Call recording is illegal in many countries including the USA, but sometimes recording some important or fraud calls is required. if you want to record calls, then you will find a plethora of call recording apps on iTunes. To make your choice less troublesome here we are with the best call recorder apps for iPhone.

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We are sure you will like this collection because we have not only taken care of the quality of these apps but also we have made a good balance between a number of free and paid apps. Now all you need to do is to go through the list carefully, read the features and then download the call recording app which you feel suits you the best.

10 Best iPhone Call Recorder Apps

Best iPhone Call Recorder Apps

#1. TapACall Pro

TapeACall Pro - Call Recorder for iPhoneWe tried our best but couldn’t find the best match for TapACall Pro app. This is the best call recorder app available on iTunes. Yes, it is not free and neither it is cheap, but if you want an assurance on best calling recording then you should light your pocket and purchase it.

  • The recording of TapACall Lite app is very easy, and you can record unlimited calls both incoming and outgoing.
  • The best feature of this app is that you can share the recorded calls on social media and also can save to Google Drive or Dropbox so that you can access it later.
  • The app lets you record unlimited calls, but you can hear only first 60 seconds of recording if you wish to use the free version.

Price: $9.99
Download it from App Store

#2. Call Recorder

Call Recorder - IntCall App for iPhoneAnother easy to use call recorder app is here, and it is Call Recorder. Just dial the number for the call you wish to record from within the app, and then calls will be recorded directly via IntCall’s VOIP. This app is available in over 150 countries worldwide.

  • If you have a good WiFi connection, then you even don’t need to have a SIM card on your phone. The app can still let you connect and record calls.
  • The security is your priority, and thus this app saves nothing on its server or even on third party server. Your recorded calls are saved on your iPhone only.
  • You can play your calls on your phone when they are saved, and then you can share it by using email.

Price: Free
Download it from App Store

#3. Call Recorder Free

Call Recorder FREE Record Phone Calls for iPhoneIt is very easy to record your iPhone’s incoming and outgoing calls on Call Recorder Free app. Once you record the call, then you can listen to the recording instantly, and if you wish you can even share it via iMessage, Email, Twitter, Facebook and can also save it in Dropbox.

  • When you are on a call, you need to tap on the recording button on the app. The app now will dial the recording number of itself, and then you need to merge the calls with it.
  • If you wish to record the outgoing, then you first have to dial the recording number and then dial the number of the person you wish to record the call for.
  • Although this app is free if you wish to get more recording credit, then you need to make some in-app purchases.

Price: Free
Download it from App Store

#4. Edigin Call Recorder

Edigin Call Recorder for iPhoneEdigin Call Recorder is a different call recorder app than the apps we have seen till now. This is a cloud-based call recorder app when you start recording your incoming or outgoing call; it saves them all in a cloud. Because the app routes your calls to a cloud that only means that your call also gets recorded on their servers too.

  • Apart from cloud recording, another drawback of this app is that you need to sign a contract via a signing, which we feel is not legal in many countries. But if you still feel you are ok with it then go ahead.
  • When you start recording on Edigin Call Recorder, an optional recording announcement can be played, and once the call is recorded, you can download on your phone or your desktop.
  • Access to the recorded calls to listen it is permission-based only and hence you can feel safe if your phone is used by a kid or another family member.

Price: Free
Download it from App Store

#5. Call Recording by NoNotes

Call Recording by NoNotes for iPhoneNoNotes is a well-known e-commerce call recording, and transcription service and this very institution for bringing a personalized call recorder app for your iPhone. The app allows free incoming and outgoing recordings but with certain riders.

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  • As we said the app is free to download and use, but the rider is that you can record only 20 minutes of recording per month and then you have to make in-app purchases if you wish more recordings.
  • This app probably has the highest number of great features like an ability to transcribe and saving the calls on a cloud.
  • Off course once you save your recorded conversation on a cloud, you can easily share it on social media by using app’s dictation services.

Price: Free with in-App Purchases
Download it from App Store

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#6. Call Recorder – VoIP phone calls & recorder

Call Recorder - VoIP phone calls & recorderThis is one rare app which allows recording of only outgoing calls. Once your call is over the app will save the call on your phone only and not on a cloud or its servers like other call recorder apps, so your recording is safe and secure always.

  • The outgoing calls you wish to record by using this app will have to be over its VoIP servicer only so even if the app is free you still need to pay for the VoIP calls you are making.
  • Since this app has limited features, you can use this app for fun use and surprise your friend for the sake of some innocent prank.
  • For the best results of the call recordings, we advise you to use this app only when you are using either 3G or WiFi connection.

Price: Free
Download it from App Store

#7. iPadio

ipadio App for iPhoneNot only your calls but once you download an iPadio app, you can record audio and video as well. First, you need to create an iPadio account, and then you can start recording your incoming and outgoing calls. Creating account only means that your calls are saved in iPadio’s server as well.

  • If you don’t mind iPadio storing your calls then you will get many features like embed codes, RSS feeds, download options, listener stats and also adjusting your privacy settings.
  • You first need to enter the iPadio’s number to record a call and then once the recording is over with the call you need to merge those calls by using the unique PIN set by you only.
  • It is not that easy to record the calls with iPadio with the above process but the app is light and handy, and you can get it for free.

Price: Free
Download it from App Store

#8. Google Voice

Google Voice for iPhoneSurprised?? Well, you must be because there are very few people who know that you can record calls on Google Voice as it is one of the silent features of the app. Now that you know the fact we believe you should check the app features and if they impress you just go for it.

  • Just install the Google Voice app on your iPhone and sign-in with your Google account credentials, once that process is over just enable the recording feature.
  • When you receive a call on your iPhone all you need to do is to press ‘4’ and the recording will start. If you wish to stop the recording of the call duration, then press 4 again.
  • Sadly, this app can record only incoming calls and no outgoing ones, but with Google’s quality trust, you will get a lot of stability with this app.

Price: Free
Download it from App Store

#9. Automatic Call Recorder

Automatic Call Recorder™ for Calls Made with app for iPhoneYou can call this app as a multi-utility app because it not only allows you to record a call as long as you wish to but you can also use the app to make international and domestic calls from the app itself. If there are such great features on offer, then it is obvious that you have to pay a certain price and thus this app is not free.

  • Just like there is no limit on the period of call, there is also no limit on how many calls you wish to record on Automatic Call Recorder app.
  • If you are changing to a new Apple device then there is no problem, you can transfer your recordings easily between your two devices.
  • If you wish, then you can also share the recordings with your friends via SMS, email and also social media networks or you can even save it on various cloud platforms.

Price: $2.99
Download it from App Store

#10. Minimal Call Recorder

Minimal Call Recorder for iPhoneWe are finishing this list of best call recorder apps for iPhone with another paid app, and because it is a paid app, it provides you certain great features like the superior sound quality. Plus there is no restriction on a length of a call recording or number of call recordings either.

  • Once you record an incoming or outgoing call, you can email the recording, and the recording attachment will have an MP3 format so you can listen to it on any other device.
  • You can protect each of your recordings by using the Touch ID, so you can breathe fresh always as no one can dare listen to your recordings.

Price: $1.99
Download it from App Store

So, this is the best collection of the best call recorder apps for iPhone you will ever see. Tell us about your experience once you download one of these apps on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus or here in the comments section.

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