Don’t you want to cover the natural beauty of your iPhone 7 smartphone with a full case or flip cover?

But we can’t overlook the safety from impacts as well. If you are concerned about the irony of having no mind to use a full protective cover without compromising physical safety, you haven’t heard of best iPhone 7 bumper cases yet.

A bumper case is a protective solution for any smartphone, which covers the edges and corners, not the screen and rear side. So by covering the necessary parts only, you can decrease the bulkiness as well.

Best iPhone 7 Bumper Cases and Covers

So you are ready to have a look at the wide range of bumper cases for iPhone 7, available on Amazon, don’t you? Here you go!

#1. Elago Evo Bumper Case

You get this case in four different colors. It’s up to you which one to choose. No matter what you choose, it doesn’t affect the core design profile of the phone given the product is a bumper case.

The double-layered TPU aids you in avoiding the daily wear and tear from impacts. In order to provide extra protection, they have added Lexan Resin that felicitates durability.

Spend only $10 and, you can get your hands on this bumper case.

Price: $19.99 [$9.99 on Amazon when we are writing this.] Buy it from Amazon

#2. Ringke TPU Bumper Case

Ultra slim and transparent design of this bumper case for iPhone 7 lets you show off the real beauty of your smartphone beast. It includes perfect cut near the camera and holds physical buttons with good tactile feedback.

The company has included a DIY customization kit with the case so that, you can beautify your device based on your interest without sweating.

All the four corners are perfectly protected with Ringke’s in-house technology. And, you will never be disappointed on purchasing this case.

Price: $9.99
Buy it from Amazon

#3. Profer Bumper Case

You may not be familiar with the company. But the specs sheet seems awesome for the price the case is being sold.

The shock absorbing polycarbonate material and TPU ensure zero adverse effect on the device. Moreover, the new scratch resistant technology helps you keep the surface of the case clean so that the physical impression of the device can be seen without any hindrance.

The case has a 0.7 mm raised design near the cameras to protect the lens.

Price: $4.99
Buy it from Amazon

#4. Ringke Dual Layered Bumper Case

You know Ringke is a reputed brand in smartphone case industry, don’t you?

Ringke has a range of different types of cases specifically designed for iPhone 7. One of those is the dual layered bumper case made of TPU and PC.

It perfectly fits on the device and the cuttings are made precisely not to make any issue. They gave physical volume rockers whereas the power button stays as default.

The raised lips and camera bezel protects your phone forever.

Price: $30.99 [$12.99 on Amazon at the time of writing this.] Buy it from Amazon

#5. Peyou Hard Back Protective Bumper Case

This iPhone 7 bumper case from Peyou is available in four different colors. As I said earlier, the core design profile of the phone remains the same no matter what color you pick.

The lightweight case holds perfect cuts for speaker, ports, and jacks. Corners have been reinforced with new protection methodology that it stays shock-proof.

You need to pay only $7.99 for this case and, the deal is quite enticing (no price difference among color variants).

Price: $19.99 [$7.99 on Amazon at the time of writing this.] Buy it from Amazon

#6. Luvvitt

The edges of this case from Luvvitt are flexible that you may not even notice it is made of glass.

The scratch-resistant back cover always keeps the freshness. You can see the lips protruding out from both the front and back that protects the screen and camera respectively.

The rubber used on the edges gives you perfect grips so that, it won’t slip down from your hands.

Even with the premium graded service and manufacturing material, they give you a lifetime warranty in case anything wrong happens with the bumper case.

Price: $12.99
Buy it from Amazon

#7. Ringke Reinforced Bumper Case

Though you don’t get many variants of the bumper case for iPhone, it’s worth your money. They have made the edges curved and equipped shock-absorption technology to prevent impacts.

As in most of the cases, there are raised bezel lips to kick away the drop-sensitiveness. Along with the quality bumper case, you will get pins to plug into the ports and jacks in order to protect them from dust.

The ultra-thin design never bothers you with bulkiness.

Price: $35.00 [$14.99 on Amazon at the time of writing this.] Buy it from Amazon

#8. XDesign

This is a premium and exclusive bumper case for iPhone 7 and it is the clear case as well. This bumper case by XDesign provides two layers of protection. One layer is the shock-absorbing frame which protects your iPhone from any drops and the second one will take care of scraps, bumps, and impacts. The bumpers are shock absorbing and have been placed at all four corners of the case. The company offers the lifetime warranty.

Price: $25.99 [$7.99 on Amazon when we are writing this.] Buy it from Amazon

Wrapping Up

I have given you the best iPhone 7 bumper cases.

You can choose any of them based on your needs and interests. If you are fancy about colors, you can buy multiple variants of a case shared here. It’s all depends on your mindset and budget of course!