If you have a Google Pixel smartphone, then you are already having Google Assistant installed by default. Google Assistant is a very helpful generation next artificial intelligence system, and thus we need to be aware of certain Google Assistant tips and tricks.

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Mind you too you can enable Google Assistant on any Android smartphone. So now it is about time to know more about Google Assistant as it will soon become part and parcel of our life. The tips and tricks we are providing here will boost your experience on Google Assistant.

Best Google Assistant Tips and Tricks: Every Android User Should Know

Best Google Assistant Tips and Tricks

#1. Start Your Day with ‘Good Morning.’

Because of the integration between Google Assistant and your Google Account, you can get plenty of suggestions from Google Assistant once you say “Good Morning.” Google Assistant will then provide you a bucketful of information which you may need throughout the day.

You can get the quick updates on weather, news, appointments for the day, events and also will alert you about your pending jobs. Not only this, but Google Assistant will also remind you when you skipped your last gym classes!

#2. Get the News

You can get the latest news with the help of Google Assistant instantly. Just active the Assistant and say “tell me the news” and hear the latest summary of the news headlines from your favorite news sources. If you want to customize the news sources then just go to Google Assistant’s settings and tap on ‘News’ option.

#3. Schedules for Your Entire Day

When you tap on ‘My Day’ option on your Google Assistant’s settings page you can indicate what kind of information required from your Assistant when you say, “Tell me about my day.” You can show various types of needs to the Assistant by including work commute, your meeting’s schedule, pending reminders, etc. At the end of the day, you will also get the daily briefing on your entire day’s activity and followed by a news podcast when you choose to opt out of the app.

#4. Let Your Assistant Work on Various Products and Services

Currently, Google is not compatible with many smart devices and platforms, so you need the IFTTT power tool. It will integrate Google Assistant with various smart home services and will make your life easier. By using certain Google home commands for these quick services, you can easily control your thermostat, turn lights on and off, dim or change the colors of Hue light, etc.

#5. Follow-up Questions will be Fun

When you search something on Google, you get only top results and then you need to click on the link to know more about it. With Google Assistant the follow-up questions are easy. So when you are asking for something, you will get the top result, but then you can also ask a counter question to get more info about it.

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For example, if you want to know this years’ NBA winners then Google Assistant will give you to top results, but then if you wish to know on which year the current champions were victorious then too you can ask the questions about it. Not only that you can keep your third follow-up question ready as well!

#6. Play Games with Google Assistant

When you are extremely bored and can’t kill time for one reason or the other, you just need to tell your Google Assistant, “play a game” and it will throw you an overview of gaming options. You can get trivia games, quiz game and plenty more from these options, so don’t get desperate just choose one of the games which you find can make you happy and thank your Google Assistant for being there.

#7. The Local Guide is in Your Pocket

Now there is no need to ask the people moving around about the place you are looking for in a big city or a small town. Google Assistant can get you to the exact building you want to go but don’t know its name with perfection. This is not it, you can get the driving directions by default, but if you are walking, then Google Assistant will know about it automatically and will help you accordingly.

#8. Try some More Fun

Even if the games suggested by Google Assistant not helping you to remove the boredom, then you can try many other tricks too. Just tell your assistant to ‘flip a coin’ or ‘roll a dais, ‘ and it will do it. Or you can ask for random numbers or ask to do a countdown from any number to zero. It doesn’t matter what parameters for numbers you are looking for, Google Assistant will do that for you instantly.

#9. Take a Selfie by Voice

With Google Assistant at your service, you don’t even need to touch the shutter of your Android smartphone to take a photo or a selfie. Just say “take a photo” or “take a selfie, ” and the Assistant will launch the camera app automatically with a three-second countdown!

#10. Let the Google Assistant Know More About You

The more your Google Assistant know about you smarter and more helpful it will get. So tell the assistant your name, your spouse’s name, kids’ names, pet’s name, etc. also kind of food you like, your favorite sports team, movie, music, a genre as well. Once the assistant knows you better, it will throw you details about you more and more.

For example, if you say that “my favorite actor is Kevin Spacey” then the Assistant will note it down and when next time you say, “List of the movies by my favorite actor” and it will serve you the entire list of Kevin Spacey movies.

Bonus: Laugh with Google Assistant

It is a good idea if you make your Google Assistant your friend, so why not sharing a joke or two with it? Just say, “Tell me a joke” and your Assistant will crack a joke for you. You can even ask for specific jokes like ‘worst boss jokes’ ‘baseball jokes’ etc. to get your favorite subject to laugh.

We are sure that these tips and tricks on Google Assistant will certainly help you to know your Assistant in a much better way and you will get the most out of it now.

Tell us your views, or you can even share few tips and tricks on Google Assistant if you have them on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus or here in the comments section below.