Nowadays, lots of people have affection towards pets, and they love to keep them healthy and safe. But, according to American Humane Association, more than 10 million pets are missing each year. That’s gloomy fact! Finding the lost or stolen pet is worst experience. So, it would be better keep your pets safe with the best GPS pet tracker and collars for Dogs and Cats.

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All these GPS pet trackers & collars are cutting edge engineering that lets you locate the location of your pets in real time. Some of them also allow seeing the history location of your pet. Well, you will also find some of the GPS trackers that let you get an alert when your pet leaves geofence (pre-determined area). All you will have to require to use your smartphone’s data and to get the information on your pet’s location. Just go through this list of top 10 GPS pet trackers and pick the right mate for your Dog or Cat.

10 Best GPS Pet Trackers and Collars for Dog or Cat

#1. Whistle

What could be the best thing by starting this exclusive list of the best Pet tracker with the best seller product on Amazon? This is the live GPS tracker for the pets, the Whistle able to send the alert notification in the text form or email form to the pet owner like you. Now you know it is best seller product is one of the best trackers to offers a great list of features and functionalities. If you have a dog or cat as your pet, then you really should check its list of features.

Whistle GPS Pet TrackerFeatures:

  • The brand claims that this is the best all-in-one GPS activity and location tracker for your pet and this is evident because of its features.
  • The brand offers Cellular and GPS technology to provide you the most comprehensive and correct and exact location and tracking nationwide.
  • It provides fast and accurate tracking, and you can even get the location alert through email, app or via text when your pet leaves the safe place before your pet gets too far away.
  • It uses the advanced GPS and cellular mechanism to pinpoint your pet’s location that is based on nationwide coverage.
  • This tracker offers ten days longest battery life, but yes the battery life can affect the strength of the Wi-Fi and cellular coverage.
  • It is durable and even waterproof, so there is no need worry if your pet swims with this tracker.

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YANDOG is one of the best top rated hot mini smart finder Bluetooth tag GPS tracker, which is packed with GPS and Smartphone network connectivity. This best GPS tracker for dog and cat allows you to track your pet’s location easily and continuously record its activity. This tracker offers two different apps that you can use on your smartphone to connect this tracker with your Smartphone those apps are iSearching and iTracking. The apps support a wide variety of the smartphones, and you can find it on AppStore or PlayStore.

YANDOG GPS Tracker for Dog and CatFeatures:

  • To use this smart finder to track your pet only use the key ring on your pet’s belt and attach this Smart finder and find your pet with a single adhesive tape.
  • This PetSmart tracker is equipped with anti-lost alarm sensor.
  • If you are losing connection with your pet, then you will be sent a notification of losing connection directly through the application that you have installed on your phone.
  • This tracker offers two-way anti-lost mechanism like phone-to-tracker and tracker-to-phone.
  • Apart from only using it for your pet you can even you this tracker with other things to like keys, wallets, luggage, and kids.
  • So if you are the person who mostly forgot things like where you put your stuff like keys, then you can install this smart tracker to your keys using the key ring and only call the nut and it will bell the rings and lights flashing.

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#3. Eureka Technology

Eureka Technology offers MARCOPOLO Advanced pet tracker that is packed with tag accessories to monitor your pet, track your pet. This is a quite expensive smart tracker, but with the features that the brand offers with this smart GPS tracker, it is worth to purchase it for your loveable pet. So if you are looking for a best GPS tracker for your dog or cat, then you should take a look at this product and see how fantastic features it offers with its smart tracker.

Eureka Technology Pet Tracking TagFeatures:

  • This advanced pet tracking tags are well suited for pets who are ranging from large dogs down to the small dogs and even cats which have a collar length of 7 inches and more.
  • This PetSmart collar is very rugged because the advanced tracking tag is made to withstand rough terrain and even prolonged swimming.
  • It is light in weight, small and even waterproof and this can attach to your dog or cat’s collar with a ballistic nylon holder.
  • It works with all the version of Marco Polo hand-held locators, and even in the systems which are using a mix of the advanced, RC and Classic tracking tags.
  • You can use it even in the extreme condition to track, monitor and locate your pet.
  • It comes with rechargeable battery that you can install on your pet’s collar, and it can last up to 6+ weeks while being continuously monitored. This is incredibly significant.
  • And one of the great things about this accessory tag is that the locator can protect up to three pets.

