10 Best Google Chrome Extensions for Better and Faster Browsing Experience

Just don’t surf on your super browser Google Chrome and make a full use of it by adding some of the best Chrome extension we are advising here.

This generation wants everything at a rapid pace. Gone are the days when internet browser was working at its ease. Since the arrival of Google Chrome, the internet surfing has really taken a speed. No wonder because of its user friendliness it didn’t take much long for the Google Chrome to become popular among the internet surfers.

The success of Google Chrome prompted another useful web browser to appear on the horizon which we have known as Mozilla Firefox. Even Internet Explorer at one stage had to change itself before the eventual exit. Despite Google Chrome is having a considerable speed, its regular users still want it to be quicker and to do certain things at an extra ease. Google Chrome can certainly oblige its user if they use certain extensions which are inbuilt within this super browser.

Best Google Chrome Extensions

10 Best Google Chrome Extensions

We have chosen ten of the best extension specially made for a better and faster browsing on Google Chrome. All you need to do is to just go through the suggested extensions and install them if you feel they are very much useful for you.

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#1. The Google Mail Checker

Google Mail Checker Chrome Extension

This is the perfect extension for those who are using Gmail extensively throughout the day along with their daily routine on their desktop. What normally happens is that the user has to keep an extra tab open for the Gmail and has to check for the new mail time and again. Or he or she has to rely on the mobile notification. But with this Google Mail Checker extension on Google Chrome the user will directly notify when he receives an email. All he needs to do is to click on the Gmail icon just next to his address bar and a separate tab will open, which will take him to the Gmail inbox.

Google Mail Checker Extension

#2. IE Tab

IE Tab - Chrome Extension

As we are aware that there are many pre-optimised websites which can be better surfed on the Internet Explorer only. These sites are developed in such a way that the rich experience of it can only be seen in IE. Google Chrome has a solution for this problem as well. All you have to do is to add an IE Tab extension and that will allow a sub-browsing in a specially created window within the Google Chrome. In this window, you will find the same modified browsing and can feel the same experience which you normally get for these sites on the Internet Explorer.

IE Tab Extension

#3. Send from Gmail

Send from Gmail (by Google) - Chrome Extension

This extension will take away all the pain of Gmail links from the web page or even from the linked page from you. Now you can send all these links to your chat conversation or to your message with complete ease. If you feel that your Gmail page is taking an extra space or a window of your Google Chrome, then let us assure you that this is the best solution you can get. Now you don’t need to copy and paste the Gmail links on the pages to start the Gmail. Don’t believe us just install this extension and experience it yourself. Not only a single term but you can also try a quick search on anything on a particular page. This will also boost the overall search speed of the Google Chrome. Isn’t this extension luring you already to be added to your Google Chrome?

Send From Gmail Extension

#4. The Feedly Extension

feedly - Chrome Extension

If you always like to bookmark RSS feeds from Twitter, Delicious, Youtube, Google Reader or Amazon then this Feedly extension from Google Chrome will be extremely helpful to you. The Feedly extension will import all the feeds you have bookmarked automatically and then will arrange the content as a magazine page which will certainly be eye-pleasing. Feedly extension will also keep a record of the sites which you have bookmarked but yet not visited.

Feedly Extension

#5. Stop Autoplay for YouTube

Stop Autoplay for Youtube Chrome Extension

This is one of the most helpful extensions for all those users who are always worried about their data plans being used unknowingly when the Youtube video on a particular site starts automatically. By installing this superb extension you can stop any Youtube video on any website before it starts. This is not it, Stop Autoplay for Youtube is also helpful to those who are having slower net connections. What this extension does is that it first loads the Youtube video fully so that the user can watch it with ease and without getting stuck from frequent buffering due to the slow net connection.

Stop Autoplay for YouTube Extension

#6. Fastest Chrome

Fastest Chrome Extension

We believe that you will not only like this extension but you will certainly fall in love with this if you start using it properly. Fastest Chrome extension helps you to find meaning or search any term you have highlighted with extreme ease.

Fastest Chrome Extension

#7. Docs, PDF and PowerPoint Viewer

Office Editing for Docs, Sheets & Slides Chrome Extension

This is a very simple extension provided by Google Chrome which will enable you to view all those docs, PDF and PowerPoint files in attachment easily. What this extension does is that it just sends these files to Google Drive, where you can read them easily. Such attachments sometimes are not readable within the Gmail and it has provided a bad experience to its users. So just add this extension if you regular have to deal with docs. PDF or PowerPoint files in your Gmail.

Docs, PDF and PowerPoint Viewer Extension

#8. Hola

Unlimited Free VPN - Hola - Chrome Extension

This Hola Better Internet extension of Google Chrome has brought good news for all those who love using privet network on their device. Just add this plug-in and you can unblock the blocked websites on your server.

Hola Chrome Extension

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#9. Google Preview

SearchPreview - Chrome Extension

Normally when you open the Google Chrome for the first time after starting your PC or open a new tab you see big icons on the main screen of the websites you have visited the most. But if you install this simple Google Preview extension on your Google Chrome then it, then your screen will show all the thumbnails arranged on the left side of your Google search screen. This extension is specially made for those who want to know the inner content of the sites which they use often.

Google Preview Extension

#10. Session Manager

Session Manager Chrome Extension

This is probably the best extension which can save plenty of time while you are surfing on Google Chrome. What this Session Manager simple does is that it saves the whole web page which you have surfed as it is and you can later open it by just clicking on the cardboard icon just next to the search bar of your Google Chrome. What’s more is that you can even check the saved pages offline as well.

Session Manager Extension

Signing Off

These are the best ways to make your surfing easier and faster. We are sure that you will probably like most of these extensions we have suggested here. Do share your experience with us after using them in the comments section given below.