Best Google Pixel Screen Protectors

The overall protection of your Google Pixel smartphone is the utmost priority. But to protect the most vulnerable part of the smartphone is its screen and to protect the screen of your smartphone, we bring 12 best screen protectors for Google Pixel so that you don’t need to go anywhere.

These best Google Pixel screen protectors are made from the best quality material and most of them have the best 9H thickness which means the screen is protected against any edgy substance such as key, knife etc. All these screen protectors will fit your smartphone’s screen easily and will give the screen all-around protection all the time.

Best Google Pixel Screen Protectors

12 Best Google Pixel Screen Protectors

#1. Mr Shield

Mr Shield Google Pixel Screen Protector

Mr. Shield is a well-known brand amongst the top manufacturers of smartphone screen protectors. Mr Shield has brought the sturdy screen protector for your valued Google Pixel smartphone. It is very easy to install and it gives maximum coverage to the 5” screen of your smartphone. The bubble free screen protector will make sure that you get the perfect viewing from your phone and also get the real touch. The glue used in this protector is of a top-ranked hence you need don’t need to worry about any dirt remain if you remove it at a later stage. The 4H class protector is resistant towards any scratch or scuff. All in all, it is a simple yet very effective screen protector for your next smartphone.

Price: $7.95
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#2. LK

LK Google Pixel Screen Protector

LK is offering a tempered glass screen protector, especially made for Google Pixel. This screen protector is backed by a lifetime warranty which could make your choice easy. Made from top rated 9H tempered glass and it is shatterproof as well as scratch resistant also. Not only that this protector will also protect your phone from scratches which may arise from accidental drops as well. With Oleophobic Anti-finger coating, it will keep your screen safe from any fingerprint, Smudge or oily dirt. Precisely cut so the access to the speaker, camera, and the home button is easy. Easy to apply and Highly responsive touchscreen will make sure that you get the real touch effect.

Price: $7.99
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OMOTON Google Pixel Screen Protector

This screen protector is cut by laser so it has got precise cuts for the easy access to the all-important ports. The internationally acclaimed 9H hardness will make sure that your phone remains safe from scratch and scuffs even by knife, keys or any of the hard substances exist. The bubble free adhesive will help you the easy installation. The sweat and oil resistant Hydrophobic Oleophobic coating are also present here which will keep the dirt, fingerprints, and smudges away always. Not only this with 4 HD Retina Clarity it will help you to get crystal clear and high-definition viewing. Apart from a lifetime warranty, OMOTON also offers special discounts if you buy two screen protectors for your Google Pixel instead of one. Nice gifting idea right?

Price: $4.99
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#4. Dmax Armor

Dmax Armor Google Pixel Screen Protector

Another simple but high-end screen protector we are offering for your next smartphone the Google Pixel. This screen protector offers dry installation which means it has the bubble free application and it is very easy to install on your phone. Dmax Armor is using High Definition Transparency Film which means that you will get the maximum viewing pleasure. With scratch resistant coating and pre-cuts this is a near perfect screen protector for your valuable phone. Just in case you want to remove this protector at a later stage then rest assured it will leave no residue behind.

Price: $7.99
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#5. Supershieldz

Supershieldz Google Pixel Screen Protector

Supershieldz has really made a power packed punch by offering a 6 pack screen protector for the upcoming Google Pixel at price of one! This screen protector offers a special Anti-glare matte technology which will enable you to see even when you are under the lights. Not only that it is fingerprint resistant and also gives you real touch sensitivity for a real HD experience. This screen protector is made from the top quality Japanese PET film with 100% bubble free adhesive which means the installation is pretty easy and it will leave no residue when removed.

Price: $2.49
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#6. TechFilm

TechFilm Google Pixel Screen Protector

This is the first round edged screen protector we are offering here. For those who are not aware of the round edged term let me tell them that being around edged, the screen protector will give easy feeling to the fingers at the edges. Made from the highest quality 9H tempered glass this screen protector also offers bubble free adhesive and that will let you install the screen protector with fair ease. This one is guarded against any scratches even from those which are possible from high impact drops. The hydrophobic and Oleophobic coating will make sure that it remains free from any dirt, smudge or fingerprint. The company has made sure that the design remains easy and hence it fits your device’s screen without any problem.

Price: $2.99
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#7. Skinomi

Skinomi Google Pixel Screen Protector

Another screen protector which has been cut by laser precisely for Google Pixel smartphone is in the offing. This screen protector from well-known brand Skinomi has been made from a self-healing, flexible, tough and above all military grade thermoplastic urethane. This quality will absorb any hard impact on your mobile phone’s screen and it is also able to resist any scratches, punctures, UV light and the best thing is that won’t get yellow. The liquid solution used in this screen protector will help you to install the screen protector easily with frequent adjustments you may require at that time.

Price: $6.15
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#8. Orzly

Orzly Google Pixel Screen Protector

These days Orzly is coming up with some of the great accessory solutions for many smartphones and this time, it has brought a fully covered screen protector which also has 3D curved edges. The screen protector is made from tempered glass but it also has a special silicone coating and PET film which will only increase its durability. This screen protector is just 0.2mm thick hence it will give you’re an assured 3D touch compatibility and easy navigation as well. Orzly also packs necessary accessories and an instruction manual with this screen protector for a hassle free installation. Only one drawback is that because this protector covers the entire screen certain cases may not work with it.

Price: $8.99
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#9. amFilm

amFilm Google Pixel Screen Protector

amFilm is offering you a screen protector which is specially designed for Google Pixel smartphone. It is just 0.33mm thick and gives 99.9% transparency. This means that you will have the double advantage of good soft touch and also the clarity of picture as well. The surface is made from 9H high-class tempered glass and it is highly durable and can resist any scratch. This screen protector also gives entire kit which includes 2 screen protectors, wet/dry wipes, squeegee card and the installation manual.

Price: $7.99
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SPARIN Google Pixel Screen Protector

One of the leaders in screen protectors is offering you an exclusive screen protector for your most valuable Google Pixel smartphone. The company claims that this screen protector will protect your mobile screen in extreme conditions as well. Made from high-quality 9H tempered glass it will protect your screen from scuffs and scratches occurred by any hard substances. Bubble free adhesives will make sure that you can install it with utmost ease and will leave no residue if it is put off. The screen protector guarantees High Definition and High Response touch. What’s more, the company gives lifetime warranty which is an added advantage.

Price: $9.99
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#11. Spigen

Spigen Pixel Screen ProtectorThis screen protector from Spigen is one of the highest rated screen protector available on Amazon, so you can understand how satisfied the customers of Spigen are. This is also a top class screen protector having 9H hardness and what makes this protector special is that it is compatible with almost all the cases for Google Pixel and hence you can install it without worrying about it. The full coverage of the protector means that the entire front of your smartphone is secured. The oleophobic coating will keep the dirt, dust, and fingerprint away. Spigen also offers risk-free lifetime replacement warranty!

Price: $9.99
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#12. ArmorSuit

ArmorSuit Pixel Screen ProtectorAnother big name in producing best screen protectors is here with is anti-bubble HD screen protector for your Google Pixel smartphone. The company provides you two screen protectors for the price of one and the pack is loaded with installation solution, squeegee, lint-free cloth and full installation manual. The installation is very easy and it will be bubble-free. When you remove the protector it will not leave any adhesive behind. For scratchproof, ultra-tough, optically-clear and military-grade screen protector you should look for this product only.

Price: $7.85
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This is it! These are the best Google Pixel screen protectors for your next big smartphone. Once the phone is in your possession and you use either of the screen protectors purchased from above list do let us know your experience. You can share it with us here in the comments or on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.