Honor 8 Pro is the best-looking phablet with 5.5-inch QHD display. The sleek and ultra-thin 6.97mm metal body on both sides provide elegant look and feel. Well, if you want to keep your device beautiful as ever, then you will need the finest case for your device. Therefore, we gathered top 10 best Honor 8 Pro cases and covers from trustworthy brands.

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Whether you want a leather or crystal clear case to make your device more attractive, here we have covered every kind stylish case. Alongside, they are also made of a high-quality material to keep your device prevented from scratches, dents, and impacts. So, just go through and list and select the best protective case for your Honor 8 Pro.

Best Honor 8 Pro Cases and Covers

Best Honor 8 Pro Cases and Covers

#1. Ringke Tough Bumper Case

It is the perfect case for Honor 8 Pro to flaunt the stunning design of the device. This badass bumper case looks very cool on your new Huawei flagship killer phone. Slim and redefined design of the case can safeguard you with minimal bulk. It will perfectly fit on your device and reveal the natural design of the Honor 8 Pro.

Ringke Honor 8 Pro Bumper CaseKey Features:

  • Its advances 2X tough coating offers crystal clear protection along with minimum bulk.
  • The dual layer coverage with inner corner cushions can protect your device from drops and provide slimness.
  • The case is certified by Military Grade Drop Protection, so it offers long-lasting and improves protection.
  • The slim transparent TPU bumper and Active Touch Technology let you use the port and buttons easily and very responsive.
  • The Dust Cap Technology of the case can cover all port and protect from dust and dirt.
  • The soft flexible premium edge covers all angles with a guard and tapered lips to list the surfaces can protect your screen from scratches.

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#2. StilGut Genuine Leather Case

If you are looking for the classy genuine leather case for Honor 8 Pro, then the StilGut Genuine Leather Case is one of the best options. It provides classy look on your device without adding bulk. The case is designed especially for the Huawei Honor 8 Pro. It is a perfect mixture of style, elegance, and functionality.

StilGut Leather Case for Honor 8 ProKey Features:

  • It is made of high-quality genuine leather with soft microfiber interior and durable plastic shell.
  • It has very precise cut-outs so that you can use camera, speakers, charging port and mother functions easily and responsively without removing the case.
  • You can easily hang your device at the back with this case.
  • It has a functional clip to hold the device with the better grip.
  • The case is very functional and offer long lasting protection.
  • It is very lightweight, elegance and ultra slim case.

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#3. Sarkozy Shenzhen Slim Case

If you are looking for the super slim case for your Honor 8 Pro, then this is the really exclusive hybrid case with the ultra slim profile. Its slimmest design will give a comfortable feeling while using. It can also protect your device from drop and damages.

Sarkozy Shenzhen Honor 8 Pro CaseKey Features:

  • It is made of Hard Hybrid Plastic which can protect your device in every environment.
  • It offers stunning style on your Honor 8 Pro along with full protection. It said a fashion masterpiece.
  • The back cover raised edge design of the case can prevent your device from scratches.
  • You can easily access all port and button with its precise cut-outs.
  • It provides crash-proof 360-degree full body protection.
  • It’s environment-friendly skin texture provides better grip while holding.

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#4. Cellbell-ltd-us Design Case Cover

If you want a best designer case for Honor 8 Pro, then this covers will perfectly fit on your wishes. This is one of the designer case covers which specially designed for your latest Huawei flagship phone.

Cellbell ltd us Designing Case for Honor 8 ProKey Features:

  • It is made of silicon material which offers very soft and flexible touch without adding bulk.
  • You can easily install and remove the case without damaging buttons and ports.
  • Its ultra-strong exterior can protect your phone from bumps, scratches, and knocks.
  • It is made of Gel cut-outs so that you can easily access all button and ports.
  • It is mad of slim gel and it will cover all the corner of your phone and protect your device from drops and dumps.

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#5. JD TPU Slim case

J&D has been offering very high quality and the budget-friendly protective case for all smartphone. Like all another case, this case is one of a stylish case for Honor 8 Pro. It fits on your all daily functions of your device. It provides excellent protection and stunning look as well.

