Whether you want to enjoy using your favorite iOS apps on Windows or wish to test/develop the next blockbuster for App Store, you need to choose one of these best iOS emulators for Windows. These ultra-advanced emulators are designed to provide the marvelous virtual experience of your iPhone or iPad on Windows PC.

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Endowed with picture perfect user-interface and superior features, these emulators allow you to run your iOS device efficiently. You will access most apps and games from App Store. You can even try out some of your favorite default apps like Notepad, Messages. Most interestingly, some of these emulators let you run both Android and iOS on your Windows device. Without making much ado, let’s dive right into scroll through these top emulators for Windows and handpick the one that can help you give your iPhone/iPad a long run on desktop!

Best iOS Emulators for WindowsBest iOS Emulators for Windows

Note: Make sure you have the latest version of Windows (7 or later) on your PC.

#1. iPadian Emulator

iPadianSimply put, iPadian is the best iOS emulator for Windows. What stands it out from the rest is the amazing user-interface. You can access Siri right from your computer and elegantly organize your desktop with apps.

It also allows you to create unlimited pages. The emulator features screen savers and animated HD background. That’s not all; you can even do multitasking just by dragging and droppings the apps. Even better, this elegant iOS emulator is available for free.

Download iPadian

#2. Smartface Emulator

SmartfaceLooking for something more productive to test or develop an advanced iOS app? Smartface Emulator would be a brilliant pick. With the rich interface and superior tools, it has been primed for developers to test their iOS apps.

It comes with Javascript library which is enormously useful for developing iOS apps. This emulator features debugging options that provide the essential freedom to test iOS apps. Smartface Emulator comes in both free and paid version ($0.99).

Download Smartface Emulator

#3. iPhone Emulator

iPhone EmulatorI rate “iPhone Emulator” very highly as it’s designed to provide you amazing iOS experience on your Windows PC. Whether it’s impressive design and easy-to-use features, it’s right up there with the best. It allows you to easily access all the top iOS apps and games.

It works on the flash that allows you to access some of the stock iOS apps such as, notepad, clock, calculator, etc. You will be able to change the wallpaper and even use HD background to give your desktop a dashing look.

If finding a smooth-sailing emulator is on top of your priority, this one can be worth having a try. Moreover, you don’t need to pay anything to take it for a spin!

Download iPhone Emulator

#4. Xamarin Testflight Emulator

Xamarin Testflight Emulator is an absolute beast in terms functionality. It’s a must for developers who want to test or develop their iOS apps. The emulator comes with multiple highly effective features that allow you to test your apps with the desired flexibility.

Another important aspect of this emulator is the consistent performance that ensures you are able to perfect your work without any glitch. The Testflight emulator is available both in free and paid version. Lastly, you need Windows 8 or above to run it on your PC.

Download Xamarin Testflight Emulator

#5. AIR iPhone Emulator

AIR iPhone EmulatorAIR iPhone Emulator is exactly what you would want to instantly turn your Windows PC into a virtual iPhone. It allows you to easily access the default apps of your iOS device such as Mail, Messages, Apple Maps.

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However, it doesn’t allow you to access all the apps and games from App Store. You must have to use AIR framework to run it on your PC. Despite having some restrictions, it’s pretty handy. More importantly, AIR iPhone Emulator doesn’t come at any commercial price.

Download AIR iPhone Emulator

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#6. Appetize.io

Appetize.ioWant a more capable emulator that can go beyond iOS? “Appetize.io” is what you should choose to get the most out of your mobile device. I’m impressed with its adorable functionality to let you download and run not just iOS but also Android apps.

With the immensely user-friendly interface along with the neat features, it feels very familiar right from the beginning. This emulator is free for up to 100 minutes then after it charges $0.05 per minute. Furthermore, it’s compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Download Appetize.io

#7. MobiOne Studio Emulator

MobiOne Studio EmulatorThe one word that describes MobiOne Studio Emulator is versatile. What makes it so special is that it allows you to develop not only iOS but also Android apps. It boasts of exceptionally intuitive UI that’s great to explore. You can share apps and web pages via email.

With the use of App Center Progress, you will be able to perfectly configure your app. It’s available only in paid version. However, looking at its supremely advanced features and versatility, it’s worth every penny you may pay.

Download MobiOne Studio Emulator

#8. iPhone Simulator

iPhone SimulatorFeaturing appealing design, iPhone Simulator makes an instant impact. There are a couple of things that stand out in this emulator: the ability to let you run your iPhone smoothly and the polished interface that is magnificent for using iOS apps on the desktop.

It also allows you to use default apps such as Messages, Notepad, Maps of your iPhone. As far as reliability is concerned, you won’t have anything to complain about. Though it may not be as feature rich as some of the emulators in this list, it’s more than good enough to win you over. iPhone Simulator is free.

Download iPhone Simulator

#9. App.IO

App.IODo you like the idea of using your iOS apps not just on Windows but also on Android device? If yes, you must try out App.IO. To get started, all you have to do is sync your iOS apps with it. Then you can view your apps on PC, Mac and even Android device. The smart menus, keyboard, and interface provide you a virtual experience of your iOS device.

Download App.IO

The Bottom Line:

So, which iOS emulator has won you over? Do let us know your favorites in the comments below. With the ability to let you get the best out of your iOS devices on Windows, these emulators stand out on all fronts. They are great for testing or developing apps. Moreover, they are incredibly easy-to-use.

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