For those professionals who like to exercise and workout more and having a Google Pixel XL already in their possession, we have brought best Google Pixel XL armbands.

Armbands have become a necessity for most of the high-end smart users because they always want to remain in touch even when they care about their fitness. Not only that they even like to carry stuff and listening to the music as well.

All those needs along with quality and flexibility have been taken into the account while choosing these armbands for you. Just go through this exclusive list of best Google Pixel XL armbands and pick up the one you think is the best one for you.

Best Google Pixel XL Armbands

Best Google Pixel XL Armbands

#1. XBoun

XBoun Google Pixel XL Armband

This armband from Xboun comes in two color choices, one is Black and the other is Green. It is made from tough and flexible neoprene fabric and it fits perfectly to your arm. The fabric will make sure that your armband remains proof from sweat and a certain amount of water. Xboun has made sure that it gives you a see-through cover which not only keeps your Google Pixel XL screen covered but you can also get an access to the touch screen functions.

Price: $12.99
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#2. World Acc

World Acc Google Pixel XL Armband

This armband offered by one of the known brands for smartphone accessories, World Acc is made from a quality material alright, but it has a quality protection to offer as well. It covers your Google Pixel XL phone in such a way that it will get protection from sides, corners, and back. Despite giving full protection to your phone by covering it fully it doesn’t compromise the functionality of it.

Price: $$5.99
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#3. JD

JD Google Pixel XL ArmbandJD is known for manufacturing some of the best armbands for many smartphones so when it brings a special armband for Google Pixel XL it has to be best among the best. It has a key holder slot and has the perfect design for earphone connection so you can stay hooked with your favorite music even when you are working out or running hard. The material is of premium quality so you won’t have any falling apart issue. Adjustable strap fastens the phone onto your arm safely.

Price: 7.95
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#4. IWIO

IWIO Google Pixel XL Armband

This armband is totally adjustable as it has an extremely comfortable design to offer. The armband is lightweight and it is really easy to wash it and reuse it. This armband is extremely flexible when you are wearing it and also when you are working out. The clear shield used in this armband will protect the screen of your Google Pixel XL perfectly. The armband also comes with two headphone ear buds which are made from aluminum and with On and Off button, so that you can enjoy your music too while working out.

Price: $9.52
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#5. TopAce

TopAce Google Pixel XL Armband

One of the best-suited armbands especially for your Google Pixel XL smartphone. It is made from a robust material and has been stitched hard so that your phone will always remain safe while you are exercising or running or whatever physical activities you are doing. It can be adjusted for any size of an arm and is really flexible to use. There is one key holder pocket too inside this armband.

Price: $17.98
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#6. Navitech

Navitech Google Pixel XL Armband

Made from top quality neoprene material this armband is extremely flexible to use. It has been made with a quality to access all the ports and functions easily when you are working out in the gym or running, cycling or jogging. Because it is flexible and easy to use it can fit most of the arm size. With a small price tag, this armband is certainly worth look at.

Price: $7.99
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#7. Sporteer

Sporteer Google Pixel XL Armband

A really cool looking armband this which is presented by Sporteer. It is extremely flexible to use and will absorb sweat and moisture to give you a soft feeling when you are working and protect your phone at the same time. It can be fit with biceps between 8.5-11 inches. This armband covers the entire phone along with its sides and corners but it allows you the full access to all the functions and ports. It is designed by some athletes of USA and that means the extreme usage of an armband is also taken care of.

Price: $24.99
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#8. ONX3

ONX3 Google Pixel XL Armband

This armband is available in 9 different and vibrant color choices. ONX3 has used a strong sticky back tape which will make sure that the armband does not fall off when you are working out extremely hard. The crystal clear film which covers the screen of your phone will let you operate the screen with utmost ease. Not only that it is designed in such a way that all the ports will be operated as you normally operate them in different conditions.

Price: $4.90
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#9. Yihailu

Yihailu Google Pixel XL Armband

Extremely cool looking armband for your Google Pixel XL case. It is not only an armband but it can carry plenty of things like earphones, charger, cables, keys ICards, and even a wallet because it has double pockets. This armband is perfectly fit for your outdoor activities and workouts. It is suitable for both males and females and is waterproof and sweat proof as well.

Price: $7.99
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#10. DigitlMobile

DigitlMobile Google Pixel XL Armband

This highly durable yet lightweight armband is presented by DigitlMobile. While using this armband your phone will be totally secured and can be used with ease. This armband is made specifically for the arms having 9 to 17 inches in size. It can accommodate men, women, and teenagers easily. Fully adjustable armband also has a mini storage pouch for keeping money and essentials.

Price: $14.95
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#11. JOTO

JOTO Google Pixel XL ArmbandThis is another brand which is known for making special armbands for smartphones and JOTO is bringing for us the sports exclusive armband just for Google Pixel XL. Any male or female or even a teenager can use this armband while working out as it is extremely flexible.

You can carry key, ID or credit and debit card and even cash as well. Made from premium lightweight neoprene which is sweat proof, durable and will give complete protection to your smartphone.

So, which armband stole your heart? Do let me know once you decide to buy an armband for your Google Pixel XL smartphone. You can give your views on Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus or even here in the comments.

Price: $8.99
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One can easily operate all the functions of Google Pixel XL phone if he is using this armband while working out or running. It has the best extension strap which can fit on any arm with ease. The material used in this armband is also flexible which can flex, twist and bend but will never get out of the shape. The best part of this band is that it is waterproof and sweat proof so even in extreme conditions your phone will remain safe inside this armband.

Price: $11.99
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So, which armband stole your heart? Do let me know once you decide to buy an armband for your Google Pixel XL smartphone. You can give your views on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus or even here in the comments.