Halloween is a different festival altogether. It doesn’t matter whether you are a grown up or a kid, you invariably like this festival for various reason. To make you’re this Halloween more memorable we have brought best Halloween apps for iPhone and Android so that you and your kids can enjoy it more. Especially for kids, we have chosen some apps which will not only give them enjoyment but will also increase their knowledge in some way.

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So go through the list we have given here carefully and pick up your favorite Halloween app from the list. As we have mentioned above if there is a kid too at home, then pick the one we have prescribed for him too. Happy Halloween to you all!

Best Halloween Apps for iPhone and Android

Best iPhone and Android Halloween Apps (2016)

#1. Educative Halloween Game

Educative Halloween GameHalloween is fun and celebration alright but kids should also get some sort of knowledge while enjoying few things online. So we have brought a game which is in shape of puzzles and that helps kids to know fine motor skills. Not only that these games also enrich your kid’s Halloween related vocabulary as well. Once the Halloween related puzzle is over the name will appear and the kid will hear the related words. Just shake the phone and the game will restart with a new puzzle.

Animated Boo for iPhone | Kids Halloween for Android

#2. Crazy Pumpkin

Crazy Pumpkin AppYour kid can create over 30, 000 different jack-o-lantern combinations. You can even save the screenshots and turn them into your mobile wallpaper or share with your friends right inside the app. It is also providing some really scary sound effects with a multi-colored flashlight. So this game ultimately this game will make your child’s creative side a great one.

Crazy Pumpkin for iPhone | Crazy Pumpkin for Android

#3. Halloween Card Creator

Halloween Card Creator AppThis app will allow you to create Halloween Cards and will also let your kids customize it. You can use widgets and touch gestures along with plenty of more stuff together. The games have a big range of fonts, clip art and also photos along with Halloween backgrounds. Once the card is created you can easily share it on various social media sites and also email them.

Halloween Card Creator for iPhone | Halloween Card Creator for Android

#4. Crazy Sound Games

Crazy Sound GamesYou can get the freak out of your family members and friends from these sound games available on both iOS and Android platforms. These games have sounds like a chainsaw, demonic laughter, bell tolling and also scary sounds of Android. Apart from these spine-chilling sounds of spirits moaning and knives sharpening are perfect for scaring someone.

Halloween Spooky Sound Box for iPhone | Scary Sounds HD for Android

#5. Spooky Hangman

Spooky Hangman AppThis is a hangman game with some serious stuff. Once you start playing this game you will actually start feeling that there is plenty of thought being put on while developing this game. You can have specially designed word lists, challenge modes, and various other things. Apart from these things the leaderboard makes this game even more exciting. The sounds like a church bell, the crackle of the creepy witch and thunder will give you a spine-chilling experience.

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Spooky Hangman for iPhone | Spooky Hangman for Android

#6. Photo Fun

Photo Fun AppYou might have given your old and boring photos a funny, informative, silly and sometimes even annoying effects, but have you ever thought of giving them a ghostly or scary effects? If you have not yet, then think now and get your photos into these apps where you can make spirits sitting next to you in beds or even escaping from someone’s body. Apart from these effects; you have plenty of filters to design your photos.

Ghost Scary Photo/Video Edit for iPhone | Ghost Photo Maker for Android

#7. Bubble Blast Halloween

Bubble Blast Halloween AppBubble Blast Halloween is a puzzle game in which you can burst Halloween characters to trigger a chain reaction in order to eliminate them. There are two different game modes which are on the offering. In the Puzzle mode there are 5000 different levels and in Arcade mode you can play freely. Just like Angry Birds and many other such games Bubble Blast Halloween also has many variants.

Bubble Blast Halloween for iPhone | Bubble Blast Halloween for Android

#8. Change your Voice to Scare

Change your Voice to Scare AppThese apps are actually not designed for Halloween but they are the normal voice changing apps which are available easily both on iOS and Android. These apps have sound effects like Devil, Death, Alien, Haunting, Dark One which is easily suitable for the Halloween atmosphere. So all you need to do is to use this app and use the Halloween like sound when you answer the call and get the scare out of them.

Voice Changer Plus for iPhone | Voice Changer with effects for Android

#9. Halloween City

Halloween City AppThis is one of those trick or treat game where kids can build their own Halloween city. They can decorate their city with lots of amazing Halloween characters which includes Witches, Vampires, Pumpkins, Monster Plants, Werewolves, Mummies, Zombies etc. There will be Spooky houses and Ghost lairs as well. Kids can have plenty of fun while celebrating Halloween. If kids can try different cross-breeds of characters they can be amazed to see the results.

Halloween City for iPhone | Halloween City for Android

#10. Horror Stories

Horror Stories AppIf horror stories are your favorite genre then Halloween is the best time to read them, right? If you really like those good old horror stories then you will certainly like these story apps which contain only horror stories for you. There are so many stories you can choose from and read them to get the spine-chilling experience. Do not forget to tell those stories to your loved ones when you read them because they too must get their share of scare right?

Ghost Stories for iPhone | Creepypasta & Scary Stories for Android

So did you like our collection of Halloween Apps? Do let us know which one you downloaded and enjoyed? We are waiting for your feedback here in comments and also on Facebook,Twitter, and Google Plus.