When you got all the best Samsung Gear VR accessories with you and still not finding the best gamepad for Gear VR as its gaming companion, we can understand your situation. Yes, it is very hard to select a perfect gaming control partner for Samsung Gear VR as there is a huge amount of choices in front of you.

So, what will you do if you are confused with quality, brand, compatibility and prices? Well, you need not run around online to find the perfect match. Just go through the list we are about to provide you and select your kind of a gamepad for your Samsung Gear to get the maximum and smooth functioning of your favorite games.

Best Wireless/Bluetooth Gamepad for Gear VR

Gear VR Gamepad Features
Beboncool Bluetooth Gamepad
Matricom G-Box Compatible
Steelseries 40+ Hours Of Gameplay
Tnp Products Joypad Joystick
Antimi Controller With Clip
Satechi 23Ft Wireless Range
Mad Catz Multiplatform Capable
Ausun Portable Design
Marioretro Widely Compatible
C-Zone Multi-Functional


Presenting exquisite looking gamepad for Samsung Gear VR. This is an Android Bluetooth gamepad but if you wish you can also use it as a wired gamepad for your PC. Apart from this, this gadget has few more features which are making it compatible with many devices.

Features of BEBONCOOL Gamepad

  • BeBoncool Gamepad compatible with devices with Android 3.0 and up.
  • Also get 3.9 foot long USB cable with the gamepad to enable you to use it on your PC.
  • The ergonomic and Responsive design makes this gamepad very comfortable to use.
  • Anti-skid grips on both sides make it easy to use and feel safe while handling.
  • 32-bit high-speed MCU chip gives great sensitivity and quick response.
  • Inbuilt 400mAh battery gives continuous 5 to 8 hours of playing time.
  • Get free companion app so that you get many HID protocol games which are compatible with this controller.

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#2. Matricom

Although Matricom offers a variety of gamepads for Gear VR, we chose this piece for you because it is rated very high and by more than 700 users on Amazon. This is a wireless gamepad which can be recharged with a USB cable which you will get with the device.

Features of Matricom Gamepad

  • This gamepad provides a silky smooth gaming experience because it has a high precision variable resistant joystick.
  • The dual mode connectivity will make it compatible with more gaming platforms.
  • Highest quality ABS plastic is the primary material used in this gamepad which gives it a long life and comfortable handling while playing it.
  • Inbuilt Lithium battery can give you long hours of playing.
  • The battery is also rechargeable, all you need to do is to plug the USB cable.
  • There are 16 buttons in total which give you the most useful and powerful controls you can ever get on a gaming pad.

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#3. SteelSeries

We have selected this Gear VR gamepad from SteelSeries for you because it is ‘Amazon Selected’ product, so one can easily trust on the quality and functioning of this gadget. Apart from Samsung Gear VR, this gamepad is also compatible with many other gaming devices. Hence it gives you many choices in hand.

Features of SteelSeries Gamepad

  • The compact and sleek design provides the easy handling of this gamepad.
  • Attractive black color makes it more desirable.
  • For seamless gaming, all you need to do is to use the home and the back buttons.
  • You can play thousands of controller-enabled games with this device without making any sweat.
  • For an immersive gaming experience, we advise you to use its Steam Big Picture mode.
  • A unique design at the bottom of this gadget prevent scratches occurring from hard or pointed surfaces.

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#4. TNP Products

TNP Products present this cool looking Gear VR gamepad, and it will steal your heart at first sight. The color combination of black and red plus the design makes this gamepad one of the most presentable gaming pads you will ever see. Let us check few of its best features.

Feature of TNP Products Gamepad

  • The console style controls of this gamepad give you the best experience of playing because you will feel that you are using a gaming console while using it.
  • The design is familiar, so you can instantly feel home about this gaming pad.
  • There are 16 buttons and two variable joysticks which make this gaming pad as one of the most useful and powerful gamepads available in the market.
  • Apart from Gear VR, you can also use this gamepad on your smartphone as well.
  • Compatible with most of the popular games available on Google Play Store.
  • Try to match this cool looking Gear VR gamepad with the best headphones for VR and get the maximum enjoyment out of your games.

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#5. Antimi

Meet this most stylish and colorful Gear VR gamepad from Antimi. The gamepad is also a wireless Android controller like many other gamepads we are offering, but it has a unique design for playing comfort, and that is why we chose this piece for you.

