For those ‘movers’ who feel that carrying a smartphone, especially as precious as the iPhone 7 Plus, can be a worrisome exercise. The reason behind it is that while always on the move they feel that keeping such a valuable phone in their pockets may not be safe. So they are always looking for a better solution.

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We have got that solution done for you in this article. Belt clip cases can be a really great option for those who travel a lot either within the city or even out of it. We have chosen some of the best iPhone 7 Plus belt clip cases designed especially for your valuable smartphone. All you need to do is to go through this article and decide which one is suitable for you. Isn’t Simple it? So don’t wait just start your journey right now.

Best iPhone 7 Plus Belt Clip Cases

Best iPhone 7 Plus Belt Clip Cases

#1. Encased [Thin Armor]

Encased iPhone 7 Plus Belt Clip Case

In the article title, we have already mentioned that these belt clip cases you are going to choose for your iPhone 7 Plus are going to be your style statement and Encased Thin Armor guarantees that. It doesn’t only have a fashionable look but it is highly protective as well. All in all the ‘Thin Armor’ is going to be a smart purchase for you. With the ergonomic design and strong design, it is also a non-slippery case thanks to the micro-finish. This belt clip case will ensure you durability with comfort while you are holding it in your hands. With raised lip guards the protection from scratches is guaranteed. The secure-fit clip will always allow you the perfect grip of your Apple phone.

Price: $39.99 [$10.07 on Amazon when we are writing this.]
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ATWATEC iPhone 7 Plus Belt Clip Case

What about a belt clip case for your beloved iPhone 7 Plus which is made out of a premium leather? Sounds good? Then take a look at this work of art from ATWATEC which has brought a belt clip case made from a top-grade leather material. With perfect stitching holding the entire case perfectly the durability is what you can expect from this. It has soft lining interior which will always help the case to keep your phone away from any scratches in future. It also has a swiveling belt clip which will give you the perfect grip and the magnetic flip will fasten the case with utmost surety.

Price: $19.95 [$7.75 on Amazon when we are writing this.]
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#3. Cocomii [HEAVY DUTY]

Cocomii iPhone 7 Plus Belt Clip Case

If a sturdy belt clip case is your priority above anything and you believe that the belt clip case you are willing to choose should also have a different kind of design, then you will fall in love with this piece. Cocomii HEAVY DUTY belt clip provides not only your iPhone 7 Plus sturdiness but also a rugged design which will make your case look different than others. If we talk about safety, then this belt clip case has smooth inner made from silicone, and it will absorb any shock, and the robust polycarbonate exterior will take the bumps and drops which might accrue occasionally. Raised edges will make sure no harm to your smartphone even if put upside down. What’s more is the kickstand on offer! This will allow a hands-free viewing of your favorite videos.

Price: $10.99
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GALAXY WIRELESS iPhone 7 Plus Belt Clip Case

What about a slim belt clip case? Do you really think such a case will appeal your interest? If yes then just go for this Galaxy Wireless belt clip case. Because it has the rubberized texture the feel of it is extremely smooth. The best swivel locking belt will let you hold your smartphone with utmost ease. This is not it, it also has the kickstand and that only means that you can watch the live or recorded media without even touching the phone. Isn’t it amazing?

Price: $9.98
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#5. TJS

TJS iPhone 7 Plus Belt Clip Case

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This belt clip case we are offering for your most valued iPhone 7 Plus phone certainly packs a punch with its design and also the features it offers. Most of the smartphone cases provide two-layer security to your smartphone, but this one from TJS has an extra or the third level security feature which makes it different than the others. The outer of this belt clip case has been made from the shell which makes it tough, and it also has the soft inner to make it shock-proof. All in all, it is an ultimate protection for your gadget. Despite having so many protecting features, surprisingly this case is lightweight and hence you won’t be feeling anything while you are holding it in your hands. With convenient landscape viewing offered by the inbuilt kickstand the value added to this case is immense. Choose yours from seven attractive colors.

Price: $14.99
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Pasonomi iPhone 7 Plus Belt Clip Case

Are you a professional? Do you want your iPhone 7 Plus belt clip case look sophisticated and suits your personality? Then just have a look at this belt clip case on offer. The look of this product will undoubtedly hold you over but let us tell you that it is made from genuine leather and hence a long lasting life is almost guaranteed. Thanks to the soft inner liner the complete protection of your screen is taken care of. The best part of this belt clip case is its magnetic closure which means your smartphone will have a perfect grip on it. Pasonomi offers this professional looking belt clip case in six different colors.

Price: $35.99 [$8.95 on Amazon when we are writing this.]
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OEAGO iPhone 7 Plus Belt Clip Case

For some along with various qualities price too matter, nothing wrong with it. The belt clip case is having a chic designed, and it is friendly with your pocket. All in all, this could become a smart pick for you. The winner of this case is made from the soft TPU, and outer is made from a very hard polycarbonate. This mixture will only mean that it will absorb any shock and will protect your phone always from any accidental drop or bump. Despite being low in pricing, OEAGO offers a kickstand too which is inbuilt, and that means hands-free viewing is guaranteed. Choose your own from four color choices.

Price: $29.99 [$7.99 on Amazon when we are writing this.]
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#8. EC™

EC™ iPhone 7 Plus Belt Clip Case

This belt clip case for your iPhone 7 Plus may look trendy to you in appearance. Another super dual-layer design will ensure the protection of polycarbonate, and also the long last performance is guaranteed. For wireless video viewing, it also has the inbuilt kickstand. The grid pattern design will ensure that you get a firm and better grip on your smartphone while you are holding it in your hand. EC offers eight smart colors to choose from.

Price: $8.59
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BOMEA iPhone 7 Plus Belt Clip Case

BOMEA always come with some different and smart looking design and this time too it is offering a belt clip case which looks like a pouch. For all the professionals who want to show their style statement, they should go for this piece of work. Made from top-grade PU leather and that will protect your smartphone fully. The belt clip is extremely durable, and two extra belt loops will ensure the flexibility in usage. The touch of this case is very smooth and only negative is that you might feel that this pouch is too big to handle.

Price: $9.95
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#10. Lorem

Lorem iPhone 7 Plus Belt Clip Case

This is another leather pouch looked belt clip case which is offered by Debin. The way it has been polished, it will certainly hold you over. The leather which has been crafted here is top grade leather and for those who belong to style it will certainly a worth looked belt clip case. Debin has given this case a convenient cover, and the magnetic clip will ensure that your phone will be gripped fairly well.

Price: $9.99
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So? Have you made your choice? If yes then we are waiting for your valuable feedback. Do let us know which out of these best iPhone 7 Plus belt clip cases became a companion either in the comments below or on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.