Google Pixel is a beautiful device, so its users would not wish to hide the original charm of the device beneath the case. Hence, the good Google Pixel clear case would be the best option to showcase your devices’ gorgeousness with its transparent skin while keeping it protected.

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In this list of top 10 best Google Pixel Clear Cases, we have listed only extreme slim and lightweight yet durable cases. These cases are made of the premium quality material that provides better grip in your hand and provides total security from a drop, dirt and other damages. If you are sure to get the best clear case for your Google Pixel smartphone, then you can choose from the below.

Best Google Pixel Clear Cases

10 Best Google Pixel Clear Cases

#1. Cimo

Cimo Google Pixel Clear Case

Cimo is a specially made clear case for Google Pixel phone. It is extremely lightweight and slim. And also durable because of the high-quality TPU has been used. It has the raised bezels so your phone is protected even when it is put upside down.

The inner dot pattern will make sure that the back of your phone is prevented from any watermarking. Precise cuts will allow you to easily access all ports and other functions.

Price: $7.98
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#2. DGtle

DGtle Google Pixel Clear Case

This is an extremely lightweight clear case for Pixel has been offered by DGtle, it is a perfect fit for your Google Pixel smartphone and adds nothing to its original weight. The case has been designed in such a way that it is shocking and shatters proof by nature.

The clear color will make sure that the original look of your phone has always been protected. This clear case is perfectly designed for your day to day usage. The soft TPU will ensure that nothing can make a scratch on your valuable phone’s body. Its non-slip grip provides better grip while holding.

Price: $7.88
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#3. CoverOn

CoverOn Google Pixel Clear Case

Like the other clear cases, we are offering this one too is made from TPU but the only difference is that this one is made from a mixture of semi-hard and semi-soft TPU, which means that it is extremely flexible.

This one is molded in such a way that it fits the Google Pixel phone perfectly. It adds almost zero weight to your phone and it is very convenient for day to day use.

Price: $7.88
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#4. KuGi

KuGi Google Pixel Clear Case

This clear case offered by KuGi covers all the four corners of your Google Pixel smartphone. This only means that your phone will get total security from any dirt, dust or high impacts as well. The TPU material used in this clear case is so soft that it will give a nice feeling to your palms when you are holding it.

Despite covering entire phone it gives full access to the important parts of your phone like Camera, speaker and headphone jack along with all the buttons. The amazingly scratch-resistant back cover will always display the original beauty of your phone.

Price: $5.95
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SPARIN Google Pixel Clear Case

One of the most respected brands in a smartphone, SPARIN is offering a clear case which is totally protective to your Google Pixel phone. It is extremely lightweight and fits perfectly to your phone. The air cushioned four corners will make sure that your phone doesn’t get any shock from a direct or indirect accidental drop.

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What’s more, it is made eco-friendly TPU material which is transparent and comfortable in touch. SPARIN is offering a lifetime warranty. Which means the trusted brand will remain with your phone always.

Price: $8.99
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#6. LK

LK Google Pixel Clear Case

This clear case has been made from the anti-slip technique which means it will have a perfect grip in your palms and hence the chances of drops and falls are less. Even if by any chance there is an accidental drop or fall the soft yet tough and flexible TPU will take care of it and will absorb them easily.

The cuts are precise but what makes this clear case a special one is that the buttons are specially designed to give you a natural and responsive feel. Same goes for Camera lens cut-out which is also specially designed so it remains safe as well.

Price: $7.99
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Tauri Google Pixel Clear Case

A crystal clear case for your high-end Google Pixel smartphone is on offer here. It offers dual layer protection with Crystal Clear Soft TPU interior and Hard Outer PC shell. It has raised outer edge to protect your screen from scratches.

It’s slim fit profile provides better grip to prevent unusual drops and impacts while minimizing unnecessary bulk. Its transparent skin provides crystal clear view and making it looks cool.

Price: $3.99
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#8. Love Ying

Love Ying Google Pixel Clear Case

Like the most other clear cases, this one too will protect your phone from dust, dirt, scratch and other possible damages, but there is something different about this clear case. What makes this clear case stand apart from the rest is that it has higher edges on both the front and the back.

The front edges are 0.79mm higher than the screen and the back of the case is raised by a lip of 1.2mm. This only means that your phone will remain scratch free always, doesn’t matter whether you put it on a straight surface by any which way possible.

Price: $6.39
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#9. Fosmon

Fosmon Google Pixel Clear Case

Another clear case offers overall protection with precise cuts which will allow you to access all the ports and buttons easily. This one has the thickness of just 1.44mm which will not spoil the looks of your Google Pixel smartphone.

Fosmon’s clear case has a weight of just 1.0oz which means it will not add anything to your phone’s bulk. Raised lips will make sure that your smartphone’s screen remains protected.

Price: $5.99
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#10. Yaker

Yarker Google Pixel Clear Case

What makes this clear case offered by Yaker special is that despite being a clear case, it also offers some colorful shadows as well. So if you want your clear case with five different shadows then you must consider this clear case offered by Yaker.

It is made from non-toxic environ friendly TPU which is smooth and ultra-thin. It will always give you a good grip with good feel as well. The precise cuts will make sure that you get an easy access to all the important outlets.

Price: $7.98
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Your favorite?

That’s all! Have you decided which clear case you will pick from above to protect your valuable Google Pixel phone? We would also love to know your choice here in the comments or on Facebook,Twitter, and Google Plus.