Google Home is really an amazing device and it is really fun to use it as well. Google Home can become even be a fun and amazing if you got to know few of the best Google Home Tips and Tricks. Installation of Google Home and start using it with some random instructions will only limit its full potential and when you have such a smart device at home you must take its full advantage, right?

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After the normal installation and setup of Google Home at your home, this is perhaps the best time to know which are the tips and tricks which can make the best use of Google Home.

Best Google Home Tips and Tricks

10 Best Google Home Tips and Tricks

#1. Set up FTTT

There will be a time when everything you will order, will be done by all of your smart devices like Google Home. But right now these devices need FTTT so you can link all the other smart gadgets with Google Home. Just like linking your Mac or PC to Alexa with the help of FTTT is a simple procedure, linking Google Home for the same too is simpler activity.

#2. Disable Microphone when not needed

There is no harm in keeping the microphone of Google Home active all the time, but it is good if you keep it off when you are not in need of it as well. The reason behind is, that Google Home listens to everything when you chat or talk with someone nearby, so it is another good reason to disable it. You will find on the backside of your Google Home a button when your device is running and you press it, it will disable with the voice sounding “Microphone off” and you will see the indicator light goes orange. If you wish to active it again you can press the button again and the device will be turned on.

#3. Find the settings easily

You need not get confused about every setting if you are not aware of it. Each Google Home setting can be found in Google Home app which you need to download from Google Play. Just open the 3 horizontal line (or hamburger) menu on the top left of your smartphone’s screen and look for “Devices” in the list. Over here you will find your Google Home device and all you need to do is to tap the 3 dots showing on the upper left corner and choose the settings as per your likings. Be assured that you will get most of the settings from this very app only.

#4. Rename your device

If you rename your device then it will make your work even easier than before. All you need to do is to go to your Google Home app and then follow this path: Devices → Menu → Settings and then under the Device Info you need to tap on Name. Here you can name each speaker, so when you start adding more speakers for each room you can order your Google Home precisely which speaker should get the command.

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#5. Set up Guest Mode

If you are having a small party or social gathering at your home then why not your guest feel free by using Google Home from their devices? This will only make them feel at home and their respect for you will increase in many folds. You can easily set up Guest Mode from your Google Home app. For each guest, the Google Home app will give a 4 digit password and then they can use your device.

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#6. Set up Chromecast with Google Home

You can link your Chromecast with Google Home so you have easy access to watch your favorite shows and movies. The big tip on this is to name your Chromecast in a way which comes easy to you, for example, you can name it as “TV”. This will help you to give instructions to your Google Home in a precise manner. You can instruct your Google Home by saying, “OK Google, play *your favorite video name* on my TV.

#7. Do ‘More’ by setting up your preferences

When you are going through the setting in your Google Home app, check out for ‘More’ option where you will find many options to personalize the gadget. You can now set what kind of music you want to listen and also which news sources you wish to get notified with etc. You can do plenty of personalization with this, so find some time to know more about it when you are on your Google Home app.

#8. Have some fun with Google Home

Not only set ups and instructing things, you can also have some fun with your Google Home device as well. You can ask “OK Google, make me laugh” or “OK, Google what am I thinking right now” and see how it responds. Play interactive games and listen to your favorite music along with pop with this smart device. You can ask random or crazy things to Google Home like “Surprise Me”, “Bark like a dog” or “Read a poem for me” with the pre-phrase “OK, Google” of course!

#9. Check and manage your activity

Google Home records every activity when it is enabled as we have mentioned earlier in this article, so it is a good thing if you keep on checking your activities time and again. Just go to “More” and scroll down to “My activity” option. You will get each activity on a separate page opened which is sorted by date and time. You can go through the list and if you wish you can play back them to know what your Google Home has heard. You can even delete a particular activity if you wish to.

#10. When things don’t go normally, just reboot

Just like any electrical device the Google Home too is prone to few hiccups here and there and just like any other electrical device you need to restart the device to get rid of that hiccup without facing more trouble. You can reboot your Google Home device from its home by following this path: Devices → Menu → Reboot and you are done.


These are only 10 of the best Google Home tips and tricks we can offer, but there are much more and you need to check your Google Home app thoroughly. Hope you have liked our initiative on making your use of Google Home simpler.

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