Protection is a must for everyone, whether it’s human or a thing. We wear a seatbelt to protect ourselves from any unwanted accident harming us, while we are driving. Similarly, we protect our furniture from termite. So we must also protect our most valuable gadget called iPhone 7 without having a single bit of doubt in our mind right? There are various ways to protect the iPhone 7. One is for the overall protection we use cases and bumpers, but what about the screen? What if it gets cracked because of an accidental fall or it gets scratches, gets dirty or having irremovable impressions of our fingerprints?

There are many around us who spend a lot on other protectors but care very little about the screen of their phone. It is also a proven fact that later on, these people regret about it in tons. We are sure that you have already made your mind to buy the luxurious smartphone called iPhone 7 and we are extremely sure that you have also decided to protect that phone thoroughly which includes its screen as well. So here we are with some of the best iPhone 7 screen protectors.

Best iPhone 7 Screen Protectors

#1. Dalinch

The Dalinch screen protector is just 0.2mm in thickness but it has 9H hardness and hence it protects the screen of your mobile like nothing else. The unique feature about Dalinch is that it lets you made a mistake while installing it, so if you have installed this screen protector in a wrong way, you can just peel it off and apply again. Just to make sure you don’t make mistake Dalinch has also provided a full instructional manual. With very less thickness this screen protector gives your phone 99% touch sensitivity.

Price: $7.95
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#2. Skinomi

The purchase of iPhone 7, itself is a big investment and hence you need to choose almost the perfect screen protector for it. Skinomi is a near perfect screen protector for the iPhone 7 because it is made out of thermoplastic urethane film which lasts really long. It also absorbs all the drops no matter how high they are. With the smooth texture, you can feel that the navigation was never so delightful before. But the best part of Skinomi screen protectors is that it has a self-healing technology that enables it to absorb all the repairs, scratches, and damage.

Price: $11.95 [$7.85 on Amazon at the time of writing this]
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#3. IQShield

IQShield has developed LIQuidSkin, a unique adhesive which has a unique way to install as well which is called the wet-install method. This unique screen protector offers you self-healing, non-yellowing, optical transparency and high responsiveness in just one product. iQShield also has a second name called ‘smart film’and because it merges with your screen without any flaw, you can even call it the second skin of your iPhone 7 screen.

Price: $11.99 [$7.85 on Amazon at the time of writing this]
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#4. Klearlook

With advanced technology and made from the finest material, Klearlook screen protectors are highly regarded as an expert in this feature. The latest screen protector for the iPhone 7 produced by Klearlook is in the shape of an arc and which fits the edges of iPhone 7 so perfectly. This tempered glass screen protector also keeps itself original with wear resistance technology and gives you 99% transparency and that gives you crystal clear image always.

Price: $17.99
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This is a completely crystal clear tempered glass screen protector and it is one of the best matches for your iPhone 7. With 9H hardness, the protection is guaranteed and it is three times stronger than many of the other screen protectors available in the market. With 98.86% transparency, it allows you the brilliant visual effects and display. Thanks to the 90% HD hydrophobic and oleophobic screen coating it is highly sensitive and extremely responsive as well and that is why it gives you the best touch performance.

Price: $29.99 [$7.99 on Amazon at the time of writing this]
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#6. G-Color

This G-Color screen protector is different than any other in the same category because it can cover the entire screen of the iPhone 7 with equal flawlessness. Made out of A grade Japanese Asahi tempered glass, it is boosted by the 9H hardness. Thanks to oleophobic coating there is no problem what so ever if your screen is effected with water, dust or oil because G-Color can protect your phone with extreme ease. What’s more is that the thickness of this screen protector is just 0.2mm so it can give you superior touch sensitivity all the time.

Price: $59.99 [$19.99 on Amazon while writing this]
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Sparin is the leading brand name for the iPhone accessories and one of the reasons for it being the leading brand is that it always keeps its promises. Same is the case with the iPhone 7 screen protectors and believe us it has been made exclusively for this gadget only. This screen protector may not cover the edges of your phone but it covers the entire screen for sure. The round edges will make sure that you don’t hurt your fingers. Thanks to bubble-free installation, the product automatically attaches itself with your gadget smoothly.

Price: $7.99
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#8. iCarez

One of the unique features you will ever see in a screen protector is the anti-blast feature. iCarez screen protector made for your iPhone 7, certainly has this feature and hence it makes your phone extra secure. If you are worried about daily wear and tear, scratching and rubbing then iCares really offers you the ultimate resistance towards them. With ultra-transparent body, it gives you 100% quality and reduces fingerprints and smudges as well. This is not it, once you install this it will show you the smooth responsiveness and accuracy as well.

Price: $39.95 [$8.95 on Amazon when writing this]
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Parting Shot

Choosing best fit screen protector or any such accessory for your most valued iPhone 7 is never too easy. But we are sure with above screen protectors, which are the best in the business, have made your choice pretty easy.