Google launched their first tiny wireless earphone Pixel earbuds. This device not only designed to let you enjoy the music, but you can also chit-chat with Google Assistant, use Google Translator as well get alerts without picking out your device from your pocket. What’s more?

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If you are planning to buy or already bought a pair of Google Pixel Buds, then here are 6 best Pixel Buds tips and trick you should know to use the gadget elegantly. Let’s dive over!

Best Pixel Buds Tips & TricksBest Pixel Buds Tips & Tricks You Should Know

#1: Get Done Everything with Just Taps

Google Pixel Buds are designed in a manner to easily and quickly pair with any device and let you control everything straightforwardly. You just need to simply and slightly tap on right earbud to pair your Android device and get started using it to manage things.

  • Use the single tap to play or pause music, or answer a call without touching your device.
  • You can double tap to turn on notification updates by Google Assistant and Tap the right earbud to confirm your choice.
  • Double tap the right earbud to stop Google Assistant.
  • Use long press function to give voice commands to Google Assistant and end a call.
  • Swipe forward to increase volume and swipe backward to decrease volume right from the earbuds.
  • Touch and hold the right earbud to ignore calls.

#2: Quickly Chat with Google Assistant

Using Google Assistant using Buds is the futuristic features ever. If your device is Google Assistant enabled, then you can use the Google’s personal assistant right from the earbuds without turning your device on. Make sure that your device is connected to the internet connection. Just tap and hold the right earbud to ask Google Assistant to call someone or play music quickly. You can also use lots of Google Voice Command control do your tasks efficiently.

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#3: Chat in Multiple Languages

If you want to impress your foreign friends by speaking his/her local language, then this Pixel Buds are a superpower for you. It allows to quickly translate any language to 40 languages. You will just need to touch and hold the right ear Bud and command “Google, help me speak (language), “Be my (language) translator” and “I want to speak (language).”

#4: Get Alerts Without Looking at the Phone

Now you don’t need to every time look at your phone’s screen when you receive any notifications. With Pixel Buds, you will hear every notification alerts right from your ear Buds by Google Assistant. Once you receive any notification, you will just need to double tap on the right earbud to let Google Assistant read new email or message and also inform you about your further plan. You can also reply to a notification by pressing the right earbud and once it prompt, just speak to reply.

#5: Check the Remaining Power on Buds

After using Google Pixel Buds whole day, if you want to check the remaining power of Buds, then you will need to open quick setting from the home screen on your smartphone and tap on the arrow icon next to the Bluetooth icon. You can also check the Pixel Buds battery status by heading to Headphone settings in Google Assistant on your smartphone.

#6: Charge and Store Anywhere, Anytime

When you buy the new pair of Google Pixel Buds, you will get a handy small case with it. So, you can safely store earbuds on the case and go worry-free. Well, you can also easily charge Earbuds by matching L & R indicator of the Pixel Buds to the charging case. When you see the free LED light, it means your Pixel Buds are charging. Make sure that your charging case has the power to juice up your Earbuds.

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Final Words

So, have you gotten your hands on Google Pixel Buds? If yes, then, how is it going? Do think it will give tough competition to Apple’s AirPods? We would love to hear your experience in the comments or on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.