There are some features which are meant to get popular. GIF is that kind of a feature which got instant fame across the smartphone user base. The popularity of GIFs was such that iPhone invented a GIF based app called iMessages. On the other side, the Android users can still boast about the best GIF keyboards. But with innovations keep on going, we need the best out of the best GIF Keyboards for Android, and this list is about the best only.

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As we all know that there are many apps like Twitter and WhatsApp who gives users an extended facility of choosing live GIFs to show their emotions, but there are still many apps left where you can use these best GIF keyboards for Android. We are providing you 8 of the best such keyboards which can provide you the best GIF animations. You will have better options to search GIFs or using live GIFs within these apps. Not only that, but there are apps in this list which can let you re-use the GIFs without any problem at all.

Best GIF Keyboards for Android

8 Best GIF Keyboards for Android

#1. Gboard – the Google Keyboard

Google Keyboard App for AndroidLet’s start with the best among the best. The Google Keyboard or ‘Gboard,’ recently unveiled its 6.1 Beta version. Last year itself Google Keyboard got an update which started allowing sending GIFs but it was available for supporting apps only. But now with this new update, you can send GIFs wherever you wish to. You can search the GIF by tap on ‘GIF’ mentioned just below your Gboard alongside the smiley button and once you select a GIF just press send and that will be it!

Gboard became popular with Android’s Nougat because it is very easy to send GIFs with Google Keyboard on Android Nougat. But now the latest update is for everyone.

Price: Free
Download Google Keyboard (Gboard)

#2. Fleksy + GIF Keyboard

Flesky Keyboard App for AndroidOne of the most popular GIF keyboard for Android is called Flesky. Not only because it provides some mind blowing features but also because it is very quick in use and easy to understand as well. Flesky is the only keyboard that allows you to find and send GIFs along with customization of your keyboard with some great extensions and beautiful themes. What makes this keyboard special than many others, is its ability to launch an app from within so it is very easy to change apps while you are enjoying sending GIFs.

To help you more Fleksy has three customized tabs like Recently Used, Categories and Trending. Just search those cool GIFs and amaze your friends with Fleksy.

Price: Free
Download Fleksy

#3. Slash Keyboard

Slash Keyboard app for AndroidIf one can call Slash Keyboard as magic, then he is not wrong at all. This GIF keyboard for Android is so good that it can indeed become an alternative to Gboard. This keyboard brings a whole lot of features which enables you to search and GIFs with utmost ease. If you wish to add third party apps for more comfort then too it is cool with Slash Keyboard, and it will keep those apps saved on the top bar. To check which GIF is currently checked all you need to tap on GIF and it will let you check it.

The best part of this app is that it lets you send links or information directly from Google’s various services like Search, Maps or YouTube. You can even send messages or info from Twitter as well.

Price: Free
Download Slash

#4. TouchPal Keyboard – Cute Emoji

TouchPal Keyboard App for AndroidTouchPal Keyboard is one of the most popular GIF keyboard apps for Android users. It is free, and it allows you faster and comfortable typing with curve and predictions. There are thousands of GIFs you can choose from and can use it conveniently wherever you wish to. In this app, you can even create your GIF, and we all know personalized GIFs are always fun and something which others can’t do. Apart from sending GIFs, there are many such features which can make you adoring this app.

The TouchPal Cloud feature is what makes this app unique than the others. With this function, you can get text predictions via cloud suggestions on which words are trending right now.

Price: Free
Download TourchPal Keyboard

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#5. Ginger Keyboard – Emoji, GIFs

Ginger Keyboard App for AndroidA person who uses the internet extensively must be aware of grammar and spell checking tool called Ginger. The same Ginger is bringing you a
multi-purpose keyboard which also has an option to send GIFs. So now you can check your Grammar along with posting some cool GIFs. Ginger allows you to send GIFs based on predetermined categories only. Perhaps the only drawback with Ginger, if we talk about GIFs only, is not able to search live GIFs which is a must in today’s world.

So if you wish to keep your spell check and grammar check intact along with some fun with GIFs, then we feel that Ginger keyboard is made just for you.

Price: Free
Download Ginger Keyboard

#6. Kika Keyboard – Emoji, GIFs

Kika Keyboard App for AndroidFor some cool GIFs and easy search of GIFs have a look at Kika Keyboard app. If you go to Google Play Store and go to Kika Keyboard page, just check out the ratings and reviews it got, it is a cool and popular GIF keyboard app for Android for sure. You can easily access GIFs via emoji key on the keyboard, and then the sky is the only limit. You can search GIFs by emotions, movies, and also via trending GIFs. Yes, searching GIFs via text as well.

The best feature of Kika Keyboard is its magic icon. Once you hit it and start typing the app will automatically start suggesting you related
GIFs, isn’t it cool?

Price: Free
Download Kika Keyboard

#7. Joy Keyboard – animated GIFs

Joy Keyboard App for AndroidThis is relatively new GIF keyboard app for Android smartphone but let me tell you it is loaded with features. First of all, it gives you two options; one is “you may like” where you will have GIF suggestions. The other option is “trending” which is self-explanatory. In addition to these options, you can search your GIFs via texts and also you can upload your GIFs and share with friends.

This is not it friends, with ‘Facemojis’ option you can capture your face and turn it into an emoji or even a GIF sticker. It is very easy to do all these things with Joy Keyboard, so just download it.

Price: Free
Download Joy Keyboard

#8. Go Keyboard – Emoji, GIFs

GO Keyboard Pro App for AndroidFinishing off this great list of the best GIF keyboards for Android with a simple yet very effective app called Go Keyboard. Once you download the app, then you will get different categories of GIF, and also you can check the trending GIFs as well. Just send those GIFs through your GO Keyboard without any problem. Perhaps the only issue is that you can’t post live GIFs which is a drawback for this app. There are tons of emojis, stickers, themes which make this app enjoyable for sure.

One thing you must need to note here is that there are many versions of GO Keyboard available on Google Play Store, so you need to download only the one which we provided below, so don’t get confused when you go and search for GO Keyboard.

Price: Free
Download GO Keyboard


#9. Tenor GIF Keyboard

Tenor GIF Keyboard App for AndroidThis is probably the fastest GIF Keyboards available right now on the Google Play Store, and the reason behind this is that Tenor is a GIF searching engine just like Giphy. You just need to name the GIF you are looking for, and Tenor GIF Keypad will search it down within no time. If we compare Tenor with other great GIF keyboards we discussed here like Fleksy or Kika, it certainly scores over it because of its speed and also having a vast repository of reactions.

You will check trending GIFs, most popular GIFs and also you can search a GIF according to your present mood. The only problem this keyboard is that it doesn’t have its alphabet keyboard so once you insert a GIF you need to revert to your default keyboard. But for incredible speed and big storage of GIFs, you should look for this app.

Price: Free
Download Tenor GIF Keyboard

With such great GIF keyboards at your disposal, all you need now just to let your imagination get a go and start sending and sharing the amazing GIFs provided by the apps above. This is the best collection of best GIF keyboards for Android smartphones plus all these apps are free to download. So what are you waiting for? Just download any of the app mentioned in the list that you feel is perfect for you and start sending GIFs to surprise your friends and loved ones.

Once you start using any of the apps we furnished above, just let us know how cool or dumb (just in case you feel like) it is on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus or over here in the comments section. We are eagerly waiting for your feedback.