Nowadays, people always want to get access their business files, music, photos, videos, moves and more data anywhere, anytime. Since all iPhone devices come with limited storage capacity, users are looking for an external storage device so that they can free some space on the iPhone. In a case, choosing the best flash drive for iPhone would be an ideal option at a time.

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After spending few hours online, we have made this list of top best iPhone flash drives to clear some space from your device. These flash drives will not only store your data, but you can even use your drive when they are connected to your iPhone as well. Most of these flash drives are good looking and extremely portable so you can carry it anywhere. Besides, they can transfer the data at a faster rate, and they are compatible with all the iPhones and both Windows and Mac PC. So, select the right one from the list and start releasing data from your iPhone.

Best iPhone Flash Drives

Best iPhone Flash Drives You Should Buy

#1. Omars

Omars iPhone Flash Drive

You can instantly add 32G storage to your iOS device. This is not only a great looking iPhone USB flash drive, but it also is extremely easy to work with as well. You can transfer your data with extremely fast speed and can also read it with similar speed as well. The app attached to this drive is user-friendly and will pop up automatically when you connect this drive to your device. Supports a wide range of formats like TXT, PDF, JPG, etc.

Price: $33.99 on Amazon when we are writing this.
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#2. Yafeite

Yafeite iPhone Flash Drive

This is a lightning speed flash drive for your iPhone. Get 80MB/s reading and 30MB/s writing speed with this flash drive with total ease. You can instantly free up your iPhone storage with a 32GB backup device like this. It is compatible with all iPhones and also with Windows and Mac enabled PCs for easy data transfer.

Price: $28.99 on Amazon when we are writing this.
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#3. TFZ

TFZ iPhone Flash Drive

This is extremely cute and pocket-sized flash drive for iPhone from TFZ. It is extremely stylish and will highlight your fashion taste. For complete, speedy and steady data transfer this flash drive can be your preferred choice. What’s more, you can also use this flash drive as a card reader too. This flash drive is authorized and guaranteed by Apple.

Price: $21.88 on Amazon when we are writing this.
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#4. E-MART

E-MART iPhone Flash Drive

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This flash drive is compatible with all Windows and Mac PCs, so if you wish to transfer your data from or to your PC and iPhone, then this could become your choice. What’s more, this flash drive can also be used with Android phone as well so if you have got one at home you need not search for a different flash drive. This piece can store up to 64GB data, and it has a reading speed of more than 15M/s and writing speed of 8 M/s.

Price: $35.90 on Amazon when we are writing this.
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#5. Nulaxy

Nulaxy iPhone Flash Drive

This flash drive for iPhone has been certified by Apple so you can be assured of the quality and performance of it. You can free up to 32GB storage of your iPhone within seconds by transferring it to this flash drive. It provides 80MB/s speed for reading and 40MB/s for writing. The lightweight and compact design of this flash drive are plus points of it as you can carry it easily anywhere.

Price: $29.99 on Amazon when we are writing this.
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#6. SanDisk

SanDisk iPhone Flash Drive

One of the most trusted brands worldwide is offering you three choices for iPhone USB flash drive in 32GB, 64GB, and 128 GB. You can fee up to maximum storage from your iPhone by moving your videos, photos, and other important data. Take a complete backup of your contacts. It has a flexible connector, so it doesn’t matter which iPhone you use with or without cases this flash drive will be fitted with ease. For trustworthy and high-speed data transfer SanDisk is the ultimate name.

Price: $42.92 (32GB), $49.99 (64GB), $94.45 (128GB)
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#7. RAVPower

RAVPower iPhone Flash Drive

This flash drive is as portable as lipstick. It is light, small and stunning in looks. You can free 64GB space from your iPhone immediately and use this flash drive for external use. It supports all major videos, so you need just to plug and play them. The data transfer rate is three times faster than any other flash drive available in the market.

Price: $44.99 on Amazon when we are writing this.
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Your pick?

We hope that you will undoubtedly like our selection of best iPhone flash drives. Now it’s your time to pick one for you from this list. Share your views on your flash drive which you have chosen from this list in comments or on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.