In the year 2016 Google announced two flagship smartphones, Google Pixel and Pixel XL. Whenever there is a new flagship smartphone announced and people want to buy them, there is a genuine need of protection and specially display protection.

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But the problem is which screen protector one should you buy?. No worries, we have made few choices for you and picked few of the best Google Pixel XL Screen Protectors. Just go through the list given below and choose the one which you think suites best according to your needs, your standards, and of course your budget limits.

Best Google Pixel XL Screen Protectors

Best Google Pixel XL Screen Protectors

#1. Supershieldz

Supershieldz Google Pixel XL Screen Protector

This screen protector is made from the best Japanese PET film which is 100% Bubble free and it is really easy to install or remove. The high-quality privacy film enables the person who is in front of the camera to watch what is going on in the smartphone, in other words, it is an anti-spy technology.

The best part of this technology is that it is applicable for both portrait and landscape viewing. The soft touch sensitivity will give you the natural feel and will also provide the flawless touch screen accuracy as well. This one will match the screen of your Google Pixel XL perfectly.

Price: $2.99
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#2. LK

LK Google Pixel XL Screen Protector

The tempered glass screen protection offered by LK is backed by a lifetime no-hassle replacement warranty. This only means that not only your Google Pixel XL’s delicate screen will be protected but you do not need to worry about the screen protector’s replacement in future as well. The best-regarded 9H tempered glass is used in this protector and it is shatterproof and scratch resistant to the core.

The oleophobic coating will make sure that your smartphone screen remains dirt free, fingerprint free and smudge free all the time. The openings of the Google Pixel XL has been taken care of by this protector hence you will always have an easy access to them. HD responsive touch sensitivity technology offers smooth touch and fine navigation. LK screen protectors come in 2 numbers in one pack.

Price: $5.99
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AVIDET Google Pixel XL Screen Protector

This screen protector has round edges so it will give you a smooth feeling and not only that it will be safe from chipping as well. AVIDET offers only 0.3mm thin screen protector which will be able to give you one of the softest touch and real HD viewing from your Google Pixel XL. Made from best quality 9H tempered glass will never let any scratch surfacing on your mobile screen.

This protector will protect your mobile screen from dust, dirt, fingerprints, scratches, dents or other common hazards. While installing the screen protector will never create any bubble so feel free to install and even when removed it leaves no mark on the original screen.

Price: $6.99
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#4. TopAce

TopAce Google Pixel XL Screen Protector

While cutting this screen protector TopAce has made sure that it comes out precisely for the Google Pixel XL phone only and thus this screen protector cannot be used in any other smartphone. What’s more, it gets fit within no time. With rounded edges on offer, the screen protector will make sure a long durability and free shipping experience for your 100% satisfaction.

It is super wear resistant and has antibacterial, antiglare and radiation protection. The thickness is just 0.3mm and it is enough to give you the best touch and navigation experience.

Price: $4.99
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PLESON Google Pixel XL Screen Protector

The material used in this screen protector is made by a leading Japanese special processed glass and also from innovative glue. This combination will ensure maximum protection and wonderful support. The PLESON screen protector also comes with the anti-shatter feature which means that if the glass is broken then the tempered glass will be broken into small pieces which mean it has no sharp edges.

PLESON has taken care to have a precise cut for the front camera but it has also made sure that the front of your Google Pixel XL is totally protected. Like the other screen protectors, this one too has all the features which are required in a genuine glass protector. The pack comes with 2 screen protector, 2 cleaning wipes, dust absorber, installation manual, and the lifetime warranty card.

Price: $5.99
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#6. TechFilm

TechFilm Google Pixel XL Screen Protector

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TechFilm screen protector which is accurately designed for your Google Pixel XL is offering a day to day protection from wear and tear and also from scratches. Made from world class 9H Super Tough glass this screen protector will give no harm to your mobile’s screen even when there is a high impact drop which may occur in the future.

