You have Google Pixel XL and now you need to think about its protection. When it comes to protection, you need best Google Pixel XL cases which right now available in the market.

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Because you are using one of the most valuable phones, the protection must be a top-notch one right? That is why you need to pick one of the best cases which you feel suits the best for your Google Pixel XL Phone. Here we are with the best of the best, all you need is to give a good look at all of them and then the choose the favorite. [Take a look at our latest collection of Google Pixel 2 XL cases]

Best Google Pixel XL Cases

So fasten your seatbelt and take a ride to choose the best Google Pixel XL Cases for your next big smartphone.

10 Best Google Pixel XL Cases and Covers

#1. KuGi

KuGi Google Pixel XL Case

If you want to give your Google Pixel XL a beautiful look, then do consider this piece from KuGi. It is made from a superior quality TPU, and that gives your smartphone a complete protection with a soft touch. The case covers your phone from all the corners, but that doesn’t stop you to get easy access to the important things to the headphone jack and speaker because it is precisely cut for them. Because it has been fit perfectly, it will show the original beauty of your Google Pixel XL. All in all, it is a good choice if you want to buy it.

Price: $7.95
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OMOTON Google Pixel XL Case

OMOTON is also known brand for smartphone cases, and this time it has brought two layered hybrid cases especially for Google Pixel XL. These two layers are made of soft TPU and durable Polycarbonate. This means the full protection guaranteed both from inside and the outside as well. The material is very flexible, and hence it is very easy to install and remove whenever it needs to be. OMOTION case also offers the air cushion technology, and that means that your valued phone is safe from any accidental bumps or shocks. The company is not only offering lifetime warranty right now but if you buy more than one case for your Google Pixel XL, then you can get an extra discount as well. So why buy it for self, buy one for your loved one too.

Price: $7.99
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#3. Ringke

Ringke Google Pixel XL Case

When one of the most trusted names in smartphone accessories offers you the best case for Google Pixel XL, then you probably need not think anything before purchasing it. This Ringke case has passed the MIL-STD 810G – 516.6 certified Military Grade Drop Protection, which is considered to be very hard to achieve. Not only this it has the raised beds which only means to protect your phone’s screen when it is put the other way around on a surface. The cuts are made precisely by Ringke which will make sure that you can access all the keys and ports with relative ease. Clean and pure nature of this case will keep the original look of your phone going.

Price: $30.00 [$11.99 on Amazon when we are writing this.]
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#4. Fosmon

Fosmon Google Pixel XL Case

Fosmon is claiming that their case is made for Google Pixel XL only and thus it will fit the phone easily. The case has been made from Thermoplastic polyurethane and which makes a super sure combination of protection and glossy finish. Again this case also has lifted lips which will protect your screen always when your phone has been put upside down. The case is just 1.4mm thick, and it weighs less than 1.0oz which means it will add almost nothing to your phone’s weight.

Price: $5.99
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#5. Caseology

iBeek Google Pixel XL Case

The different looking heavy duty case then this is the one for you. This case is boasted with its own rugged elegance. It will look great on hand and will protect the phone with ease. The grip is made from carbon-fiber texture so it will protect the phone from accidental slips. Caseology has made sure that the case is meant to mean daily challenges with confidence. Will you buy this Pixel XL case?

Price: $9.99
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#6. ANLI

ANLI Google Pixel XL Case

While choosing a case for your Google Pixel XL, we came across many cases which are made from TPU or a mixture of TPU. This is the first one we have found which is not made from TPU but a mixture of durable plastic and silicone. This combination will only mean that the plastic will keep all the scratches away while silicon will make sure that you get a good smooth feeling just like your phone does. This is the precisely made a case for Google Pixel XL hence it won’t fit with any other phone either. The soft bumper will help to absorb any shock, and the anti-slip finish will help the firm grip.

Price: $29.90 [$2.98 when we are writing this.]
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OEAGO Google Pixel XL Case

Don’t look at the price which OEAGO is offering this case, it is hard to sell your product in such a tough competitive world, and you are aware of it. What made possible for this case to find a place in this list is that it has an extra grip to make sure it is prevented from any drop from your palms. Not only that it is engineered in such a way that any shock will be absorbed easily and distributed evenly and then pass it on to the bumper. The case has been coated with a soft feeling texture made from silicone finish.

Price: $1.99
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#8. Amzer

Amzer Google Pixel XL Case

This Pixel XL case offers crystal clear case, and it is also ultra-slim and smooth at the back of your smartphone, Google Pixel XL. TPU bumper not only gives you better grip but also protect against any falls or bumps or shocks. The areas of every button and outlets are precisely cut. Hence there won’t be any trouble for you to access them. Raised lips will make sure the protection of the screen when the phone has been put upside down. The extra slim design will fit the case perfectly to your phone.

Price: 12.95
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SPARIN Google Pixel XL Case

We have noticed that SPARIN has started offering accessories which are made from an enviro-friendly material, their cases precisely made for Google Pixel XL are no different. The crystal clear case of SPARIN is just 1.5mm thick and will keep the beauty of the original look of Google Pixel XL intact. The material is so flexible that you can even twist it while installing it on your Google phone. What makes this case special is its ability to easy install and that too without using any tool at all. Despite the fact that this case can give your smartphone all-round protection you can still enjoy the full access to all its features without any trouble.

Price: $7.99
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We can safely say that you will not find best cases for Google Pixel XL phone anywhere else than here. These cases are best in their different categories as well. So the process of choice has been made easier. We would love to know which case you purchased for your Google Pixel XL phone either on FacebookTwitter, and Google Plus.