It is always a good option if you can save your iPhone 7 from any sudden fall or bump or even from a scratch along with having a handy instrument which can help you to keep your battery going then you are at really right place. These are the best iPhone 7 battery cases which will help you to save your smartphone along with battery charging.

We have taken ample care about design, battery power and of course the price equally so that you can get a balanced review of the product. All in all, this is an iPhone 7 battery case review which should help you for sure. So what you are waiting for? Just read the article and decide which battery case is perfect for you.

Best Battery Cases for iPhone 7

#1. iBeek

If you are looking for a battery case which is not only good in looks but also affordable to your pocket then this battery case made for your iPhone 7 by iBeek is the perfect match for you. It has a stylish design and is able to give an instant impression to the one who looks at it. With extra powerful 4000mAh L-polymer rechargeable battery it will ensure your smartphone to get 100 percent battery life all the time. With precise cuts, it lets you operate all the functions and it will also let you know the charging level with four LED battery indicators.

Price: $29.99
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#2. Trianium

This power-packed battery case has the power of 3200 mAh battery and it will add equivalent of 14+ hours of talk time or in other words 10+ hours of web browsing time to your iPhone 7. With a hard-shell black plate and anti-bumper design will protect your phone all the time from any accidental drop or scratches. It is also light weight so won’t make your phone bulky at all. So you can put it in pocket easily while your iPhone will get its charging at the same time.

Price: $79.95 [$48.99 on Amazon when we are writing this.] Buy it from Amazon

#3. Bovon

Would you not love a battery case which can charge your favorite iPhone 7 battery and you can watch your favorite videos or movies hands-free? Yes, this is what Bovon is offering right now for your new Apple phone. Apart from these two telling feature mentioned above, it is user-friendly as well. Bovon battery case can provide you over a 100% extra battery life to your iPhone 7. With inbuilt kickstand, it is giving you much needed hands-free experience even when your phone is charging.

Price: $25.99
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#4. Alpatronix

Most of the battery case manufacturers are preferring 3200 mAh battery and this Apple-certified model from Alpatronix is no different. This battery has a dual protection which applies both on the front and within. The bumper stands will protect the phone from any bump or drop and the inside will protect it from scratches. So this cool looking battery case will be a total safeguard for your most valuable iPhone 7. If you are looking for a power-packed battery case you should give this a look for sure.

Price: $43.95
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#5. Peyou

Another battery case which will serve your pocket well but at the same time will give a super power connect to your iPhone 7. If you are looking for the same combo then you should not look beyond to this battery case made by Peyou. What makes it even greater is that it is having an in-built kickstand so you can also enjoy some hands-free experience while watching your favorite movies. So apart from pocket-friendly and super power connectivity it also lets you enjoy your videos fully too. It has the powerful 4000mAh rechargeable battery which will keep your iPhone battery juice always. This is one of the 10 best iPhone 7 cases so you can surely rely upon.

Price: $34.99 [$15.99 on Amazon when we are writing this.] Buy it from Amazon

#6. Vproof

Vproof is providing a wonderful battery case at an attractive rate. It also has a capacity of 3200 mAh so your iPhone 7 will be getting recharged at the good rate and covers the entire phone so your phone will also remain protected from any drop, bump, and scratch. What’s more is that this battery case is well equipped with a sync-trough technology which will allow you to sync your iPhone with a PC without taking off the case. In addition, it has a LED battery indicator so you will always be able to know how much battery is left. It is the best deal one can have for a battery case.

Price: $29.99
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#7. UNU DX-7

If elegant iPhone cover is your style statement then this battery case offered by UNU DX-7 + should be your ultimate choice. It is not only elegant in looks but it has a very protective design as well. The slim profile of this battery case will certainly catch eyeballs. It comes with a tough back plate which means it is highly resistant to any occasional and accidental bumps and drops. The best part of this battery case is that it has the best Li-polymer 4100mAh rechargeable battery which is extremely high performable. With precise cuts it lets you operate all the buttons and slots comfortably.

Price: $89.99 [$69.99 on Amazon when we are writing this.] Buy it from Amazon

#8. ZeroLemon

There is very few battery case made for iPhone 7 which can provide you 14+ hours of talk time and also 10+ hours of web browsing time, in other words, a battery case which can give you not less than 140% extra battery life to your smartphone. What is more surprising is that despite having such a heavy duty capacity this battery case has extremely slim profile. It also has 4 LED lights which will constantly indicate you the charging and battery status. The price may be on the higher side but let us tell you it is worth every single penny.

Price: $99.99 [$59.99 on Amazon when we are writing this.] Buy it from Amazon

#9. QCell

This is probably the best battery case made for iPhone 7. It has the power of the 4000mAh battery and also has a QuickCharge technology. The said technology helps the battery to get charged in just two and half hours. Apart from this it also increases the level of protection. This one also syncs with your phone so easily that you can charge your phone without taking off the case. Made from the black high-grade protection this case also is a good solution for your valuable iPhone 7 against any drops or shocks.

Price: $49.99
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This iPhone 7 charging case is having inbuilt 3100mAh battery which is capable of giving you more than 100% additional battery life for your iPhone 7. The case gives additional protection against wear and tear. Plus because it is well equipped with sync-through technology, you need not to remove battery case to sync or charge your smartphone. With LED battery level indicator you can keep the track with charging status.

Price: $59.99 [$49.99 on Amazon when we are writing this.] Buy it from Amazon


Hope you must be feeling relieved now after having a wide choice after getting through these best iPhone 7 battery cases we have provided here. We are sure that one of the battery cases mentioned above will certainly help you to get maximum battery life for your smartphone and protection to it even when your phone is in charge.

Do let us know your choice in the comments section given below.