It’s been just a few days that Google Pixel 2 XL announced with all the fantastic functionalities and specifications. If you already own this handset, then you might have started thinking about leveraging more from it by pairing it with any of the accessories which are listed over here in this list.

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If you want to have the best among the variety of the accessories, then what else could be the best place then to be here? With this article, we have made your seeking easier so that you don’t have to surf for hours to find the best from the best.

We have picked ten best Google Pixel 2 XL accessories which are probably must if you want to get most out of your phone. From portable charger to best wireless headphones, we have got you covered. Hence, just check out each of them and decide which of them that you would love to pair with your Pixel 2 XL.
Best Google Pixel 2 XL Accessories

Best Accessories for Google Pixel 2 XL

#1. Spigen Tough Armor Case

For any smartphone, any user wants an excellent protection for that many of you might in search of the great protective case which offers robust armor protection to your high-end Google Pixel 2 XL smartphone. This is the reason that our accessory list for the Google Pixel 2 XL starts with the Tough Armor case from the emperor of the accessories by Spigen.

Spigen Google Pixel 2 XL Armor CaseFeatures:

  • It offers dual layer protection that can protect your smartphone from the drop and falls and few other harms like scratches and scuffs as well.
  • This heavy-duty case contains Air Cushion technology that protects the smartphone from maximum damage.
  • This case includes the form-fitted construction so that your smartphone remains slim and pocket-friendly as well.
  • The built-in kickstand offers hands-free viewing that kickstand is also reinforced and matches the color of the case.
  • It provides quick access to the ports and buttons just because of the active edge compatibility.

Price: $17.99
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#2. LK Wallet Case

If you are a person that don’t like to carry bulky wallet or clutches, then you really should own one wallet case that helps you bring portable and lightweight wallet along with your smartphone while keeping every essential of yours safe and secure. What makes this case a worthy option for your Google Pixel 2 XL is the classic profile.

LK Google Pixel 2 XL Wallet CaseFeatures:

  • This is a multi-functional wallet case that secures your phone as well as it also safeguards your essentials inside.
  • It comes with three card slots and single cash sleeve hence you don’t have to carry a heavy clutches or wallet with you.
  • The inner shell is made from high-quality soft TPU, which protects your phone from the shocks drops, and falls.
  • The PU leather which is used for the outer layer is also resistant to wear and tear.
  • The hands-free design of this wallet case enables you to enjoy hands-free watching of favorite videos or movies.
  • There are four different color options are available for you.

Price: $9.99
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#3. IQShield Screen Protector

When it comes to the protection of your smartphone, the body protection is not only the single factor to protect your device it also includes protection of the screen of your smartphone. So if you want protection for your smartphone’s screen that provides a maximum of the security to it then check out this screen protector from one of the well-known brand IQShield.

IQShield Google Pixel 2 XL Screen ProtectorFeatures:

  • The brand includes two screen protector in one pack at a price of a single screen protector.
  • The screen protector that the brand offers is completely case-friendly, so if you are worried about it, then you can leave behind.
  • This screen protector is engineered with a sleek surface that allows your fingerprints to glide effortlessly when you are using your smartphone.
  • The smart film technology which is impressive and keeps the screen protector working even if you are not using your phone.
  • It supports self-healing functionality that enables the screen protector to recover from the minor scratches.
  • It supports bubble-free and trouble-free installation.

Price: $7.85
Buy it from Amazon

#4. Trianium Magnetic Car Mount

Trianium Magnetic Car Mount is a two-in-one car mount which not only works as a car mount, but it even works as Google Pixel 2 XL charger. So now when you are traveling or navigating while you are traveling with using your Pixel 2 XL smartphone, then you can also get your smartphone juice up when requires.

Trianium Google Pixel 2 XL Car mountFeatures:

  • This Air-Vent car mount features the aluminum casing which is equipped with six heavy-duty magnets to build a robust magnetic surface.
  • This durable car mount is capable of to hold your device securely even while you are going through rough driving conditions.
  • It comes with two different attachment one is circler and second is rectangular magnetic disc. You can pick any of them.
  • It supports universal compatibilities so that you can use it for your other smartphones as well.
  • It is available in five different colors as well.

Price: $9.50
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#5. Trianium Car Charger

Trianium universal car charger comes with Type-C PD & Quick charge 3.0- the most advanced charging technology in a car charger. Silicon Valley base Trianium provides the best premium quality design with the ultimate user experience.

Trianium Quick Charge 3.0 Car Charger for GooglePixel 2 XLFeatures:

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  • This universal car charger is equipped with Qualcomm 3.0 functionality that charges your smartphone with speed up to 3x faster than other car chargers.
  • It is made heavy duty aluminum frame provide protection and durability in the car.
  • This charger is capable of to charge two devices simultaneously in which one is Type C integrated jack, and one is USB port that can power to any compatible devices.
  • The blue and soft glowing LED light illuminates when you need to plug any device in the dark.
  • This uniquely designed car charger can easily carry in a pocket, purse or any bag.