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#4. The Cat Caller

Forgot the expensive GPS pet tracker, here is another fantastic pet tracker from The Cat Caller. You can use it simply just a touch of a button and your cat’s receiver will light up and will beep, so you can find your car anywhere and anytime even if it is the night. However, you can use this PetSmart caller for small dogs as well. In a single pack, you will have white collar receiver, one keychain remote, free safety collar and free ID tag stickers. So great deal with a single pack at a very reasonable price.

The Cat CallerFeatures:

  • This smallest GPS pet tracking is specially designed for cats and small dogs.
  • If you are spending hours to look for your lost, hiding or missing pet then only install this locator on your pet belt and breathe worry free.
  • This locator is equipped with durable stainless steel buckle that adjusts to any medium or small pet collars including the breakaway safety collars.
  • Its wireless frequency can transmit through the closets, walls and all those unimaginable places that they love to hide.
  • It offers range up to 200 feet that also includes 2032 batteries in a locator.
  • It provides bright LED receiver and key chain that locates the same color receiver which your pet wears on the collar.
  • The ID tag in a pack lets you write your name, and on the sticker, you can write your address.
  • The brand offers 100% guaranteed customer satisfaction.

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#5. Poof

The Poof best Activity tracker for a dog is a seamless and efficient tool to enhance your pet’s health and wellness. This is a compact and lightweight that offers excellent and accurate tracking of your pet. This is one of the best smart activity trackers for the dog because this tracker offers that features and functions that no other offers. This waterproof device gives a worry-free solution to locate your pet’s activity. You will also find four different color option in this smart activity tracker.

Poof Pet Activity TrackerFeatures:

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  • It can monitor your pet’s location 24/7 and records non-stop to not miss a beat of your pet’s activity even while you are not at home.
  • You can find and calculate daily burnt calories of your pet for their healthier life.
  • With its pet, you can keep track of your pet’s active or rest status and can view them through the day, week, month or year.
  • Its battery life lasts up to 180 days so that it can continually give you the activity tracking of your pet.
  • It is about 0.25 oz in weight and very compact, so your pet won’t feel heavy while carrying it around the neck.
  • It is waterproof and can work up to 1 meter and can be safe and secure up to 30 minutes.
  • Apart from that, it offers other features such as customizable, score and ranks the health of your pet.

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#6. Find My Pet GPS

This pet tracker from Find My Pet GPS utilizes not just a GPS and Smartphone network connectivity, but it also enables connection with the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Just like other GPS trackers in this list this tracker also light in weight and waterproof. But one thing with this tracker is that it needs $5 as a monthly subscription and for its smartphone app. However, it also offers great functionality list that you can leverage.

Find My Pet GPS Dog TrackerFeatures:

  • You can use this smart GPS tracker for your dog, horse, cattle and almost anything that you wish to track and locate.
  • The moment the tracker find that the location of your pet is changed, then it will give you smart alerts through email, app notification, and text (up to 10 per month).
  • It offers long battery life for up to 2 to 4 days. However, this is not that much longer battery life than other pet GPS tracker here in this exclusive list.
  • You can also set up a safe area that you can call Geo-Fencing and get the alerts of your pets leaves the area.
  • It can store up to one year of the tracking history of your pet’s activity.
  • It is equipped with SOS button that sends your pet’s location to you through the app or text or email.
  • You can add your family and friends to your account so that they can also receive alerts or help for your pet.

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#7. Garmin

The Garmin Astro provides a variety of GPS collars for the hunting dogs, so if you have a hunting dog, then this is the best Garmin pet tracker for you. This tracker is entirely different from other GPS pet tracker. It is effortless to use and pinpoint your pet’s position at up to 9 miles on a bright color screen of T5. What else is it offers high-sensitivity GPS which is excellent?

