You must be asking that when we have the best app store at our disposal why we should need the best Google Play Store alternatives app store in the first place. Well, you are correct in your thinking, but we got strong reasons to put up our case as well. The big reason for having these alternative app stores is that not all apps are available in all countries even you might have experienced such omission in past.

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Apart from this, sometimes we have noticed that these alternative app stores offer big discounts on those apps which is not possible to even think to get on Google Play Store. More, few apps are also sold for free on alternatives stores which are paid on Google Play Store. So, who will not take interest in having such big benefits if they are easily available? So, let us have a look at some of those Google Play Store alternatives app store.

Best Google Play Store Alternatives

10 Best Google Play Store Alternatives

Before we move forward, we need to make certain changes in our Android smartphone settings. So, follow the steps given here.

Step #1. Go to the Settings.

Step #2. Scroll down and tap on Security.

Step #3. Enable Unknown Sources option.

Now let’s know more about the alternatives app store.

#1. Amazon App Store

Amazon App Store

Popularly known as Amazon Underground, this app store comes in mind immediately once you start thinking about alternatives to Google Play Store. There is no web interface for this app store, and you will need to download an apk for it. Just like Play Store, here too the apps are categorized in different categories, and you will find it extremely easy to search and download apps as you are already doing the same exercise on Google Store. The best part of Amazon Play Store is that it offers at least one paid app for free every day. Even with this advantage you can still find and download many paid apps for free on your Android device via Amazon Underground.

Download Amazon Underground

#2. GetJar

GetJar Android App Store

GetJar is a huge app store on offer, and you will be tired of seeing through all the apps available here. With such big number of options, GetJar also offers many apps for free which is premium otherwise on Google Play Store. You can get the idea about an app by going through the number of likes and dislikes seen under each app. The only drawback is that you will be shown promoted apps, and you might get trapped, but if you take care about the marking on those apps, you can still skip them easily.

Download GetJar

#3. Mobogenie

Mobogenie Android App Store

At first sight, you will find that there is nothing much to differentiate between Mobogenie and Google Play Store. But this app store works best on its intelligent recommendation system. So you will always get the suggestions on which app suits you the best. The interface is sophisticated and professional, and the app can organize your ringtones, wallpapers, and videos with its in-house file manager. Mobogeine is extremely easy to operate and also secure.

Download Mobogenie apk

#4. ApkMirror

ApkMirror Android App Store

You will be surprised to know that ApkMirror is more advanced than Google Play Store, so you will find few apps available on ApkMirror first and then on Google Play Store. There is no official app and ApkMirror is managed via a website. As per this website, all their apps are malware free and there are no paid apps available on their platform. The apps here are organized with a list of their upgrades so can choose on which version you need to download on your Android smartphone.

Download ApkMirror from Website

#5. Slide Me

Slide Me Android App Store

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You will find many free and paid apps on Slide Me just like any other alternative app store, but still, it is different than many of them. Slide Me has a wider audience and almost all its apps have passed through a quality control process. More, this app store has made sure that each app it offers available in almost all the countries. This is not it, Slide Me has a great payment option as well. You can pay for downloading a paid app on Slide Me via PayPal as well! This feature benefits app developers as well, because, with such great features, they can decide different prices for different countries and thus they can earn more revenue than on any other platform.

Download Slide Me

#6. F-Droid

F-Droid Android App Store

There is only one way to download F-Droid app store on your Android smartphone is through its website. What makes F-Droid different than the other app stores is that donations fund it and hence all the apps are free. Yes, you will not find any ratings or reviews for the apps, so you have to decide on your own whether you will download a particular app or not. On the flip side of the coin, F-Droid apps are not always professionals as you will find on Google Play Store or Amazon App Store. But still for free stuff one can recommend this app store.

Download F-Droid from Website

#7. AppBrain

AppBrain Android App Store

For all those people who always want premium apps for free, AppBrain is the right place for you. All the paid apps make their appearance first here as a free app but for a limited period. You are getting this benefit from AppBrain because they publicize the apps on various platforms. You can easily get the apps on its website and also from its app. Once you download the app, you must sign in to get the maximum benefit from it because AppBrain wants the maximum benefit must be passed on to the clients. Once you are signed in and download the apps, AppBrain will keep tracking your apps and will suggest you updates as and when they are available.

Download AppBrain apk

#8. AppsLib

AppsLib Android App Store

You will find those apps which are not certified by Google in AppsLib, but that doesn’t mean that the apps offered here are problematic and are inferior, they are as good as any other Android app and just that Google doesn’t think they match their standards. AppLib with each app on its stage will give you a list of Android devices where these apps are compatible. Even the smaller manufacturers offer AppLib as pre-installed play store on their smartphones. If you are interested in Adult contents then too there is a section which you can use via a PIN. The best part of AppsLib is that you can pay via PayPal.

Download AppsLib

#9. Aptoide

Aptoide Android App Store

If you think that you got everything when we introduced you with AppBrain, then think again. Once you download Aptoide as your alternate app store to Google Play Store, you will find that there are more chances to get paid apps for free here than at AppBrain. But, there is one question on the authenticity of paid apps because most of them offers ads. But still, if you want a full-fledged alternative to Google Play Store then there is no match other than Apptoid. Both its website and the app offers a clear and delightful interface. Apps are distributed according to various categories, and it is very easy to find apps here. Just like Google over here too you will be prompted once any update is available on the apps you have downloaded from Aptoide.

Download Aptoide apk

#10. Opera Mobile Store

Opera Mobile Store

We probably will recommend Opera Mobile Store as our least preferred Google Play Store alternatives for you. The reason behind this is that Opera offers not so good user experience and the feedback from Opera users too is low. You may find this strange as you can see the high number of downloads against each app this store offers. But the reason behind this is that because Opera is available for free and it has got so many downloads already, its apps too got benefit from it. If you wish you can certainly go through the long list of apps, it offers and can download one or two apps for a try.

Download Opera Mobile Store

As we are aware of many alternatives available for Apple iTunes and now we know that we got so many alternative app stores for Google Play Store too. Most of these alternatives suggested here will be liked by you, and you may also try and download few apps from it. Once you do that, please share your experience with us here in the comments section or on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.