Your smartphone keyboard is the most useful tool when you are chatting with your friends on WhatsApp, Hangout or Messenger apps. During your chat, you share emojis, maps, and other information. A stock keyboard app may not offer you all the features to spice up your conversation. Thanks to Gboard app (earlier known as Google keyboard) app, you can now improve and enhance your chat/typing experience on your Android device. The app comes pre-loaded on many recently released Android smartphones and tablets. However, if you don’t find it, you can always download Gboard from Google Play. Once there, use some of the best Gboard tips and tricks for Android.

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What is so special about Gboard? Google keyboard will bring a sea change in your chatting, and you will have more fun than ever. Apart from sliding your finger from letter to letter (glide typing) and emoji search, your Gboard app packs many other cool features to impress you. We have listed ten best Gboard tips and tricks you can use on your Android to make your chat more exciting.

Best Gboard Tips and Tricks for Android

10 Best Gboard Tips and Tricks for Android

Tip #1: Glide Typing

Glide Typing in Android Gboard App

Even your QWERTY keyboard can be challenging for some users, who are hunt-and-peck typists in the initial days of their romance with Android device. For such users, glide typing is the way to respond to chats from contacts quickly. For example, if you want to say ‘Hello’ to someone, simply glide your fingers from H to E, L, L, and O. And you are done! Release your finger and ‘Hello’ is written on your keyboard; simply tap on the send button to say Hello. However, this glide typing is more useful when you are using your phone in vertical mode; in horizontal mode, you may find it difficult to glide your finger or thumb.

Tip #2: Spacebar becomes a trackpad

Use Spacebar as a trackpad in Android Gboard App

This is a boon for users who tend to write long sentences in chat. Some serious chatters, who take their linguistic bloopers seriously, want to rectify their grammar or spelling mistakes. But how to go back to the first few words of the long sentence? You can now use your space bar, which works like a trackpad. So once you type the entire sentence, just drag your finger across the spacebar to go to that specific word to correct it.

Tip #3: Access punctuation in a jiffy

Access punctuation marks in Android Gboard App

A punctuation mark can make or break your relationship if not used correctly. Moreover, it is important to use punctuation mark when you are engaged in a serious conversation. Want to access punctuation mark instantly on your Gboard? Press and hold the period button (full stop), and you will see a pop-up with different punctuation marks. Without releasing your finger, glide over the mark you want to use and then release the finger.

Tip #4: Capitalize the alphabet quickly

Capitalize the alphabet quickly in Android Gboard App

Earlier, users have to tap on the UP arrow to capitalize each alphabet before typing a word. With Gboard, it has become super easy to capitalize alphabet anytime in your conversation. Just swipe from the caps key to the alphabet you wish to capitalize.

Tip #5: Google anything while you are chatting

In the middle of your conversation, you want to share something with your friends. For this purpose, Google has integrated its search option in the Gboard. So you can quickly search any keyword or phrase and send that information to your contact directly.

Google anything while you are chatting in Android Gboard App

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For this, tap on Google logo from the top left corner of the Gboard app and enter the keyword or key phrase. You will quickly see the results below; tap on the SHARE button on a particular result you want to share. That link will be copied and pasted into the text bar; then hit the Send button.

Tip #6: Find and share GIFs

Find and share GIFs in Android Gboard App

GIF is the best way to add fun to your chat. Users love to send GIF instead of typing something funny. Tap on Google logo and then tap on GIF option from the menu seen on the keyboard. Next, choose any GIF you want to send and hit the send button. You can explore different categories of GIF like high-five, clapping, shrug, thumbs up, no, yes and more.

Tip #7: Create shortcuts

The young generation believes in using shortcuts as they are always in a hurry to reach somewhere. Gboard offers you some shortcuts you can use to make your life easier.

Tap on Google logo → Ellipsis (…) → Settings → Dictionary → Personal dictionary.

Go to Personal dictionary in Android Settings

Then choose the language and then hit ‘+’ button. Next, you need to type the word for which you want to create a shortcut, and then enter the shortcut below.

Create shortcuts in Android Gboard App

I have created MB shortcut that stands for Megebyte; so whenever I have to type Megebyte, I don’t have to write the entire word. I would simply enter MB, and my job is done!

Tip #8: Translate text on the go

For globetrotters, there cannot be any better friend than a translator? But where to find this gentleman? Right on your Gboard!

Translate text in Android Gboard App

Tap on Google logo → Google Translate → Type the text you want to translate and then choose the target language from the list of languages.

The options of target languages are available on the top right corner of the Gboard. Note that text that you type into the translate box will be sent to Google for translation. While you are here, also check the Detect language option, which shows the source language (in which you are typing the text).

Tip #9: Speak and don’t type

Type Using Your Voice in Android Gboard App

When your fingers lose thumb strength, give your tongue some task. On the Gboard, tap on microphone icon (on the right corner of the space bar) and then dictate what you want to type. The high-quality voice recognition software for Google accurately types what you speak. Then hit the send button.

Tip #10: Change default theme

You can change the default theme of the Gboard and add some color.

Tap on Google logo → Color Palette icon → Theme → Choose a theme of your choice and hit Apply button.

Change default keyboard theme in Android Gboard App

Go back to the Gboard and see the wonderful effect!

That’s all friends!

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