The bubble free nature of this sheet will make sure the easy installation and easy removal without leaving any residue mark on your original screen. 99.9% HD clarity will give you an original look and hydrophobic and oleophobic coating will keep the screen away from smudges, sweat and other oily residues from fingerprints.

Price: $2.99
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#7. Dmax Armor

Dmax Armor Google Pixel XL Screen Protector

One of the well-known names in screen protector Dmax Armor has also brought one of the best screen protectors for your next big smartphone the Google Pixel XL. The screen protector is easy to apply with bubble-free nature. The company claims that it will give maximum resolution for your High Definition pictures.

The screen protector is made from the highest quality multi-layer premium film which is self-supporting on the surface and when it is removed it will leave no residue. Dmax Armor also offers a lifetime warranty with this 6 pack screen protectors for your Google Pixel XL smartphone.

Price: $7.99
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SPARIN Google Pixel XL Screen Protector

SPARIN is one of the leading names in smartphone accessories and if we leave this name without mentioning it, is not possible at all. SPARIN is bringing us a specifically designed screen protector for Google Pixel XL only. This means that it will not be fit with any other smartphone, so choose this one wisely. What is best about this screen protector which differentiates it with the rest of the screen protectors is, that it is explosion proof.

Hence there will be no chance of this protector to break by any which means. HD clear screen protector will give optima and natural viewing experience. Easy to install and easy to remove without having a residue mark on the original screen so you do not need to worry at all.

Price: $6.99
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OMOTON Google Pixel XL Screen Protector

If you are looking for the best fit screen protector then OMOTON will fulfill your need because this screen protector is cut precisely for Google Pixel XL and that too by laser technology.

This is the best and only fit screen protector hence it can’t be fit with any other smartphone. The 9H hardness which this screen protector possesses will keep your phone’s screen protected from any high impact drops and scratches which may arise from them. The screen protector offers HD Retina Clarity for High Transparency viewing experience. Right now OMOTON is offering a good discount if you purchase more than one screen protectors.

Price: $6.99
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#10. iLLumiShield

iLLumiShield Google Pixel XL Screen Protector

This screen protector offered by iLLumiShield is made from Matt Anti-Glare technology. This means that you will be having absolutely no problem with looking at your Google Pixel XL even when it is against any light or glare.

It is designed with a high-quality PET film which is specially imported from Japan and it has multiple layers. You will be surprised to know that each of these layers has special functionality.

The Anti-Glare technology refracts and disperses reflected light off from your screen but it allows the projected light coming out from your device to pass through without distorting your viewing experience. The other screen protectors may present a smoky or cloudy image where the Anti-Glare line in the iLLumiShield screen protector will make it virtually transparent. The pack of this screen protector will have 3 pieces.

Price: $9.95
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#11. Spigen

Spigen Google Pixel XL Screen ProtectorHere is a screen protector which not only gives a complete coverage to your smartphone’s screen but also enhances its looks. This screen protector from Spigen has the best quality 9H hardness which means your smartphone’s screen is protected from hard substance like keys etc.

The best part of this screen protector is that it is case friendly so your phone can fit in any protective case even with this screen protector from Spigen. The black outline increases the looks of Google Pixel XL.

Price: $9.99
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#12. yootech

yootech Google Pixel XL Screen ProtectorOne of the top ranked screen protectors for Google Pixel XL on Amazon is here. This yootech screen protector comes in two pack and it is also an updated version. So give your smartphone’s screen modern styled protection with this tempered glass screen protector.

The film covers most of the front of the Google Pixel XL and the bubble-free installation makes your task easy. Just 0.3mm thickness gives you real touch and original picture experience always.

Price: $7.95
Buy it from Amazon

These are the best possible options for the screen protectors of Google Pixel XL smartphone. Do let us know which one is you think can be the best protector of your most valuable Google phone when you order it. We are waiting for your views on Facebook,Twitter, and Google Plus or even here in the comments.