The main aim of any case is to protect smartphones from scratch, shocks, and drop impacts. But the main aim of a kickstand case is not only to protect your high-end smartphone like Google Pixel XL, but also give you the best viewing pleasure with hands-free comfort. Yes, the kickstand case will always give you that extra leverage which most of the other cases will not be able to give you and that leverage is to view your favorite videos and even long movies without even need to hold your smartphone.

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So you will always be free of neck pain or even muscles pain by holding the phone for a longer period. We have brought some of the best Google Pixel XL kickstand cases for you so that you can choose the best and that too by keeping your needs in mind. Here are the kickstand cases made specially for your Google Pixel XL phone.

Best Google Pixel XL Kickstand Cases

8 Best Google Pixel XL Kickstand Cases

#1. Yaker

Yaker Google Pixel XL Kickstand Case

What about a kickstand case which also has a rugged look to suit your profile? Well, then Yaker kickstand case can just be your choice. It has a rugged dual layer which includes soft shock absorption TPU inner sleeve and the back cover is made from hard plastic shell. These two layers will always give your phone an outstanding protection from each drop and other impacts which may occur occasionally. The kickstand is built-in, so a comfortable viewing of movies is guaranteed.

Price: $7.98
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#2. LK

LK Google Pixel XL Kickstand Case

This is a ‘combo case’ because it is a kickstand case alright, but it also has a belt clip. So what you get as a benefit is that you will get hands free experience when you are watching a movie using kickstand and when you are on the move you can use the belt clip so it can comfortably fit in your belt and you need not hold it always. This is precisely made for Google Pixel XL, and no other phone can fit in this case. This case is made from hard shell, and the inner is made from silicone so your phone will be shock-proofed always.

Price: $5.00
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#3. NageBee

NageBee Google Pixel XL Kickstand Case

This one more kickstand-cum-belt clip swivel holster case made for your Google Pixel XL smartphone. The inner enclosure is made from hard shell and impact resistant polycarbonate so your phone will get protection from all the impacts and drops which may occur in future. The belt clip will be easily locked into an extended position, and that will rotate easily. Kickstand will give you the pleasure of using the video feature with loads of pleasure.

Price: $5.99
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#4. VRS Design

VRS Design Google Pixel XL Kickstand Case

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This is a crystal clear case brought to you by VRS Design. By having a crystal clear case, your Google Pixel XL’s original look will always be survived. Plus this case has a kickstand as well, so your hand’s free viewing is guaranteed. This kickstand has also passed the Military-grade drop case which is very tough to achieve. The case has been made of high-quality grade polycarbonate and TPU, and that means there won’t be any compromise on the protection of your high-end smartphone.

Price: $15.99
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#5. Spigen

Spigen Google Pixel XL Kickstand Case

One of the market leaders in mobile accessories, Spigen is offering a sturdy looking kickstand case for your Google Pixel XL smartphone. It is made from a revolutionary clear TPU that is a pending patent from Spigen. The case has extremely flexible bumper which will absorb any shock arising from a drop or a fall and will distribute it with all the other bumpers set across all four corners of your case. The lips of this case are making you certain that your phone screen will remain scratch free even if it is put upside down.

Price: $34.99
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#6. World Acc

World Acc Google Pixel XL Kickstand Case

This is another combo of kickstand and holster clip stand made especially for your high-end smartphone Google Pixel XL. This case is made in such a way that all the sides of your phone are protected from any shock or drop. Be it back, sides or corners the phone will have zero harm from accidental drop or shock. What is the best part of this kickstand case is that you got a bag full of choices when it comes to colors and designs. So if you want to have a kickstand cover for your Google Pixel XL phone which looks totally different than others, then you must go for this case.

Price: $4.95
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#7. MicroP

MicroP Google Pixel XL Kickstand Case

This a simple but a good looking kickstand which has brought by MicroP, a known brand for smartphone accessories. The body of this kickstand case has dual layers of polycarbonate on the outside and TPU on the inside. So the shock protection and also a foolproof protection from any accidental drops or bumps is guaranteed. The kickstand is embedded so the usage will be relatively easy. The design of this kickstand is such that it is slim fit and it will add nothing to your Google Pixel XL phone’s weight.

Price: $8.49
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#8. VVIA

VVIA Google Pixel XL Kickstand Case

This low-end kickstand case is presented by VVIA, and it is perfectly fit for your 5.5 inch Google Pixel XL. The case has a prominent kickstand which will be able to hold your Google phone at an adjustable angle always and will give you stable hands-free viewing of your favorite movies all the time. By using this kickstand case, you will realize that viewing videos on the smartphone will never be the same again. Despite having a low price, there is no compromise on quality for sure.

Price: $3.99
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So these are the best kickstand cases for Google Pixel XL smartphone chosen specially by us. We would definitely like to know which kickstand case you choose from this list to have a hands-free viewing of your favorite videos. Do let us know on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. You may also visit us again and drop your comments below.