Garmin T5 GPS Collar for Dog and CatFeatures:

  • At a time it helps you track up to 10 dogs for about 9 miles T 5 away.
  • The T5 dog devices with top-mounted high-sensitivity GLONASS/GPS transmitter with the extended range antenna.
  • It is equipped with LED beacon lights and the rescue mode.
  • This gadget is compatible with TT 15 and TT 15 mini dog collars and devices.
  • It is tough enough to run anywhere where your dog runs.
  • However, this smart GPS Tracker is very expensive but most powerful best GPS tracker over all the described smart tracker.

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#8. Tabcat Cat Tracking Collar

Tabcat Cat Tracking Collar is one of the smallest and efficient pet trackers that finds and locates your pet with the help of the tracker. This is also a different pet tracker that uses the radio frequency based technology which offers a great range and performance of tracking and locating of your pet than Bluetooth pet tracker. So let see what else does this tracker offers its small and smart GPS tracker.

Tabcat Cat Tracking CollarFeatures:

  • It is equipped with the directional technology that follows the audio and visual cues to pinpoint your pet within 1-inch.
  • It is small, light and splash proof and its weight are about 6 grams.
  • Its RF based mechanism provides much greater range as well as the performance than the Bluetooth locator.
  • The accuracy of this locator is higher than any other tracker here in this exclusive list of smart GPS Pet Tracker.
  • The durable case protects the locator, and it is effortless to attach to any cat or small dog collar.
  • It supports longer range from up to 400 feet or 122 meters away in the clear line of sight.
  • The locate button on handset activates a little beep on your pet’s collar tag so that you can use this train your cat to come back to your on demand.
  • You can also train your cat to come back to you when your pet listens to that beep sound.

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#9. Link AKC

Link AKC offers one of the stylish and smart collars for your pet like a dog. This tracker won’t just track your pet through GPS, but even help you maintain tabs on its tracking and activity levels. The best thing about this smart pet tracker is that it will help you monitor the temperature changes and based on that it will alert you in any case your pet is unsafe. Apart from this, there are some amazing features that this smart collar for dogs offers to you.

Link AKC GPS Location TrackerFeatures:

  • This stylish collar for a dog is sophisticated, and that is specially designed for the comfort, fit and fashion of your dog.
  • With this, you can track your lost dog with the GPS, monitor activity and also the with the log vet records.
  • We have mentioned before that this tracker is also able to receive alerts for ambient temperature and can do a lot more.
  • This smart collar helps you have a more active and informed role to feel connected to your dog while you are apart from each other.
  • It is Latigo leather collar that is available in different size choice like small, medium, large and extra-large.
  • This tracking unit offers sleek design and with packed with the base station and charging cord to charge it.
  • This best GPS collar for a dog comes with a USB port to make the charging session convenient.

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#10. PocketFinder

The PocketFinder GPS tracker for dog and cat is one of the solid choices along with the GPS and the connectivity on board. The brand offers a perfect way for your pet to keep your pet that you love the most. This GPS tracker will help you know where your pet is and even you will be alerted if your pet goes too far from you right from the app on your smartphone or your computer. So breathe easily by only knowing that you love are safe and secure.

PocketFinder GPS Pet Tracker for for Dog and CatFeatures:

  • You can take full control and track your pet from your computer or smartphone.
  • Since the device is waterproof and rugged, you don’t have to worry while your pet is roaming around.
  • Its safety and recovery function let you set zones and get a message, emails, or push alert if your pet runs out of geo-fence.
  • You can use its free Pocketfinder app on your Android or iOS device to track your Dog or Pet.
  • You can easily attach it to a collar and start monitoring your pet with the touch button.
  • The GPS and Cellular technologies provide the exact location of your pet.

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So, here we are at the end of this fantastic and exclusive list of the best GPS Pet Trackers for your lovable dog and cat. We are sure that after going through this comprehensive list of smart GPS tracker you must have decided the best GPS pet tracker for your Dog or Cat.

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