It is evident that we have got plenty of choices when it comes to selecting a proper protective case for our new smartphone like HTC U Ultra. Over here we are giving you the best suggestions to purchase best HTC U Ultra cases so that you will get the exact advice on what you should buy.

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We already suggested best HTC U Ultra screen protectors, and all these cases will certainly complement those screen protectors, and hence it will be easy for you to slip in your smartphone into the cases we are offering. You are also getting the choice in types of cases so just feel free and pick the case which you feel is the best.

Best HTC U Ultra Cases

10 Best HTC U Ultra Cases

#1. Orzero HTC U Ultra Clear Case

The best part of this Orzero clear case is that the company is offering two cases for the price of one. So you will get the complete protection along with price friendliness. It is especially compatible with HTC U Ultra and design is custom for it so you can install or remove it ease.

  • A premium quality gel TPU is the main ingredient of this case, so your smartphone get the best protection against any high-end bumps and falls.
  • Because of the exclusive design of this case, it will add minimal bulk to your HTC U Ultra smartphone, and it is also flexible always.
  • The cuts on this protective case are precise, so you can access all the ports without making any sweat at all.

Orzero HTC U Ultr Case

Price: $19.99 [$7.99 on Amazon when we are writing this.] 
Buy it from Amazon

#2. LK HTC U Ultra Wallet Case

Give your HTC U Ultra a smart look with this wallet case from LK, one of the known brands for smartphone accessories. You are very well aware that wallet cases give multiple facilities apart from protecting the smart gadget and believe us this wallet case from LK is no different.

  • The case from LK is an excellent cover, and also it has a very simple design to carry three credit cards or licenses or visiting cards along with your smartphone.
  • The TPU inner skin is the best shock absorbing material, and thus your phone will get the ultimate protection from any accidental fall or drop.
  • There is also a sleeve underneath the card slots where you can carry some cash, and the automatic closure will hold everything to gather.

LK HTC U Ultr Case

Price: $9.99
Buy it from Amazon

#3. STARSHOP Rugged Case for HTC U Ultra

For some extra high protection for a smartphone, one must pick a rugged case and for HTC U Ultra which has an exclusive design for it. The inner shell has the hard polycarbonate plastic which also has a flexible silicone skin outer layer which will work amazingly against any hard drops or impacts.

  • The exclusive design which this case has is for it to remain form-fitting, durable and functional and it also gives a bold look to your smartphone.
  • This product is brand new, and you can choose from three vibrant colors on offer by the company.
  • The best part of this case is that it includes a premium HD screen protector so that you will get the full protection for your valuable smartphone.


Price: $12.99 [$5.99 on Amazon when we are writing this.] 
Buy it from Amazon

#4. ONX3 HTC U Ultra Flip Case

The second case we are presenting from ONX3 and this time it is a flip case. You can easily call this flip case as ‘semi-wallet case’ because it allows you to carry maximum two credit or debit cards, license, and identity card but you can’t take cash in this case as it is not a full-fledged wallet case.

  • A very high-quality synthetic leather using polyurethane is the main ingredient of this flip case which is properly treated and dyed so that you can feel the real value of it.
  • The single flip will allow you to take pictures with ease as it exposes the camera by just flipping the flip up whenever you wish to.
  • The magnetic clasp will also keep the things to gather and not only that it will also keep the HTC U Ultra steady all the time.

ONX3 HTC U Ultr Case

Price: $4.90
Buy it from Amazon

#5. ATUS Kickstand Case for HTC U Ultra

If you want to purchase HTC U Ultra case which is entirely black so that it can show your style statement, then this kickstand case from ATUS is the perfect one for you. We all know that kickstand adds the value of hands-free viewing of long videos and movies and with this protective case, you can just do that.

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  • The process of making this case is a hybrid because a soft silicon sleeve went through reinforcing process along with polycarbonate shell.
  • The design of this kickstand case is an exclusive one for HTC U Ultra so it will not fit with any other smartphone and it will give full access to all the button and ports.
  • Despite being tough on the protection it is very easy to install or remove it in a snap, this shows the flexible nature of the ATUS kickstand case.

