Hope while reading this article you have already upgraded your iPhone or iPad with the latest iOS 10. If you are already on iOS 10 you might have observed that Apple has introduced a new feature in iMessage called ‘Apps’. This Apps will let the users include stickers and good images to their friends and loved ones. This new feature has slowly started to catch the imagination of all the Apple users.

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Because it is easy and quick to use some of the Apple users would love to know about more such apps which are different, unique and also fun to use. So if you want more sticker packs for your iOS 10 ( Make sure to check Install and Use iMessage Apps in iOS 10) here we are to guide you on ten of the best such apps which either you can download free or can also purchase from the official App Store.

Best iMessage Apps and Stickers for iOS 10

Best iMessage Apps and Stickers for iOS 10

#1. GIF Keyboard

GIF Keyboard iMessage AppJust like Facebook or Twitter now to express your feelings in a much better way you can also send GIF to your friends by using iMessage. You can download GIF Keyboard specially made for the iOS 10 and then you can create your own GIF stickers to send them. You can search for suitable GIF stickers within the app itself, but still, the best part we reckon is creating and sending your own GIF sticker.

Price: Free
Download GIF Keyboard

#2. The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel iMessage AppThe Weather Channel is probably the best weather app available for us. If you are traveling and want to know about the weather forecast this app will certainly land you the helping hand, but what about your friends and loved ones? If they are traveling to your city how can you help them knowing the exact weather conditions there? Well now with the new iOS 10 you can send the weather details to your friend by using the same weather app in iMessage. Simple!

Price: Free
Download The Weather Channel

#3. OpenTable

OpenTable iMessage AppPlanning a small gathering with your friends at a restaurant? Then this OpenTable app will certainly help you. By downloading this app you can book tables in various restaurants online. Because you can now use this app in your iOS 10 enabled iMessage you can now discuss and share details of your small gathering planning with your friends it is easier to use this app.

Price: Free
Download OpenTable

#4. JibJab

JibJab iMessage AppAnother great app which will assist you to find GIF and other stickers and then you can send them to your friends via iMessage. This app also lets you take a selfie, adding face from your camera roll or you can even store your friend’s face for an easy access. What’s more? You can choose eCards, Music videos and plenty of other things. All these exciting things are available for free and that too with a single tap.

Price: Free
Download JibJab

#5. Words with Friends

Words with Friends iMessage AppDo you still remember that popular word puzzle game called Crossword? Now iOS 10 has made easy for you to play the same game with your friends in iMessage. You can download the Words with Friends app on your iOS enabled iPhone and can play it with friends. You may create any number of words and make the puzzle. The best part about this app is that it is available in six different languages!! Amazing right? The app also allows you to track your performance while playing the game regularly in the usage data section.

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Price: Free
Download Words with Friends

#6. Genius

Genius iMessage AppIf you got a friend who shares the same passion for music just like you then this Genius app is perfect for both of you. This app lets you share the song lyrics to your friend once you install this app in your iOS 10 enabled iPhone. This app is totally free for the iOS 10 users. Probably the best feature of this app is the ability to embed song lyrics in your iMessage which can be found after searching them. The app developers are claiming that an iPhone user can search up to 1.7 million songs within Genius! WoW! Genius for sure.

Price: Free
Download Genius

#7. ESPN

ESPN iMessage AppsFor a sports lover, ESPN is one of the most respected names when it comes to source authentic sports news and live updates on an ongoing sporting event. If you got a friend who loves the sports just like you then you can share with him or her a latest sports news or update by using the ESPN app in your iMessage itself. The app is totally free and it will let you get all the details which have been covered by ESPN on its website. So just don’t wait and grab this best sports app on your iOS 10 iPhone.

Price: Free
Download ESPN

#8. Circle Pay

Circle Pay iMessage AppiMessage is not only for fun and entertainment, it is also meant for some serious stuff as well. We have found the Circle Pay app made for iMessage where you can send money to your friend using that very app only. The app is told to be extremely secure and you can send money to your friend without paying any additional fee. You also have the choice to pay in different currency like Dollar, Euro or Pound etc. Just create an account with Circle Pay and also ask your friend to do the same and send the money by using the app.

Price: Free
Download Circle Pay

#9. GamePigeon

GamePigeon iMessage AppGetting bored? Want to play games with your friend living far? Then why don’t you and your friend download the GamePigeon app and play games like 8-ball, Anagrams, Gomoku and Sea Battle over iMessage? The best part of this app is it’s interface which is really good and thus you will not have any problem while playing games. So don’t wait if you have an updated version called iOS 10 in your iPhone.

Price: Free
Download GamePigeon

#10. iTranslate

iTranslate iMessage AppIf your friend or a loved one is traveling abroad where the language is a big barrier and needs your help, then you can choose to have this iTranslate app which is available for free. What you can do is to translate the things over the iMessage and pass it to your friend and can help him or her. Remember, for a real-time translation you need to have the internet but you can even translate offline and that too in over 90 different languages.

Price: Free
Download iTranslate

We are sure that you must have liked the options we have provided to make your iMessage usage more exciting. Do let us know which app or apps you have downloaded after reading this article and how comfortable you and your friends are with it. We are waiting for your feedback on Facebook,Twitter, and Google Plus or even here in comments.