Google Daydream is the VR headset you were always waiting for. You can do so many things like watching movies, playing the best games and also can enjoy Netflix on Google Daydream platform. Daydream has all the potentials to become one of the best Android mobile VR platforms. What makes Google Daydream most desirable VR headset is because you can watch 360-degree videos and it is not chosen for just one hardware manufacturer.

So, in days to come because of competitive pricing don’t feel surprised if you see more Google VR headsets trading with cardboard. If you too have made up your mind to buy a Google Daydream headset, then it is perhaps the right time for you to know about its best Google Daydream games. We have brought some of the best games available on Daydream right now so just go through the list and pick the one for you.

Best Google Daydream VR Games

Best Google Daydream VR Games

#1. Hunter’s Gate

Hunters Gate Daydream VR GameYou have to kill demons who are desperately trying to stay alive. These demons are staying in a dungeon, and hence you need to crawl and kill these demons. You need to set the controller on your headset to aim and do the killing. At first instance, you probably find this hunting process bit weird as you are moving around so much, but believe us once you play this game few time it becomes very easy, and the game will surprise you all the time. This paid game is available on Google Play Store.

Price: Paid
Download Hunter’s Gate Game

#2. LEGO Brickheadz Builder

LEGO Brickheadz Builder Daydream VR GameYou will have extremely good fun while discovering new characters and objects by solving the playing formulas given in the book. What’s more is that everything is for free and not even a single in-app purchase you need to make. You can build a virtual LEGO models and can also enjoy some of the best, crazy and playful LEGO BrickHeadz characters by changing their looks and behavior. Once you design them, you can bring them to life and can also unlock new characters and items. For the best experience of playing this game, you always need to remain seated and enjoy it to the fullest.

Price: Free
Download LEGO Brickheadz Builder Game

#3. EarthShape

EarthShape Daydream VR GameWant to become an astronaut for some fun? Well, then try this game made for Google Daydream VR by a British indie game developer Mike Bithell who also created Thomas Was Alone and Volume before. It is kind of a puzzle game where you play as an astronaut, and you are exploring planets and also growing plants by using the Daydream motion controller. You are offered 25 different levels to compete with different challenges, or you can even play in the free mode to practice before you get involved with the challenges. You can enjoy millions of gene combinations with strange shapes and in a different kind of the world as well.

Price: Paid
Download EarthShape Game

#4. Wonderglade

Wonderglade Daydream VR GameThis is a theme park based game the style which is growing faster than ever before now a day. All the games are either carnival themed, or they are classic games, but let us guarantee you that the experiences will be new and never before one. This game will integrate easily with the Daydream motion controller and will then add some of the most hilariously entertaining moments for you. There are also five mini games where you can earn tickets and later redeem there at Wonder Wheel. There is also a Hamster Hoops and play some huge basketball which is surrounded by space hamsters which are so adorable.

Price: Free
Download Wonderglade Game

#5. VR Karts

VR Karts Daydream VR GameThis is a simple racing game you normally find in many gaming consoles around, but it has been restructured for Google Daydream VR. All you need to do is to use the controller to turn corners, collecting power-ups to win the race. It is not the best among the best racing games but certainly worth downloading and playing as it is available for free. Once you sit on the driver’s seat, then you are racing against the opponents in a kart which you can customize at your will. Collect power-ups and use weapons to keep your hand up always and win the race on stunning tracks.

Price: Free
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#6. Keep Talking & Nobody Explodes

Keep Talking, and Nobody Explodes Daydream VR GameThis game has already won many hearts on Google Daydream VR and reason behind it is its fresh idea. This game is specially designed for Daydream view. The main player who is one of the ‘experts’ will go inside in a room to defuse the bomb. His friends (or the co-players) are the experts with a bomb defuse manual. But, the problem is that the expert who is inside the room doesn’t see where the bomb is and his friends should keep on instructing him and if they fail to talk the bomb will blast! This game is certainly a challenge to your communication skills and friendship.

Price: Paid
Download Keep Talking & Nobody Explodes Game

#7. Claro

Claro Daydream VR GameIt is a puzzle based game where you need to move the sun around with the controller so that you can help the tree to grow. As you get over with levels one by one, the difficulty will increase. If you play this game with no rush in mind, it is one of the best and enjoyable games on Daydream VR for sure. We can safely say that if you are new to Google Daydream VR, then you should choose this game among the first games of yours. The usage of controller is easy and will allow you to manipulate the position of the light and rotate objects.

Price: Paid
Download Claro Game

If you have purchased a new Google Daydream VR headset, then we believe you must have loved our collection of the best Google Daydream VR games.

Just in case if any of your Daydream apps get stuck then you can use these tips to fix the problem.

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