Whether you believe in it or not but GIF images have made their own special place in social media for sure. It all started a few years back on Tumbler and on Reddit and slowly but surely it has now covered almost entirely social media. You are now seeing a special GIF buttons on more popular social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Recently even a popular chat message app WhatsApp to roll out GIF feature too.

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So, what is the reason that suddenly from nowhere GIFs have stormed these popular social media sites? Well, all in all, one can say is that GIFs are expressive and they tell you what they want to tell you in just a few seconds. They are funny as well so with all the fun on offer GIFs have become popular within no time. Some of the smartphone camera apps to allow to shorten the videos and allow you to turn it into GIF but we are going to give you some of the fantastic GIF apps right now available and by using them you can certainly impress your social media followers.

Best GIF Maker Apps for iPhone and Android

Best GIF Maker Apps for iPhone and Android (Free)


GIPHY CAM App for iPhone and AndroidThis is the best GIF app you will ever see for sure and that is why we are starting with it only. GIPHY CAM is extremely clean and straightforward when it comes to user-friendliness. It will allow you to hold the shutter for a longer period to record a long GIF. But what makes GIPHY CAM special than the others is its various filters, which will allow you to add endless and entertaining stuff. Believe us all this stuff comes for free.

Download GIPHY CAM for iPhone | Download GIPHY CAM for Android

#2. Gifboom

Gifboom App for iPhone and AndroidThis is another popular GIF-making app available right now. You can now click your photos through this app or can even add photos already there in your phone memory and apply filters which are almost the same like Instagram. Once your GIF is ready you can share it directly on the various social media platforms.

Download Gifboom for iPhone | Download Gifboom for Android

#3. Footej Camera

Footej Camera Android AppThis is an exclusive Android app for creating GIF images and it was released this year only. At the first sight you may feel that this is another camera app but when you check its GIF making features you will certainly fall for it. With Footej Camera app you can create a GIF with slow motion video recording. So now you can use this app as a normal camera app and also as GIF creator as well.

Download Footej Camera for Android

#4. DSCO Cam

DSCO App for iPhoneIf you are a big fan of VSCO then this app will make you feel cool for sure. This is more precise and redefined GIF maker. All you need to do is to hold your finger on the shutter and you can record a longer GIF and a single tap will create normal GIFs. Once you are done with clicking it will publish directly to the VSCO and VSCO will then share it to Twitter, Instagram, Tumbler, and Facebook. The only thing you need to note here is that it is an exclusive iOS app.

Download DSCO Cam for iPhone

#5. Vine

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Vine App for iPhone and AndroidThis is one of the most popular apps among the social media users. You might take this as another video recording app because it adds sound as well, but if you have a close look at those Vine videos you will feel that they are almost like GIF image. Vine videos can last for only six seconds and they keep on playing on the loop. Once embedded on Facebook or Twitter the sounds are off by default which you can turn on by tapping on the sound icon.

Download Vine for iPhone | Download Vine for Android

#6. Gif Creator

Gif creator Android AppThe name says it all! Gif Creator will allow you to click images from your camera or will use your device images to create GIFs. Apart from creating GIFs the app have many features like ten filters, animated editing, animated reverting and much more. The GIFs will be restricted to 30 seconds which is more time than few other GIF creating apps give you. There are some issues which you might find when you are using it but you can use it because it is free.

Download Gif Creator for Android

#7. Phhhoto – Look Alive

PHHHOTO app for iPhone and AndroidThis app was launched almost a year and a half ago but it works really cool and probably that is the reason why this app has over a million registered users and got over 10 million GIFs uploaded via the app. With an extraordinary tab called WOW, you can make some mind-blowing looping GIF videos. All the filters regularly get updated according to holidays, seasons and current pop culture trends.

Download Phhhoto for iPhone | Download Phhhoto for Android

#8. Gif Camera

Gif Camera App for iPhoneThis is the simple GIF-making app available only for iPhones. Just need to tap your screen and start capturing frames one by one in sequence. Once you are done with the clicks just preview a brand new GIF and then press the “Play” button to see your image moving. You can then adjust the speed and save it when you feel happy about everything.

Download Gif Camera for iPhone

#9. Gif Maker

Gif Maker Android AppThis Gif making an app is really getting popular on Android platform now a day. Just like any other GIF-making app this one too allows you to click pictures and record videos and allows you to make a GIF for it. What makes difference is that there is a feature which you can add while you are continuously shooting and it allows you ten to 50 images for a GIF. The video time limit is between 5 and 25 seconds.

Download Gif Maker for Android

#10. Giffer!

Giffer Pro App for iPhoneThis app is getting great reviews on iTunes. Its User Interface is different in looks than some of the other GIF apps we have talked about but it is very easy to use and that is what makes it a good app. It has tons of great features and can give you the Instagram feel by tapping a frame from the bottom of the screen and then delay the slide or can also add a cinematograph mode. The app is paid and available for iPhone only.

Download Giffer! for iPhone


While choosing the GIF apps we have tried to maintain a good balance between Android only, iPhone only and also common apps for you. Hope you will like this collection of GIF-making apps because they are the best ones available right now on both the platforms and most of them are available for Free! So start clicking.

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