HTC was out of talk for a while due to the sudden rush of a wide range of high-quality budget phones. So, people didn’t care enough to buy high-priced HTC smartphones. Moreover, it failed to captivate gadget freaks.

But not anymore!

HTC is back in business now with their new flagship HTC 10. It has got everything we love about HTC. The beautiful design along with a cool camera and awesome audio hearing experience bring it to the top of the smartphones we desire.

Best HTC 10 Cases

Just like every other phone, HTC 10 is also prone to scratches and damages if handled roughly. That’s why you need a case for the same.

Guess what?

I have got you some.

Best HTC 10 Cases

I hand-picked some of the best HTC 10 cases for you to make your phone damage-proof.

#1. HTC 10 Ice View Case

HTC 10 Ice View Case

If you are in quest of a genuine case for HTC 10, this is it. HTC has released the Ice View Case with the smartphone itself.

The case here is more of a flip cover that offers an exquisite lock screen when the display is covered. You can see time, weather update, and notifications on the screen. HTC has done a great job in making it able even to show notifications from third-party apps. One can also control music playback and open camera from the lock screen itself.

You can buy the case from Amazon for a few bucks over $60.

Price: $48.99
Buy it from

#2. Spigen Rugged Armor HTC 10 Case

Spigen Rugged Armor HTC 10 Case

In case you don’t want a flip cover but just a case, you can go for this rugged armor case from Spigen.

Being one of the top-rated cases for HTC 10, Rugged Armor case won’t disappoint you by any mean. The design is the first thing you notice on this. The pattern on the top and bottom part made of soft carbon gives a unique look to the case.

The edges are a bit protruding given that it will rectify the impacts approaching the display. It has got dedicated tactile buttons to hold the in-house ones.

Price: $16.99 ($11.99 on Amazon while writing this)
Buy it from

#3. SupCase Full-Body Rugged Holster Case

SupCase Full-Body Rugged Holster HTC 10 Case

Here comes another case that gives a unique look to your flagship device. You will not find a difference when you view from the front, though.

You will get a screen protector with this case. It also has port-covers that prevent dust entering the ports. The cushions on all the four corners ensure safety from impacts.

The dual-layered design offers the best-in-class protection.

Price: $17.99
Buy it from

#4. Tudia Ultra Slim TPU Bumper Case

Tudia Ultra Slim TPU Bumper HTC 10 Case

If a simple case with no fancy elements is what you are looking for, Tudia’s bumper case should be it.

They have given a great focus to the design aspect that one can never take his eyes back at once. The edges are designed in a curvy way and, the cuts are meticulous.

You won’t find any difficult in using charger, adapter or headphone as they have given ample amount of room for the same.

Price: $9.90
Buy it from

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#5. Spigen Exact-Fit Premium Matte Finish Hard Case

Spigen Exact-Fit Premium Matte Finish Hard HTC 10 Case

Talking about minimal design, I can’t help myself from sharing this case with you. It has got a matte design on the back which seems slippery. But you will be surprised by the grip offered by the case. The lightweight and slim nature of the case suits the best if you love elegance and slimness at the same time.

The polycarbonate material used to manufacture the case can withstand usual daily impacts.

Price: $12.99 ($10.99 on Amazon while writing this)
Buy it from

#6. KuGi Flip Case

KuGi Flip HTC 10 Case

If you really want a flip cover and can’t afford the first one in this list, you should consider KuGi Flip Case. The case is perfectly cut in all the portions and offers a nice grip in your hands. Unlike others I have mentioned so far, you can choose four color variants.

You can’t get that unique lock screen with notifications here as in the case of Ice View case. But under $10, it’s a perfect alternative.

Price: $25.50 ($9.90 on Amazon while writing this)
Buy it from

#7. LK Crystal Clear Case

LK Crystal Clear HTC 10 Case

The phone itself has got a nice form factor that you may not want to cover the same with a case. In such a case, you can try this case from LK. The edges are covered with colored material whereas the back is protected by a transparent layer. You can purchase the product in six different color variants.

The corners are equipped with air-cushion technologies to prevent impacts.

Price: $39.99 ($9.99 on Amazon while writing this)
Buy it from

#8. Tauri Kickstand Wallet Case

Tauri Kickstand Wallet HTC 10 Case

Have you ever felt your pocket has no room for both your mobile and wallet? Then you should give this wallet case a try. You get an ID window, space for three debit or credit cards and room for cash as well. So, this one replaces your wallet without leaving any disappointment behind.

Moreover, this case can function as a kickstand to free your hands when watching videos for quite a long time.

Price: $29.99 ($9.99 on Amazon while writing this)
Buy it from

#9. Cimo Shockproof Case

Cimo Shockproof Case for HTC 10

If you are on a shoelace budget (at the moment) and want to buy a protective case for your killer phone, you should buy this one from Cimo.

Cimo is a reputed smartphone case manufacturer.

This one comes in six different colors. Considering the price, it offers the great durability. With the textured back, you will get a comfortable grip too.

Price: $7.98
Buy it from

#10. Incipio Dual Pro Case

Incipio Dual Pro HTC 10 Case

You might have already heard of Incipio. It has launched Dual Pro cases in different colors for HTC 10. The plextonium outer shell and soft silicone innards prevent your phone from being affected by any daily wears and tears.

The case is light and suits your phone the best.

Price: $22.46
Buy it from

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Wrapping Up

So you have got 10 best HTC 10 cases now.

You should compare each one with your budget and, don’t forget to check the design as well. I have included flip covers and usual cases too. So, you should have an eye on the purpose.

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