Features of Antimi Gamepad

  • The most impressive part of this gamepad is that all the necessary buttons which can be very helpful to you while playing games are put on the one side and also together.
  • Each of the buttons has their color which makes your gaming experience even better.
  • Compatible with almost all gaming smartphone and can play most of the games available as well.
  • The inbuilt 350mAh battery provides 5 to 8 hours of playing, and it is easy to recharge as well.
  • There is a unique platform at the bottom which keeps the bottom safe from scratches or dirt if you put the gamepad on a surface.

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#6. Satechi

One more gamepad, this time from Satechi which has an exclusive design and it is compatible with Samsung Gear VR games. Apart from Gear VR, you can play games with this gamepad on your smartphone as well. So, get the maximum benefit out of this gadget.

Features of Satechi Gamepad

  • A sleek outlook and precise buttons for that perfect gaming enjoyment and comfort as well.
  • There are 14 buttons in all which can quickly make you feel home while using it.
  • All the buttons are soft and easy to press for the uninterrupted enjoyment.
  • One of the best grips on both the sides provides easy and secure handling.
  • Make use of power-saving sleep mode if you are not using it for a longer period and save plenty of juice from your battery.
  • The 220mAh Li-ion battery provides long time gaming.
  • The wireless range of this gamepad is good 23ft so you can handle your games from most of the corners of your room.

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#7. Mad Catz

Mad Catz is one of the known brands, and it is bringing a great gamepad for your Samsung Gear VR. The multiple compatibilities of this gadget make it more desirable than most of the gamepads you will find on the market. Here is the list of best features of Mad Catz gamepad.

Features of Mad Catz Gamepad

  • Probably a rare gamepad which is certified by Samsung, hence the trust level is very high for this device.
  • There are three modes which will give you total control over your gaming.
  • The proper usage of the buttons will always give you easy navigation of on-screen menus.
  • The size of this gamepad may be compact, but it has full feature performance which can be helpful to unleash total entertainment from the games you play.
  • The D-pad and shoulder buttons of this gamepad are 20% smaller than a full-sized controller to have greater control over movements.

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Here comes one of the best Gear VR gamepads made by AUSUN, which is compatible with Android devices 3.2 and above. This gamepad supports Android’s HID protocol for games and gives you seamless gaming experience all the time.

Features of AUSUN Gamepad

  • It delivers precise and responsive controls which will make the difference.
  • The ergonomic and portable design which gives you longer gaming sessions without getting tired at all.
  • The best part of this gamepad is its power saving feature; if there is no Bluetooth connection for 5 minutes, the gamepad will off the power automatically.
  • Even if the gamepad has a continuous Bluetooth connection, but there is no activity for 30 minutes, it will off the power on its own.
  • Soft and precisely located buttons will make sure that you hang on to your games without any trouble.

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#9. MarioRetro

The MarioRetro gaming pad for Samsung Gear VR is compatible with smartphones and PC as well, so even if you are purchasing it for your Gear VR, you can use it on your phone and PC as well. The design may look small, but it is a great gamepad for your Gear VR for sure. Want to have a look at its features?

Features of MarioRatro Gamepad

  • It has a console like gaming controls so that you will get the best out of this gamepad always.
  • Compatible with so many devices, you have the best money saving option in your hands.
  • Unlike other gamepads, this gamepad is well made and very solid and will last long.
  • The plastic and rubber grips on both the sides make this gamepad comfortable to hold.
  • These grips are also loaded with anti-skid compatibility so that the pad won’t slip from your control.
  • Both the directional pad and the buttons are easy to identify for a new user.
  • Get 5-8 hours of enjoyment with a single charge from the inbuilt 400mAh rechargeable battery.
  • Charge the battery with any good mini USB port.
  • The company offers unconditional 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product.

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#10. C-Zone

This C-Zone gamepad for Gear VR is so small in size that you probably not believe that it is a game controller. This super smart gaming companion is compatible with the most of the gaming devices which gives you a good option to save the money.

Features of C-Zone Gamepad

  • The left and right shoulder buttons of this gamepad have a special ergonomic shape which gives you ease of use.
  • Get the ultimate flexibility, precision, control, quality, and comfort to enjoy your games to the next level.
  • Because it is Bluetooth enabled and pocket-sized you can carry it anywhere you want to.
  • All the buttons are easy to identify for smooth and seamless enjoyment for the longer period.

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We are now concluding this extraordinary list of the best gamepad for Gear VR. We are sure that you will like the range of choices you now have which will easily let you select your kind of Gear VR gamepad right?

Once you choose one of the products above, please share your experience with us here in the comments section.