ATUS HTC U Ultr Case

Price: $5.99
Buy it from Amazon

#6. ONX3 Waterproof Case for HTC U Ultra

Get this ONX3 waterproof case if you are really into swimming activities. You will not only get the full protection against water, but you can also get a large choice because ONX3 offers seven attractive colors to choose.

  • Not only your HTC U Ultra smartphone but you can also carry your passport and money inside this large case.
  • The design of this case is entirely transparent so you can access your smartphone’s touchscreen, camera, mic and speakers as normal without even removing the case.
  • The case has the best locking mechanism that will make it air tight and water resistant to the core. This case weighs just 50 grams so it is very easy to carry plus it has the sturdy neck strap to keep your pockets free from any bulk.

ONX3 Waterproof HTC U Ultr Case

Price: $4.90
Buy it from Amazon

#7. Hedocell Pouch Case for HTC U Ultra

Professionals always prefer pouch cases because they are always on the move and pouch cases also represent their professional attitude as well. This pouch case from Hedocell which is a known brand for smartphone accessories can slip into your belt quickly, and then you can protect your smartphone within the pouch.

  • The primary material of this pouch is the nepa leather which is one of the tough quality leather, so your smartphone will remain safe within this pouch.
  • The pouch is well stitched, and a metallic leather belt in the back will make it easy for you to attach it to your belt with utmost ease.
  • The inner side of the pouch is soft, so the screen and also the back of your HTC U Ultra will remain secure from scratches or dust.

Hedocell HTC U Ultr Case

Price: $10.99
Buy it from Amazon

#8. Starhemei HTC U Ultra Bumper Case

One of the most popular protective cases across the smartphone brands is the bumper case, and hence we can’t ignore this bumper case from Starhemei. Bumper cases absorb any shock or bump with ease, and they don’t let the smartphone get an effect from it, and that is the reason behind their popularity.

  • The material used in this case is non-toxic TPU which is silky smooth and ultra-thin which means that the case will add minimal bulk to your smartphone.
  • The molding of the case is also precise so that you can get easy access to all the available buttons and ports always.
  • The transparent nature of the case will not only keep the original look going but will also enhance it as well.

Price: $12.90 [$7.90 on Amazon when we are writing this.] 
Buy it from Amazon

#9. Jaten Holster Clip Case for HTC U Ultra

Just like the pouch cases, holster clip cases are also convenient for professionals who are traveling all the time. The holster clip will give them the ease to check messages or call when they plug their smartphone to their belt. Apart from this feature such cases provide the standard security too.

  • The design of this case is sleek, and hence it will add value to the looks of your smartphone. The material is durable, and that provides you a long lasting protection.
  • The premium quality hard polycarbonate outer cover will give you satisfying touch with a comfortable grip and the material is environment-friendly as well.
  • The holster clip will make it easy to position your smartphone either horizontally or vertically when you are on the move.

Jaten HTC U Ultr Case

Price: $8.99
Buy it from Amazon

#10. Skmy HTC U Ultra Anti-Slip Case

It is not necessary that you always grip your smartphone tight and there are many chances that you may drop it for various reasons. But, if you find a protective case which covers most of the security points along with anti-slip grip then we believe you will certainly like this case.

  • The secret behind the anti-slip nature is hidden behind the bumpers lying on the four corners of this case. These bumpers will cover the HTC U Ultra phone in such a way that it will give you more grip while you hold the phone.
  • These bumpers also have the inbuilt ‘air pocket anti-shock system’ which offers maximum shock absorption, and the raised corners are providing extra safety to the screen.
  • This is an exclusive case for HTC U Ultra smartphone, and thus it will not fit on any other smartphone.

Skmy HTC U Ultr Case

Price: $7.90
Buy it from Amazon

These are the best suggestions to buy best HTC U Ultra cases, and we believe that you will indeed select one of the cases from the list as well.

Once you start using the case, you can simply give your views on it on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus or here in the comments section.