When we hear the word ‘Photoshop’ we invariably think about Adobe Photoshop. There are many reasons for us for not going to the best free Photoshop alternatives, although they are available easily. Maybe because we trust the brand Adobe so much is the reason.

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For professionals Adobe Photoshop is must software because they feel like home with that software, but then what about those who are not professional? There are thousands of Windows or Mac users around who want to use Photoshop occasionally, and for them, there are great alternatives available.

Best Free Photoshop Alternatives10 Best Free Photoshop Alternatives for Windows and Mac

#1. Paint.NET

If you are a fan of Microsoft Window’s Paint software, then you will probably feel that Paint.NET is very easy to use. One can also add that this is just an advanced version of Paint. Anyways, one must admit that because it is more related with Paint, it is not that powerful like Adobe Photoshop.

Paint.NET Photoshop SoftwareIf you have Windows 7 or later versions of it, then you can certainly use this alternative. Do editing, adding layers, noise removal, sharpening and many more things with Paint.NET. This alternative has a vast community support which keeps on adding various powerful add-ons.

Download Paint.NET Software

#2. CinePaint

Cinepaint is one of the most popular open sources for editing pictures and even videos. Not only Windows this Photoshop alternative can work well with Mac and Linux as well. You can do almost everything, which you are doing right now with your Adobe Photoshop.

CinePaint Photoshop SoftwareCinePaint is extremely helpful when you need to do some real image retouching. It has a special tool, which will make your retouching exercise easy. CinePain also supports the higher color fidelity than all those other painting tools.

Download CinePaint Software

#3. GIMP

If you want the best out of the best alternatives for Photoshop, then you should check out GIMP or in other words, GNU Image Manipulation Program. GIMP too has a large supportive community, which keeps its add-ons updated. With so many features like layers, selection editing, HDR, noise removal, lens, and color correction this is the best alternative to Photoshop.

GIMP Photoshop SoftwareYou can have file formats like BMP, JPEG, RAW, PNG, TIFF and much more and that too at your will. Still, GIMP lacks behind Photoshop, but if you are not professional, then GIMP is the better alternative, which you should look at.

Download GIMP Software

#4. Pixlr

Want to do photo editing without leaving your browser? Then Pixlr is the best alternative for you for Adobe Photoshop. This is an online photo editor and all you need to have the Flash player installed, and you can do plenty of things with your pictures, using Pixlr.

Pixlr Photoshop SoftwareDespite it is one of the best alternatives for Photoshop we must advise do not put multiple layers with Pixlr as it is its biggest drawback. Other than this there is no harm using Pixlr and get lot many features with it, which can make your photos look great.

Download Pixlr Software

#5. Seashore

Seashore uses only Mac OS and hence for those who are having Mac can this good alternative to Photoshop. One must take a note that Seashore is not that powerful as Photoshop or even GIMP, but it certainly has lot many tools, which can give you similar features, which both, those software gives you.

Seashore Photoshop SoftwareYou can enjoy brush strokes, multiple layers and gradients with Seashore quickly. The interface is simple, and the editing itself is easy as well. This software supports JPG, PNG, TIFF and XCF files.

Download Seashore Software

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#6. SumoPaint

SumoPaint is another web-based picture editing alternative for Adobe Photoshop. It may not be as powerful as Photoshop itself or even GIMP, but if you want to do photo editing just for the fun’s sake, then there can’t be any better editors than SumoPaint.

SumoPaint Photoshop SoftwareYou can do plenty of fun things with images like adding party hats, mustaches and also funny masks. There are some helpful tools like symmetry tool or brushes, which can make your editing a lot easier. This lightweight image editing website is a must for non-professionals.

Download SumoPaint Software

#7. PicMonkey

Another web-based photo editor is here which can be a good alternative to Photoshop. What makes PicMonkey different than most of the editors we are offering just now is it has Instagram-like filters. So now you can reduce or remove any blemish you might find on your pictures quickly.

PicMonkey Photoshop softwareYou can also remove wrinkles from the picture if any and can add more flair to your images with sticky overlays. Add more fun to your images with PicMonkey, and all this comes for absolutely free! A great alternative to Photoshop.

Download PicMonkey Software

#8. GrafX2

GrafX2 supports Windows, Linux, DOS, Haiku, MorphOS, Mac OS X, Atari MiNT, FreeBSD and AmigaOS with ease. There are key features like drawing in indexed colors, color cycling, palette editor, transparency and much more which will allow you to give your picture number of great effects.

GrafX2 Photoshop SoftwareIt has a reasonably stable version, which means your editing will be just fine. Apart from regular brushes and other tools, GrafX2 is designed to give you the best drawing experience even if you are doing it just for a hobby and not professionally.

Download GarfX2 Software

#9. Krita

Krita considered being one of the best editing tools, which are probably the best to use on open source platforms, like Linux and Unix. Krita is also available for Windows and BSD, and it works excellently on these two platforms as well.

Krita Photoshop SoftwareThis software comes as a bundle with KOffice suit, and if you want to do some image editing on open source platform, then Krita has very few opponents. It does lack to some extent if we compare Photoshop or GIMP with it but overall it is a powerful image editor for sure.

Download Krita Software

#10. PhotoFiltre

One of the lesser known yet a good alternative (which comes for free) for Photoshop then PhotoFilter can be a good choice. This software is compatible with Windows only; so all you Windows users get some of the best picture editing tools with PhotoFiltre.

PhotoFiltre Photoshop SoftwareThere are some advanced but very simple tools, which will help you to make image adjustments. There are many filters, which will enhance the look of your picture. For those who want to learn Photoshop, this is probably the best alternative.

Download PhotoFiltre Software

Trust, you liked these best free Photoshop alternatives for sure. You can give your feedback here in the comments section or on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.

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