Price: $29.99
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#6. Laud Wireless Headphones

When this list is all about the best accessories for the Google Pixel 2 XL then we can’t afford to forget the best accessory than anybody wants to pair it with their expensive smartphone like Google Pixel 2 XL. And this is the reason that made us bring this product from one of the favorite brand Laud. This brand is offering us a pair of beautiful headphones which are wireless.

Laud Google Pixel 2 XL Bluetooth EarphoneFeatures:

  • This headphone supports Sports Bluetooth inside the ear headband.
  • It is made from the premium CSR HD sound along with the advanced acoustic components to produce the clear treble and deep bass.
  • These headphones are sweat-proof, and it can comfortably fit any size of the ear of man and woman.
  • The Bluetooth connectivity is reliable, and the built-in microphone will let you answer the incoming call.
  • It is universal wireless sports headphones that can be used during your working out session, walking and running.
  • It supports six hours of playtime so that you can enjoy Break free music.
  • It takes only one to two hours of time for a complete charge.

Price: $18.88
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#7. Encased Charging Dock

While we have already listed the best car charging it is now time to record sleek and compact looking charging dock. This charging dock not only charges your smartphone but it even enhances the look of your smartphone while it is placed on it. It looks great on your work desk or the desk at your home. The sleek and compact design of this dock station doesn’t need that much place.

Encased Google Pixel 2 XL Charging DockFeatures:

  • This sleek dock station makes an ideal desktop or a nightstand companion for the latest Google Pixel 2 XL.
  • This charging cradle has a Type C compatible design that lets the connector to reach to your phone.
  • It is also consistent with the slim profile cases.
  • It has sync compatibility that enables you to sync your phone with your laptop or computer with the use of built-in cable.
  • Offers lifetime happiness guarantee with this product of theirs.

Price: $22.04
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#8. SumacLife Selfie stick

One of the best picks in this list of the best accessories of the Google Pixel 2 XL is the selfie stick which is also a great companion to the Google Pixel 2 XL smartphone. Here we have picked selfie stick from the SumacLife brand that comes with Bluetooth remote shutter button that lets you efficiently capture the group selfies.

SumacLife Google Pixel 2 XL Selfie StickFeatures:

  • This selfie stick is packed with the built-in foldable Tripod stand so that you can capture the best hands-free selfies.
  • This includes the Bluetooth shutter remote button that is compatible with the iOS and Android smartphones.
  • This selfie stick equipped with built-in 270-degree rotatable device holder that you can adjust at a wide range.
  • The selfie stick is perfect for traveling and very compact and light in weight that can expand up to 7.5 to 27.5 inches.
  • It comes with a wrist strap that helps to prevent the monopod from falling from your hand.
  • It supports 33 feet of Bluetooth remote distance.

Price: $13.99
Buy it from Amazon

#9. Venoro Kickstand Case

We have already listed wallet case and a heavy-duty case for the Google Pixel 2 XL but we have still one to add to this list that is kickstand that offers you the great hands-free viewing of your favorite videos and movies. Besides that, it also provides excellent protection to your valuable smartphone, so it stays safe and secure.

Venoro Google Pixel 2 XL Kickstand CaseFeatures:

  • This case’s outer hard shell is made from the impact-resistant PC material.
  • The outer shell is double-enforced with the shock resistant TPU material.
  • The corners are featured with the double-thick TPU for the ultimate protection against the drops and falls.
  • It supports anti-slip properties that give your phone more grip at the holding time.
  • The kickstand can help you view your phone horizontally and vertically.
  • The rotatable belt clip can rotate 180 degrees to give the different angles while it is placed on the belt.

Price: $8.79
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#10. LK Clear Case

You have checked the kickstand case, heavy duty case, and wallet case but now you might think that all we forget here is the clear case. Well, we are not because we have finally brought the best clear case that is from the reputed brand LK. So without any hassle, you can keep the original look of your smartphone by protecting it as well.

LK Google Pixel 2 XL Clear CaseFeatures:

  • This case is made from flexible, scratch resistant and soft TPU material.
  • This case is the ultra-thin case that adds minimal of bulk to your smartphone while providing the protection.
  • It protects against the accidental drops and falls and always stays smooth, soft and flexible.
  • It comes with precise cuts and openings for the ports and buttons.
  • It contains anti-slip functionality that provides extra grip on the sides and the surface of the case to prevent sliding your phone.
  • You can even find this clear case in two more clear cases with some color pop.

Price: $7.99
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All of the accessories here we have listed will ensure that you enjoy your ultimate smartphone to its best. Do provide us your views on these suggestions of the best Google Pixel 2 XL accessories by commenting here in the comments section. You can even join us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus for more such updates.