HTC U Ultra had 5.7 inches Super LCD5 capacitive touchscreen display with the Corning Gorilla Glass 5 and Sapphire crystal glass protection on 64 GB and 128 GB version respectively. However, the smartphone’s screen is a most vulnerable part, and perhaps you don’t want to take any risk. So, buying a best HTC U Ultra screen protector would be best option to get prevented from scratches, smudges, and impacts.

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Since these screen protectors and tempered glass are unique, they will comfortably fit on the flat surface of your smartphone. Most of the products are made from the premium quality 9H tempered glass. Hence the protection too will be top class. Even the PET film protectors, we are offering, at par with HTC U Ultra tempered glass protectors.

HTC U Ultra Screen Protectors

Best HTC U Ultra Screen Protectors

#1. D&P

This name is relatively new to us as far as screen protectors are concerned, but it is bringing us an exclusive screen protector for HTC U Ultra smartphone. Because they make is unique, it covers the entire front of your smartphone and hence it will remain scratch and dirt free always.

  • D&P is using premium grade shockproof material which is best at the scratch resistant on the surface, and it will prevent any shock or harms to the screen.
  • The screen protector’s design is just for everyday usage, so it will also fight against daily wear and tear and hence you will need not to care much about it.
  • You will get two films of screen protectors in one pack for the price of one, so it is also pocket-friendly deal on offer.

D&P HTC U Ultra Screen Protector

Price: $7.99
Buy it from Amazon

#2. Helianton

The screen protector here is compatible with HTC U Ultra only and hence it will not fit on any other smartphone. You will get easy installation and also removal process with this screen protector, and it will not leave any impression on the screen once you remove it.

  • If we talk about the installation, it will always remain bubble-free, so your viewing pleasure will not harm in any case.
  • The tempered glass used in this screen protector is the hardest 9H grade. It may be hard on scratches, but it also has a soft touch.
  • This screen protector will effectively do explosion protection just in case any untrue ward incident happens. So you will get the safety on all counts.

Helianton HTC U Ultra Screen Protector

Price: $4.99
Buy it from Amazon

#3. Dmax Armor

This is an anti-spy screen protector for HTC U Ultra, so when you are looking straight into your smartphone, no one from the sides can see what exactly you are seeking. Dmax Armor is also a known brand so you can trust the product and it will certainly give the best protection to our smartphone.

  • The easy installation is possible with this screen protector because there is a 100% bubble-free adhesive present and it will not leave any residue when you remove it.
  • The privacy film will also allow you for hassle-free portrait or landscape viewing modes with top quality resolutions.
  • The company also offers lifetime warranty along with this two-pack screen protectors. So get the lifetime protection with pocket friendliness.

Dmax-Armor HTC U Ultra Screen Protector

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Price: $7.99
Buy it from Amazon

#4. Supershieldz

This screen protector from Supershieldz is very special and unique from the other such screen protectors we are offering today. The screen protector we are offering here has the anti-spy privacy quality which means you can only view what you want to and not the one who is sitting beside you and peeping.

  • Just put the front of your HTC U Ultra smartphone, and you will be only able to see what you want to and no one from either side can watch.
  • This film also has a very high quality, and thus you will always get the best portrait or landscape viewing mode compared to other protectors.
  • Unlike others, this is not a tempered glass protector, but it is a make of the greatest quality Japanese PET film which is 100% bubble free while installing it and residue-free when removed.

Supershieldz HTC U Ultra Screen Protector

Price: $2.99
Buy it from Amazon

#5. Klearlook

What is so special about this screen protector from Klearlook? Well, this is another excellent 9H quality screen protector, but it has a unique quality of being shatterproof. This quality ensures that just in case your screen protector breaks it breaks into small pieces and those pieces remain edge-less.

  • Another unique quality this screen protector possesses is that it covers the entire front and back of your HTC U Ultra smartphone and hence it will continue to be scratch free from both sides.
  • The film is so thin and transparent that you will feel that there is no film installed at all. Having this quality also means that you will get the best viewing and touch experience.
  • The daily wear and tear were in mind while manufacturing this screen protection and thus you can have freedom of mind once you install it on your smartphone’s screen.

Klearlook HTC U Ultra Screen Protector

Price: $7.99
Buy it from Amazon

#6. amFilm

amFilm is one of the most popular screen protectors for HTC U Ultra around, and over one million users are already using it with a significant amount of satisfaction. The screen protector we are presenting from amFilm is an exclusive product for HTC U Ultra so that it will fit the screen with perfection.

  • amFilm Screen Protector is a make of a premium quality material, and thus you will get the scratch-proof protection along with crystal clear viewing and long-lasting quality.
  • Daily wear and tear will not affect this screen protector at all as it can absorb any damage.
  • Oleophobic coating on the protector will make sure that no fingerprint impression or oily smudge affect the viewing pleasure and even if there is any you can clean it quickly.

amFilm HTC U Ultra Screen Protector

Price: $7.99
Buy it from Amazon

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Your selection?

Hope you liked these suggestions to buy the best HTC U Ultra screen protector. Now, what you are waiting? Just choose one from the list above and let us know how it is working. You can give your feedback here in the comments section and also on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.