When you purchase a high-end phone like iPhone 7 Plus; its security is always the first concern, and for that, a case is an entire requirement. If that case also offers you few other features like carrying your valuables and daily needs, then it becomes an automatic choice too. Apart from all these what if it changes the look of your smartphone totally?

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Well, all such things can be combined in one leather wallet case. These best iPhone 7 Plus leather wallet cases we are offering here can provide you plenty of things which you would love to know. Apart from regular leather wallet cases, we have taken care of ladies as well. So everyone will have something to choose from.

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Pick up the Best Leather Wallet Case For Carrying Your iPhone 7 Plus Easily Along With Valuables.

Best iPhone 7 Plus Leather Wallet Cases

best iphone 7 plus leather wallet case


This leather wallet case is precisely made for iPhone 7 Plus hence no other smartphone can be fit in this. It is made from high-quality premium PU leather, and it is designed in such a way that it will give your phone a retro style. Enough slots to carry your credit and debit cards along with licenses, IDs, cash and even a photo of your loved one. The case also offers a sturdy kickstand which will enable you to watch movies and videos with hands-free convenience.

ndlbs iphone 7 plus leather wallet case

Price: $10.98
Buy it from Amazon

#2. Abacus 24-7

Abacus 24-7 is one of the known brands for smartphone accessories, and it has brought a great looking leather wallet case for your iPhone 7 Plus. It is an ultimate protection against bumps scratches with a facility to carry 3 cards and some cash. Two pockets in this wallet case are having RFID blocking so the information about your credit or debit card remains safe always.

best phone 7 leather wallet case by abacus

Price: $19.99 [$10.99 on Amazon when we are writing this.]
Shop it from Amazon.com

#3. CaseMe

Such a heavy-duty case this CaseMe wallet case is that it is offering you not less than 13 credit card slots! Not only that it also has a special slot for ID card as well. There is an inner zipper coin pocket, where you can carry your cash and other valuables with ease at it is spacious. A detachable magnetic lock will make your carry extremely safe and comfortable. The best part of this wallet case is that it can suit any professional men, women or even teens of all ages.

caseme iphone 7 plus leather wallet cases

Price: $22.99
Shop from Amazon.com

#4. Linycase

Made from environment-friendly TPU leather this leather wallet is dust proof, water proof and temperature and scratch resistant. The front cover uses the quality epoxy insulation board that will keep the stability and durability going. The wallet case has card holders with strap lanyard and also a screen protector. With magnetic clasp which protects your phone. This wallet case has a stand function so you can watch the videos and movies with horizontal viewing.

best iphone 7 plus leather wallet cases by linycase

Price: $8.69
Buy now from Amazon.com

#5. iPHOX

A real royal look this iPHOX leather wallet case is carrying. It is hard to believe that iPHOX is offering this masterpiece in 26 different colors and color combinations! Apart from having two slots for your credit or debit cards, it also has a money sleeve right behind them and also a magnetic lock which will keep everything together. This leather wallet case may give you an impression that it is made from jeans, but it is made from premium quality TPU. Apart from the regular functions this wallet also has an attached strap which will allow you a comfortable carry.

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iphox leather wallet case for iphone 7 plus

Price: $10.99
Order it from Amazon.com

#6. MerKuyom

Ladies, get ready for you’re a leather wallet case with is made for iPhone 7 Plus by keeping your needs in mind. The design of this leather wallet case will attract the ladies for sure. It has the wrist strap too so that you can carry your iPhone wrapped in this matter at ease. You can carry two credit cards or IDs along with cash in the unique sleeve given just below the cards slots. The best part of this leather wallet case is that despite having great looks and facilities it doesn’t cost you much.

iphone 7 plus leather wallet case by merkuyom

Price: $2.99
Order from Amazon.com

#7. Valentoria

Another leather wallet case we have chosen for ladies. This one can easily be a gift idea for your better half, girlfriend, sister or even grandma. It is well stitched and with butterfly design embossed on it. Made from high-quality PU leather, this case has built-in card pockets which will allow the IDs and credit cards quickly. The material is wear and tear resistant and also scratch and fingerprint proof.

valentoria iphone 7 plus leather wallet cases

Price: $39.00 [$13.98 at time of writing this article]
Buy it from Amazon

#8. Aroko

This leather wallet case is extremely attractive, and it comes in 7 different great looking colors as well. Made exclusively for iPhone 7 Plus only. It is shock absorbent because the corners are made from rubberized TPU. The folio flips magnetic closure will secure your device from loose drops. It can carry your ID, credit or debit card and even cash. The leather is so strong that you can have a horizontal viewing pleasure at any point in time.

aroko leather wallet case for iphone 7 plus

Price: $4.99
Shop it from Amazon.com

#9. Snugg

Snugg offers an extremely lightweight leather wallet case. It is available in just two colors Hot Pink and Black, but they are mind-blowing, to say the least. The leather wallet case gives you three slots for your credit or debit cards or license and also a money pouch to carry some case. A magnetic clasp will ensure the total security of your stuff carried in this wallet case. Snugg also gives lifetime guarantee of the material used in this leather wallet case.

snugg best iphone 7 plus leather wallet cases

Price: $29.98 [$9.99 at time of writing this article]
Order it from Amazon.com

#10. Belk

This wallet case is made from carefully selected premium leather. The case is made in three parts, the front, the back and the side and then it is stitched by humans. It is resistant from normal wear and tear. The purpose of this wallet is to keep the things simple and give more space to the phone rather than anything else hence it leaves only one slot for your credit card. So if you prefer a greater look than the needs of carrying stuff then you must give a hard look to this leather wallet case.

belk iphone 7 plus leather wallet case

Price: $12.99
Buy it from Amazon

This is the best collection of leather wallet cases for your high-end iPhone 7 Plus. Do let us know which iPhone 7 Plus Leather wallet case you picked up from these 10 options.

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