JD Honor 8 Pro Slim CaseKey Features:

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  • The TPU material of the case will give comfortable touch and stylish look.
  • The unique TPU material provides a smooth rubber grip to protect you phone from accidental fall and drops.
  • You can easily access all functions of the device with this case.
  • It is a very slim and lightweight bumper case, so you won’t feel very bulky while holding your device.
  • TPU material of the case can protect your device from shock.

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#6. AVIDET Silicone Case Cover

If you are looking for the best ultra-thin case for your Honor 8, then you should try this case from AVIDET. It will give a natural look and original touch feels while using the device. The case is mostly for those who want to flaunt the design of the device without adding bulk.

AVIDET Silicone Case Cover for Honor 8 ProKey Features:

  • It is Ultra-Thin Protective Get Cover for your brand new Huawei Honor 8 Pro.
  • The Silicon TPU material is soft to touch and provides different visual effects.
  • Silicon TPU material of the case will give you a better grip to protect your device from unusual drops.
  • You can easily use all buttons and ports of your device without removing the case.
  • It can effectively protect your device from dust, scratches, fingerprints, and bumps.

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#7. TopACE Ultra-Thin Transparent Case

TopACE is a well-known brand for making protective cases and screen protector for all smartphone. This is one of the ultra-thing transparent cases for Honor 8 Pro. You can easily show the stunning design of your device with this crystal clear case.

TopAce Honor 8 Pro Transparent CaseKey Features:

  • The case has precise cut-outs, so you can fully access all buttons and ports.
  • The frosted design of the case offers the original experience of using the device.
  • The unique design of the case can protect all the physical buttons and port effectively.
  • The Silicon TPU material gives you soft touch and better grip without bulk.
  • The Premium Matt TPU material provides excellent grip to protect your device from an accidental drop.
  • The glossy gel protecting coating of the offers protection from dust, impact and other hazards.

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#8. kwmobile Crystal Case Cover

Since 2012, kwmobile has been offering beautiful and reasonable price protective case for the smartphone, laptop, and other gadgets. This is the crystal clear case cover for Honor 8 Pro with TPU silicon IMD design.

kwmobile Crystal Case Cover for Honor 8 ProKey Features:

  • It provides long lasting protection with the high-quality TPU silicon material.
  • The TPU silicon materials also offer the soft touch and scratch-free your device.
  • It has a high-quality print inside the silicon case for the long lasting vibrant look.
  • There is no wear and tear on the design of the case with the in-mound decoration print method.
  • Its material of the case is durable and sock-resistant.

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#9. JD Holster Pouch Case

If you are looking for the case which also works as a perfect wallet option, then this JD wallet case is an ideal companion for yours. Despite being a great wallet alternative, it also provides beautiful look with its leather design.

JD Honor 8 Pro Holster Pouch CaseKey Features:

  • This is the best wallet case to give protection as well as safeguard your cash, cards, and iDs.
  • It is built with strong magnetic belt clip keep your device and other stuff safe.
  • The case is combined with the elastic band and PU leather to give long-term protection and royal look on your device.
  • Its special air breathable material accelerates heat dissipation and provides the better environment for your phone.

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#10. SCIMIN Rugged Case

Here’s presenting the rugged hard shell protective case with the kickstand functionality to give maximum protection and a perfect companion to enjoy better cinema with hands-free usage. It is available in six multiple colors; you can choose as per your preference.

SCIMIN Honor 8 Pro CaseKey Features

  • This dual layer protection case is specially designed for your Honor 8 Pro, so fits comfortably on your device.
  • Its soft shock absorption inner TPU sleeve and impact-resistant hard shell material provide ultimate protection from scratches, drops, and impacts.
  • The built-in stand provides convenient movie and video watching experience and hands-usage.
  • It features raised chamfered bezel protect your device’s screen when you place your phone face down on a flat surface.

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Well, this was the list of best Honor 8 Pro protective cases. Hope that you have found the right case cover for your new Honor 8 Pro. Which one did you like the most? Drop comments or reach us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus

Well, this was the list of best Honor 8 Pro protective case. Hope that you have found the right case cover for your new Honor 8 Pro. If you have any words about the new Huawei device, then you can share us in the comments and stay connected with us via Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.

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