For both who got technical know-how about protective cases and also for those who are not aware of them, they carry the same problem which is a lack of suggestions on which cases they should buy. To clear your confusion here are some suggestions to buy the best HTC U Play cases.

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Get the wide range of choice from these cases and covers, and you will feel that you have arrived at right place. These cases are makes of top class material, and they are designed for HTC U Play smartphone only so they will fit comfortably and will also look great as well.

List of Best HTC U Play Cases and Covers

Best HTC U Play Cases

#1. SPARIN Clear Case for HTC U Play

SPARIN is currently offering a product promotion which is that you can save 20% on KS-01 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker (Silver) when you purchase one or more HTC U Play cases of SPARIN, so now you can get more than just a protection for your HTC U Play smartphone.

  • The main component of this case is soft TPU, and hence it is not only soft on your fingers but also in the body of the smartphone as well. Apart from that, it will fight against scratches for sure.
  • This is an exclusive design from SPARIN just for HTC U Play, and that is why you will get easy access to all the ports and button.
  • The body is transparent in color, and that will retain the original look of the smartphone, and it is also eco-friendly as well.


Price: $7.99
Buy it from Amazon

#2. Tauri HTC U Play Wallet Case

We are offering a beautiful looking wallet case, made just for HTC U Play phone. It has premium leather as its primary element, and that is why it is tough on safety and soft on touch. Because the design is exclusive for this smartphone, you can access all the buttons and ports easily.

  • There are three slots where you can put your credit or debit cards, licenses or identity card, plus also find a sleeve beneath these cards slots where you can put some cash as well.
  • The smooth leather finish will prevent damage from dust, dirt, and scratches.
  • There is a magnetic clip to lock the wallet and to keep everything inside intact, so you will get all around protection not only for your smartphone but also for the various things you put in it.

Tauri HTC U Play Case

Price: $9.99
Buy it from Amazon

#3. ONX3 HTC U Play Waterproof Case

This waterproof case from ONX3 is transparent by nature so you can check and access all the touch functions without any trouble. Not only your HTC U Play phone but should you be in need, you can also carry some money or other valuable belongings in it as well without fearing of water.

  • Being a waterproof case, it will certainly keep your smartphone safe from water, but it will also provide protection against snow, dust, and sand as well.
  • The locking mechanism which is part of this case will make sure that the pouch will remain airtight and water resistant and add only 50 grams weight to your phone.
  • If you are a fan of underwater swimming, fishing, skiing, snowboarding, hiking and much more such sports then carry your HTC U Play smartphone in this case without fear.

ONX3 HTC U Play Case

Price: $4.90
Buy it from Amazon

#4. ONX3 HTC U Play Flip Case

After waterproof case, this is the second ONX3 case we are offering today. This is a flip case which looks like a wallet case, but it is an entirely different product. Wallet cases give your smartphone a complete coverage whereas flip case covers only front and the back.

  • The main component of this flip case from ONX3 is a high-quality synthetic leather using polyurethane. The material has gone through a stringent process and hence it is a great option for protection,
  • There are some eight lively and very attractive colors available for you to choose from and one can bet you will find tough to make a decision looking at those colors.
  • There is a sliding cradle within the case which allows you to click pictures at will. Also, there is a magnetic clasp which will take care of the safety of falling.

ONX3 HTC U Play Flip Case

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Price: $4.90
Buy it from Amazon

#5. ATUS Belt Clip Case for HTC U Play

For those who are habituated to watching videos for a long time or like to watch movies on their smartphones, the kickstand case is a perfect choice. Because of the kickstand, one gets the hands-free freedom and can watch those videos and movies at ease.

  • The kickstand case from ATUS has double protection from soft silicone sleeve and hardened polycarbonate shell. Mind you this case is for HTC U Play only.
  • If you are looking for HTCU Play Case which has a kickstand and can also give you full access to all the buttons, camera, headphone jack and charging port, then you should look for this piece.
  • The design of this stand is quite innovative, and that provides you the easy installation and removal without needing any tools.

ATUS HTC U Play Case

Price: $5.99
Buy it from Amazon

#6. DURAGADGET Pouch Case for HTC U Play

The pouch cases are meant for those who are going getters and those who travel a lot. Even if you don’t travel much and go out once in a while, a pouch case can be a splendid idea to keep your smartphone safe. This pouch case has quite an innovative design which will catch your eyeballs for sure.

  • The pouch is fully water resistant and airtight and has the dual air-locked seals with a fold over Velcro sealed panel. All in all this combination will give your smartphone a complete protection.
  • You will also get an adjustable waist strap along with this case which a sturdy buckle which will allow you to keep the phone with you every time.
  • The case is lightweight, contoured and ultra-portable which makes it a perfect accessory for the travel safety of your HTC U Play smartphone.


Price: $27.99 [$15.99 on Amazon when we are writing this.]
Buy it from Amazon

#7. fitBAG HTC U Play Sleeve Case

If you don’t want a flip case, wallet case or pouch case but still want to give your HTC U Play a similar protection then fiBAG’s sleeve case is the perfect answer for you. All you need to do is to slip your phone into this sleeve, and your phone is protected forever.

  • The material used in this sleeve is top class, and it is made in Germany. Plus you have eight different and vibrant color choices as well.
  • Give your smartphone an entirely different look with this sleeve with the similar protection you expect from other cases.
  • There is an integrated high-tech MicroFiber lining for display and phone cleaning included with this sleeve from fitBAG.

fitBAG HTC U Play Case

Price: $27.90
Buy it from Amazon

#8. Jaten Holster Clip Case for HTC U Play

Another case for those who travel a lot or always on the move which is a holster clip case. This case provides not only the security for the smartphone but also gives the comfort of looking at your smartphone’s screen when it is fixed to your waist belt.

  • The holster clip will swivel around so easily that you can even control your smartphone’s screen even when it is attached to the belt.
  • Along with the holster clip, there is also an inbuilt kickstand which will enable you to watch videos and movies for a longer period.
  • The premium quality material used in this case will give an efficient built to HTC U Play correctly plus will provide you smooth touch and perfect grip.

Jaten HTC U Play Case

Price: $8.99
Buy it from Amazon

If you were looking for suggestions to buy the best HTC U Play cases then we are sure that your journey must have ended here. Do tell us how you like this collection of HTC U Play cases here in the comments section or on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.

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