Best Google Pixel Leather Cases

There is a big difference between a leather case and a leather wallet case. A leather wallet case allows you to stuff so many things in it along with your smartphone, but the leather case will only protect your phone and that’s it. Leather cases have their own beauty as they look strong, feel smooth but work really efficiently. For a quality smartphone like Google Pixel, there can only be the best Google Pixel leather case which can complement it.

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We round-up the best leather cases for Google Pixel. They are sturdy, long lasting, feel good and will give all-round protection for your phone. We have made sure that we collect those leather cases which fit your needs and also your pockets.

Best Google Pixel Leather Cases

Best Google Pixel Leather Cases

#1. fitBAG

fitBAG Google Pixel Leather Case

This extremely professional looking leather case for Google Pixel is offered by fitBAG. Not only official but it also looks stylish as well. Stitched with hands and it is perfectly fit for your Google Pixel smartphone. But the biggest drawback of this cover is that your Google Pixel only can fit it and not with the case, cover bumper or anything which is attached to your phone. This leather case is integrated with high tech MicroFiber lining which allows easy cleaning and great display.

Price: $24.90
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#2. MicroP

MicroP Google Pixel Leather Case

This is actually a leather case only but in disguise of a wallet case. No, it is not a full-fledged wallet case as it gives you limited features of a wallet case. This MicroP leather Google Pixel case has one slot for credit card and ability to fold in a way so that you can use it as the kickstand for your hands-free viewing. The case has been cut precisely for the full usage of volume buttons, microphone, charger, camera and all other external ports. The flip design will make sure that your high-end Google Pixel phone gets all round protection.

Price: $9.89
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#3. Belk

Belk Google Pixel Leather Case

If you are looking for a leather case which gives your Google Pixel phone a retro look then just go for this leather case offered y Belk. It is having a vibrant texture mixed with extremely natural color shades. This leather case is available in 6 different but rocking colors to make your choice really difficult. The best part of this leather case is that it can be used by both men and women and that too of any age group. This case guaranteed full protection as it covers your phone easily and it has been made from the highest quality leather and been solidly stitched as well.

Price: $29.99 [$13.99 on Amazon when we are writing this.] Buy it from Amazon

#4. Dretal

Dretal Google Pixel Leather Case

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This leather case is made for your Google Pixel phone only and hence no other phone can be fit in this case. It is boasted with the holster style so you can carry it anywhere even when you are on the move. Just fix this leather case in your belt and that should be it! It covers your valuable smartphone entirely but it doesn’t compromise the functionality at all. The best protection for your smartphone from dirt, dust, bumps and other external hazards.

Price: $13.98
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#5. Skmy

Skmy Google Pixel Leather Case

This is one more leather case which allows only one credit card to be inserted in its sleeve. This one can also allow you to view your favorite videos and movies by using the folded flip. This same flip will give your phone’s side ample protection from any fall or drop. The leather used in this case is so smooth that it gives a real good feeling when you are holding it. The best part of this deal is that the manufacturer gives you a lifetime hassle-free warranty.

Price: $9.90
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#6. Caseroxx

Caseroxx Google Pixel Leather Case

This leather case is having all but simple looks. If you want to give your phone cover a professional look without going much into the details then probably this leather case offered by Caseroxx will appeal you. Made from high-quality faux leather, this leather case has been stitched with hands which make it stronger than any other leather cases. The size of this leather case is made in such a way that only Google Pixel phone can be fit in this.

Price: $13.20
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#7. Cellet

Cellet Google Pixel Leather Case

This Google Pixel leather case is easy to carry because it has fixed swivel clip which you can fix in your belt. So if you are a sales person or you need to go around more frequently then this case is made for you only. The swivel clip can be used easily and it also rotates 360 degrees so you can operate it with ease. The case is really stylish in looks and has been made from top quality leather. The sides of this leather case are elastics so it will protect your phone from any drops or shocks it may observe there. The best part of this case is that it has free air vent with dotted design, so that will keep your phone nice and fresh without any odor.

Price: $9.99
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#8. World Acc

World Acc Google Pixel Leather Case

This leather case too has a holster clip but what makes this clip different than the others is that it is made from the same leather which is used in this case and not from any other material. The black leather case stitched in white color makes it one of the most attractive leather case you may ever encounter with. The case offers all-around protection and that will allow you to carry your phone in it will complete leisure without compromising on its functions.

Price: $5.99
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So, these are the best Google Pixel leather cases we can offer you for your high-end smartphone. Do let us know which leather case you picked up for your phone. We are eagerly waiting for your feedback here in the comments or on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.