If you’re in your 30s or 40s then you probably will fondly remember those good old days when you used to play a lot many GBA emulators for an entire day during vacations. Well, the time has changed and we now have lot better technology which offers exciting and 3D games but still, those games are having a special place in our heart for sure. If you still fan of those games and want to relive that moment again with your kids then you must know that you can play the best GBA emulators for PC right there at your home again.

There are many top rated GBA emulators available for PC and you can choose and pick any one of them. But if you want some of the most comprehensive GBA games then we believe you should go through the list we are about to present you here. You will find a lot many choices here along with the best possible games for sure. Before we move on let us make it clear that playing games on GBA emulators is a totally different experience than playing Windows 10 store games on your PC whether online or offline.

Best GBA Emulators for PC

7 Best GBA Emulators for PC

#1. Boycott Advance

This is one of the easiest to use GBA emulators you will find in the market. Not only this many online web tech magazines have included BoycottAdvance in their best GBA emulators as well. It works with simple ethics and requires BIOS support and once you get that you can play all the commercial and personal GBA ROMs on your Windows PC with total ease. If you don’t want to buy a GBA system and still want to play all the GBA titles which you like the most on PC then BoycottAdvance is the perfect choice for you.

You can also get the best sound experience with this emulator as it supports full sound emulation as well. You can save your state support anywhere so you can play your favorite game at any point of time. You may also attach joypad or joystick with your PC and can have more fun.

Download Boycott Advance

#2. DreamGBA

This is another light-weighted GBA currently available in the market. Unlike its name suggesting this emulator doesn’t offer you much as it works with simple fundamental. If you want to play your GBA with a simple emulator which uses less space on your PC then DreamGBA is the best solution for you. It doesn’t offer anything extra but just work as a simple GBA only. So if you are looking for something extra then it is better that you go for other GBAs we are offering in this article.

Download DreamGBA

#3. RascalBoy Advance

RascalBoy Advance is another simple GBA emulator but what makes it different than the others is that it has the latest multiplayer plugin and hence it is better than the rest. You can connect up to 4 players via that menu RascalBoy Advance emulators. Apart from this multiplayer connectivity it also lets you play all the commercial and personal games without any trouble at all. So if you have got a gang of friends who too are a big fan of GBA emulators, then RascalBoy Advance is the first thing you need to download.

Download RascalBoy Advance

#4. Higan

Don’t go by its strange name just look at how efficiently this GBA emulator works. One can call this as all-in-one emulators because apart from GBA games it supports all the Nintendo games and also NES, GBC and SNES games with this one emulator as well. All your other gaming consoles can be clubbed this one and you can use the Higan emulator for free. Because it supports lot many GBA emulators and other gaming consoles it is one of the best emulators you will ever find online.

Download Higan

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#5. Visual Boy Advance (VBA –M)

This one of the most popular VBA games around. If you search for GBA emulators you will find Visual Boy Advance as one of the top searches in Google, which tells you the amount of popularity it has. This is also one of the ‘firsts’ as far as GBA emulators go, but somehow in 2004 the developers have decided to call it a day and ever since there are many GBA emulators for Visual Boy have mushroomed.

We are offering VBA-M which is the latest version and yet it continues the legacy of VBA all the way through. It is equipped with some of the coolest features of the game which make it even more amazing. It is compatible with all the GameBoy and supports full save state features. You can even speed up the game by just pressing one button. Enjoy more stuff by using the joystick experience as well.

Download Visual Boy Advance

#6. BatGBA

This is one of the few light-weighted GBA emulators right now available in the market. Despite it is being light-weighted it can do what most of the other GBA emulators we have mentioned here with ease. You will be able to play all the commercial and personal GBA ROMs on your PC with this emulator without any hassle. What can surprise us the most that despite being launched almost a decade ago BatGBA still works as efficiently as it was when we heard about it for the first time. If you want to play most of the games perfectly then you probably need an original BIOS file and these BIOS files are available on the internet easily.

Download BatGBA

#7. No$GBA

The another name of No$GBA is No Cash GBA emulator and it is one of the best GBA emulators around. What makes No$GBA different than the others is that it can be connected with other emulators as well, so you can play multi-player games with the utmost east. Not only that it can be connected to the internet or a local network so your enjoyment will be doubled. With an internet connection, you can trade your Pokémon and fight with the other traders.

The above is just the half of what No$GBA can do for you. It can work as a double benefit for a single price because it can also work as Nintendo DS emulator as well. So with this emulator, you can play all those Nintendo commercial games with No$GBA. So we can safely say that this is probably the best GBA emulator which can give you full enjoyment.

Download No$GBA


We are absolutely certain that after learning about these best GBA emulators for PC you must be all ready to play those games for sure. So just pick up the emulator which you feel is suitable for your gaming needs and then let us know how it has worked in the comments section.