PlayStation 4 is world’s biggest gaming console where you cannot control yourself from installing and playing many games. But, extensively installing lots of games may stock up the space of your beloved console. Fortunately, you can add more storage to your PS4. For that, you will need to get a best External hard drive for PS4.

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Here we have compiled best PS4 compatible external hard drives which offer enough space up to 2TB to install your favorite games. They will also make your console run smoother and faster. So, now you don’t need to wait for your favorite games to load as your PS4 will now have enough space. Have a good look at these best PS4 External hard drives and pick the one which you feel fits your style.

Best Hard Drives for PS4

10 Best External Hard Drives for PlayStation 4

#1. Storite

Storite Hard Drive for PS4

It is easy to install this hard drive by Storite in your PS4 because it can be done by accessing a single screw only. To make your task even easier, you will also get a screwdriver along with the hard drive. Once you install this hard drive into your PlayStation 4, you will notice that the time of loading of games has increased by good miles. It has stored up to 2TB data on this hard drive. The new design with an open flip cover has made it easier and more convenient to use.

Price: $63.49
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#2. Seagate

Seagate Hard Drive for PS4

This is the top-ranked external hard drive for PS4 on Amazon; hence you can guarantee the quality of it. It has SATA III 6GB/s interface and 2.0 Terabyte storage capacities. This hard drive is made from the advanced format and also from industry standard 4K sector size, so you can have absolutely no problem in installing it in your PlayStation 4. The best part of it is that it consumes extremely low power so you can have longer playing time without worrying about anything else.

Price: $77.95
Buy it from Amazon

#3. Skywin

Skywin Hard Drive for PS4

This hard drive for PS4 is on the higher end when it comes to price, but that is only because it is made from outstanding quality material and will give you the best performance every time. It is having 2TB space for you to upgrade your PlayStation 4 and can play more games than with your current hard drive. The kit has everything you need to replace like Screwdriver, Flash Drive for an upgrade, USB 3.0 external HD enclosure and of course the Hard Drive.

Price: $130
Buy it from Amazon

#4. Fantom Drives

Fantom Hard Drive for PS4

It is an open secret that Fantom Drives uses Seagate/Samsung hard drive for this product and we have already discussed it above. But why we have included it is because it provides you all the facilities to install the hard drive into your PlayStation 4. Things like 8GB flash drive, a screwdriver, a quick installation drive and also a USB 3.0 cable. Apart from these Fantom Drives G-Force also provides a carrying pouch so you can transport the drive quickly as and when you need to.

Price: $104.98
Buy it from Amazon

#5. DongCoh

DongCoh Hard Drive for PS4

This hard drive is exclusively made for PS4. Once you attach this hard drive on your gaming console, it will start working flawlessly. This hard drive supports all the PlayStation 4 contents including the ‘rest mode’. Get the infinite storage support from 1TB to 6TB in this 3.5-inch hard drive which can match the biggest brand names across the industry. It will invariably make the PS4 gaming performance faster as there will be more space to store.

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Price: $81.76
Buy it from Amazon

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#6. Avolusion

Avolusion Hard Drive for PS4

Get the 2TB extra storage in your gaming console presented by Avolusion. The installation and up gradation of this hard drive is straightforward, and once it is done, you can play all the massive games which were elusive to you because of low storage capacity till now. What’s more, there is no separate power adapter required with this hard disk. Avolusion is also providing two years warranty so feel free to purchase this quality product.

Price: $109.99
Buy it from Amazon

#7. Nyko

Nyko Hard Drive for PS4

You can use this 3.5″ hard drive along with the current 2.5″ hard drive you have got on your PS4. It is straightforward to install this hard drive, and you can toggle between the two hard drives without any fuss via an inbuilt switch when the console is off. So, in short, you can add a massive storage capacity with this hard drive which is not possible with external hard drives for sure. Go for this economical option and still get the better enjoyment with your PS4.

Price: $32.03
Buy it from Amazon

#8. Winkeyes

Winkeyes Hard Drive for PS4

With this hard disk, you can easily upgrade your PS4 capacity up to 2TB. Thus, you can play many games that currently you are playing. The up gradation will also provide smoother and faster run for your gaming console. Because your PlayStation 4 becomes faster with extra space provided by this hard disk you will need not to wait to get your favorite games to load. The LED display will illustrate whether the PS4 is saving content or accessing the hard drive.

Price: $26.99
Buy it from Amazon

#9. Utania

Utania Hard Drive for PS4

You can add extra space for your PlayStation 4 with 2TB more with this Utania hard drive made exclusively for your favorite gaming console. The Utania kit includes 8GB USB flash as well so that you can store your data first and then install the new hard drive. What’s more? The company also provides 2-year warranty, so just feel free about the quality and even the post-purchase service as well. One of the best made hard drives for your PS4 is right here.

Price: $98
Buy it from Amazon

#10. OWC

OWC Hard Drive for PS4Ready replace the original drive with this 4x more storage than stock. It provides storage up to 2TB, so it is a complete quest for more game storage on your PS4 console. It comes with 2.5″ Seagate/Samsung HDD, OWC Express USB 3.0 Black Enclosure, 8 GB Flash Drive, USB cable & Screwdriver to let you easy to install. You can easily convert your original PS4 drive into new external HDD with its USB 2.0/3.0 equipped computer. This Drive is also compatible with PS4 Slim, PS4 Pro, and PS3.

Price: 124.99
Buy it from Amazon


You might have got the clear idea by now that by replacing your current hard drive with one of these best hard drives for PS4 (PlayStation 4) will make sure that you get speedy access to your favorite games. This will only save your time and double your enjoyment as the games will run smoothly because of an added space.

Once you purchase one of the above advised hard drives, please feel free to let us know how it works over here in the comments section or on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.