The leather made cases can give a totally different look to your smartphone. When the high-value smartphone like Google Pixel XL is in question then looks matter the most. We are offering best Google Pixel XL leather cases specially made for your very own smartphone. These leather cases are not only good in looking but will protect your phone equally well too.

So just go through the list and details given and then choose the best possible leather case which you think is good enough for your Google Pixel XL. So are you ready?

Best Google Pixel XL Leather Cases

Best Google Pixel XL Leather Cases

#1. World Acc

World Acc Google Pixel XL Leather Case

A stunning leather case from a well-known accessories provider for smartphone World Acc is here. Made from one layer hybrid leather this case has a holster clip which guarantees an extra protection on the back of your Google Pixel XL phone as well. The leather case is precisely designed to protect and fit your smartphone with perfection without giving you any hassle at all. With this leather case, you can carry the phone leisurely.

Price: $24.99 [$5.99 on Amazon when we are writing this.] Buy it from

#2. Skmy

Skmy Google Pixel XL Leather Case

This leather case provided by Skmy is all in one kind of a case. It is not a wallet case neither it is a kickstand case but it gives you both the facilities in one. The case covers your Google Pixel XL phone from all sides hence it will get the maximum protection from any accidental bump or drops. It is made from Pu leather which is textured and that will be giving you a comfortable feel and also the flexible and secure grip in your palms or on the surface. There are four color choices to choose from.

Price: $14.00 [$9.90 on Amazon when we are writing this.] Buy it from

#3. iTALKonline

iTALKonline Google Pixel XL Leather Case

A high-quality vertical side pouch offered by iTALKonline, which has a belt clip that will keep your phone safe all the time. Made precisely for Google Pixel XL which means that no other phone will fit in this case. The case looks so posh that it will certainly suit your profile. Made from top rated PU leather and gives all round protection to your high-value smartphone.

Price: $28.41 [$6.32 on Amazon when we are writing this.] Buy it from

#4. fitBAG

fitBAG Google Pixel XL Leather Case

This leather case perfectly fits your Google Pixel XL and it has a very simple function which means covering your smartphone and that is it. The profile may be simple but the leather used which is lambskin nappa leather looks really fashionable. This leather case is integrated high-tech MicroFiber lining for display and phone cleaning. The fitBAG leather case is made in Germany and the company offers 24 months warranty.

Price: $24.90
Buy it from

#5. Hedocell

Hedocell Google Pixel XL Leather Case

Headocell leather case is made from long lasting high-quality fine leather. It is beautifully stitched and hence it adds more value to the looks of this leather case. It also has inbuilt belt clip so you can add it to your belt while you are on the move. The inner material used in this leather case is soft and hence it will protect your phone’s screen from scratches. Because this case can cover your entire phone any dirt or dust can never touch your phone and it will remain protected from bumps and shocks as well.

Price: $29.99 [$5.99 on Amazon when we are writing this.] Buy it from

#6. Dretal

Dretal Google Pixel XL Leather Case

This incredibly beautiful leather case is specially designed for Google Pixel XL and it can hold your smartphone from all the sides carefully. Its external surface is extremely smooth but it doesn’t compromise the security of your phone. Because your phone is fully covered from all the sides, it is prevented from dust, dirt and all kinds of bumps and drops. Made specially for day to day use and available in five different colors.

Price: $13.98
Buy it from

#7. TopAce

TopAce Google Pixel XL Leather Case

If you are looking for a royal looking leather case specially made for your high-end Google Pixel XL phone then you should take a look at this TopAce leather case. Made from top-quality leather and its back cover is made from tough PC hence it guarantees top class security for your phone from any drop or fall. Not only this the case also gives you a comfortable grip as well. The soft interior will also protect your screen from any scratch.

Price: $18.99 [$8.99 on Amazon when we are writing this.] Buy it from

#8. ONX3

ONX3 Google Pixel XL Leather Case

This extraordinarily compact looking leather case offered by ONX3 is made from the faux leather material. The looks of this leather case will suit those who are professionals and goes around a lot. The case is extremely durable and easy to use when you insert and take out your Google Pixel XL smartphone. There is also a belt clip inbuilt if you just want to clip it to your belt. The magnetic closing flap will take care the safety portion.

Price: $4.90
Buy it from

#9. Caseroxx

Caseroxx Google Pixel XL Leather Case

Just like the brand name this weather case also ‘roxx’ if we take the simple looks and functions it offers. This is a high-quality business line case which is available in only one color which is black. The case covers your Google Pixel XL case fully so your phone is well protected from all the aspects. The material used in this case is faux leather. All in all, it is a worth looking leather case for your high-end smartphone.

Price: $4.99
Buy it from

#10. MicroP

MicroP Google Pixel XL Leather Case

Offered in four different colors this leather cover is compatible with Google Pixel XL only hence no phone can fit in this. This is kind of a wallet case in disguise as it can add at least 1 credit card with it. The cuts are so precise that you can use all the functions like camera, microphone, volume buttons and charger with relative ease. Because it covers all the side the full protection is guaranteed with very little bulk added to your phone’s weight.

Price: $9.89
Buy it from

So, how is our collection of these premium leather cases made specially for your most loved smartphone Google Pixel XL? Do give your views here in the comments or on Facebook,Twitter, and Google Plus.