Calamity can strike at any time and that too without any prior notice. It can happen when you are having a great day at the office, which isn’t normal always you might be wondering the same, and suddenly you delete a file or it gets corrupted and you lose your entire work within no minutes and you think your good day has been spoiled. Losing data is certainly an unfortunate thing to happen with any of us, but then we should not feel disappointed.

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You might be thinking that when such calamity strikes you don’t have any backup then how on earth one can keep calm? Let us guide you on this. Whenever you file gets deleted technically it is not deleted but it is made as reusable and it is removed only from the index. This only means that within a certain period of time you can most definitely restore or recover that file. Just like recovering deleted sticky notes on Windows, you can even recover your deleted data and that too with some helpful software which are available for free.

Best Free Data Recovery Software for Windows 10

10 Best Free Data Recovery Software for Windows 10

#1. Pandora Recovery

This software allows you to go through your drive to find the deleted data and then you can even preview the photo and other data files which you wish to restore. Not only deleted a file accidentally but it can also restore your archived, hidden, encrypted and compressed files also. Once it completes the process it will inform you about how the file recovery process went through based on how it was overwritten.

Download Pandora Recovery

#2. Recuva

This is the most equipped recovery software for Windows 10 which can help you in many ways to recover your lost data with complete ease. Recuva scans your drives deeply and then it can recover your data which has been deleted on your drive or even from those drives which are damaged or even formatted. Not only this it can also recover data which was accidently removed from certain apps like your email app or also the temp folder on windows. If you are facing frequent power cuts and not sure when your last data was saved, then you should consider Recuva as it is having overwhelming options to get your data restored. The inbuilt wizard will also help you to guide through the entire data recovery process.

Download Recuva

#3. TestDisk

Sometimes what happens is that your drive’s file system gets damaged and you are not able to access your data which is stored in it. One can do the rescue act with the other apps we have prescribed here but if there is a big sized data then recovery may take a big amount of time. So, for such data loss, the best alternative is to rescue the file system which will work faster than recovering data. TaskDisk works on the same method and it is packaged with PhotoRec which we have talked about already. It will repair your broken file system and then make your data and drive available for use without formatting it. The app has been updated with the formats used by Windows and can work on multiple operating systems as well.

Download TestDisk

#4. PhotoRec

This is one of the most powerful command line software for your data recovery. PhotoRec works by bypassing the file system so that your computer can see the drive but it cannot use it on multiple platforms.

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Download PhotoRec

#5. Ultimate Boot CD

The name suggests all. It is the ultimate boot CD run which has included multiple free diagnostic tools which will scan, edit and also save your computer’s drive or data. There are so many tools which are part of this software which will do their task with ease. This software will also help just in case you are not able to boot into your main OS so, in other words, you need not worry about being locked out of your data. TestDisk and PhotoRec are also part of this software for the speedy recovery of your lost data.

Download Ultimate Boot CD

#6. Glary Undelete

This data recovery software can give you one of the best-managed results for your lost or deleted data. It will scan deep in your hard disk and then show you each property of your deleted files and also in which state they are right now. Then it will give you an estimate on how the recovery process will be done and what you can expect once the recovery is done. If you wish you can also filter the results of the scan and find or sort your files manually which you want to restore.

Download Glary Undelete

#7. Orion File Recovery

This is another non-decorated data recovery software which works with ease and does it work with utmost simplicity. What it does is that it opens with a wizard which will ask you steps one by one on what you are actually looking for. So that will make the recovery process thorough and easy. There is also a overwrite feature which is permanent just in case if you want your data to be destroyed completely.

Download Orion File Recovery

#8. UndeleteMyFiles Pro

The developers of this software call it a free professional tool to recover accidentally deleted files. This only means that it is a free tool which is normally used by professional hence the quality of recovery will be great. Apart from normal recovery tools, this has plenty more tools to make your task easy such as searching deleted files and then restoring them. What makes this tool different than the other ones is that it takes a disk image snapshot for your drive with its Emergency Disk Image feature. This snapshot will help you just case the data has been overwritten accidentally.

Download UndeleteMyFiles Pro

#9. Wise Data Recovery

This is probably the best data recovery software for the beginners. It works simply and it is not heavy in size too. It has the simple interface and has no other features which the other software here have. But it also has everything one needs to have to recover data, just go through the process and keep recovering your data. For singular tasks, this is the best option.

Download Wise Data Recovery

#10. Restoration

If you want a no-nonsense, not decorated and easy to use data recovery software then Restoration is the answer for your need. It is actually an EXE file which you need not install to run so it will save your time for sure. Moreover, the size of this software is just 400KB so it will take very little space on your hard disk. Because of it is incredibly small you can take it anywhere in your USB and can run it easily on other computers as well.

Download Restoration


After reading this article and getting one of those free data recovery software for your Windows 10 you need not worry about the calamity about which we talked about at the beginning. All these software are easy to use and free of everything. Share your experience and let us know how it worked for you on Facebook,Twitter, and Google Plus and even here in the comments.