it will show up in the app where you can queue the favorite Episodes and archive non-favorite. Once you tap to play listed Episodes, it will start all episode from top to bottom.

The app also provides a top chart by genre where you can find your favorite podcast. You can also share your podcast with your friends and family. Likewise, if someone has shared you podcasts, it will directly add to the queue without any notifications. It is compatible with iOS 11 devices.

Price: $3.99
Download Castro 2

#8. Stitcher Radio for Podcasts

Stitcher Radio Podcast iPhone AppAs the name suggests this podcast app relates to various radio news, comedy and sports shows but what this name doesn’t suggest is the accolades it received till now. This app got mentioned in Top 50 iPhone Apps in the TIME magazine, and it is also one of the top 5 Apps certified by Apple. Not only this, the app got full appreciations from many of the tech websites across the globe.

With this app, you can hear talk shows, and podcasts from NPR, CNN, ESPN, Fox News, This American Life, BBC and much more This smart app changes the podcast lists according to your listening habits, and it will certainly change the way you hear the radio. Along with these extraordinary features, you can schedule or unschedule your podcasts with utmost ease.

Price: Free
Download Stitcher Radio

#9. Podbean Podcast App

Podbean iPhone AppIf you do not wish to have a podcasting app on your iPhone to have too many features but keeps the simple things simple, then Podbean is the answer for you. It has a nice simple green interface, and it keeps on queuing up your podcasts one after the other. Even when you are offline, you can easily listen to your favorite podcasts with this app.

Despite having nothing extraordinary one has to agree that the way Podbean gives you podcasts with sheer speed, it is unmatched. There is one great feature this app does have, and that is the ‘Auto-delete’ option which will keep things in check. Podbean offers a better way to discover and play all your favorite podcasts at your ease, at your time and your place.

Price: Free
Download Podbean

#10. TuneIn Radio – MLB NBA Audiobooks Podcasts Music

TuneIn Radio Podcast iPhone AppThis is one more radio based podcast app for your iPhone. This is also a crossover app which will give you the option to listen to live and real radio stations from across the world. At the same time, you can even download your favorite podcasts as well. If you wish to go premium, then this app will offer a plethora of exciting features which you may not be able to resist.

With a premium subscription, you can get audiobook downloads, commercial-free music stations and you can also be able to get live commentary on major sports across the globe. TuneIn Radio has over hundred thousand radio stations tied up, so you will never get tired of choosing which radio station you wish to listen. You can hear your podcasts anywhere at any time even when you are offline, which is an even bigger advantage.

Price: Free
Download TuneIn Radio


With these best Podcast apps for iPhone, we are sure that your hobby for podcasting will now unleash and you will be able to hear plenty of podcasts with ease. Do let us know which one of the above apps helped you to get your favorite podcasts. You can drop your feedback here in the comments box or on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.