Fitbit is the best fitness tracker for all fitness freaks. It keeps track of your every move. Well, you can track your health more precisely and have great fun with your smartwatch using some of the best Fitbit apps whether you are using it for Android or iPhone. We have accumulated a list of the best apps for Fitbit; you can choose and get started to track your health using these Fitbit Charge 2 tips and tricks.

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Whether you want to make a perfect diet plan or need some exercise tips, these apps will give you every suggestion you wish to. Furthermore, few of these apps will also let you add your friends and challenge them specific tasks so you will get more excitement in your life. Let’s go through these top 10 best Fitbit apps for Android and iPhone and keep your body fit.

Best Fitbit Apps for iPhone and Android10 Best Fitbit Apps for Android and iPhone

#1. Map My Run

Map My Run Fitbit App for iPhone and AndroidIf you want to gain fitness by running or jogging in your neighborhood and want to keep and check out your daily progress of your jog, then Map My Run is perhaps the best app for it. The app tracks you with real-time GPS and keeps a record of every route you take. If you wish you can even save the map so next time if you want to take the same path; it can provide some easiness.

Plus, Map My Run also keeps a record of distance, duration, the pace of your running or jogging and calorie burn as well. You can even share your jogging activities with your friends and can also check their data from the same app. The app will also suggest you some new locations nearby which you may like to jog to next time.

Download Map My Run for iPhone | Download Map My Run for Android

#2. Strava

Strava Running and Cycling GPS Fitbit App for iPhone and AndroidIf cycling is your way to keep yourself fit then why don’t you go for Strava? This app is available for both iPhone and Android. If you got friends who too like cycling to gain fitness, then this app will connect with them all and throw some data about their cycling activities with you and your data with them. The app will also count your calorie counts after your exercise sessions.

Download Strava for iPhone | Download Strava for Android

#3. Calorie Counter

Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker Fitbit App for iPhone and AndroidThe other name of Calorie Counter app is ‘MyFitnessPal’ which sums up what this app is all about. The app designed in such a way that it can take care of your daily usage of calorie just like a friend would do. The app carries the database of over 5 million food varieties. All you need to do is to spare five minutes out of your regular work and create a food diary. Once you do that the app will count calories, fat, protein, sugar, fiber, and cholesterol.

After the process given the app will give you daily calorie goal based on the diet you provided and then will adjust it with your daily activities measured in sync with your Fitbit watch. The final result will be advice on which food you should take every day.

Download Calorie Counter for iPhone

Download Calorie Counter for Android

#4. SparkPeople

Weight Loss Diet & Calorie Calculator, SparkPeople Fitbit App for iPhone and AndroidThis is one more app which keeps track of your diet and your daily activities. Once both of your major habits tracked the app will give you the best possible solutions to remain fit by taking calorie-based food. SparkPeople has millions of users, and it is perhaps the best app for Fitbit when it comes to planning your daily food diet. The app tracks over 3.5 million foods, which will make it easy for you to count your daily calories and how you can plan to use them during the day.

Download SparkPeople for iPhone | Download SparkPeople for Android

#5. FitTap

FitTap Fitbit App for iPhone and AndroidYes, most of the fitness apps on Fitbit track your activity and exercise details, but only if you fill certain data manually. For some this exercise is boring, and for some, they don’t have time to fill this information. Plus those apps do not understand how much water intact you have before and after the exercise. In such situation, FitTap comes to your rescue.

This app works by using NFC tags. There is no need to power your Fitbit or even open the app, just scan the tag, and that would be it! This app is such a big help that it can fill in the information of your jogging, swimming, drinking water or even sleep automatically and this information you can get by one tap on your Fitbit account. The data will have the integration of your daily activities and calories.

Download FitTap App for iPhone | Download FitTap App for Android

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#6. Lose It!

Lose It! – Weight Loss Program and Calorie Counter Fitbit App for iPhone and AndroidIf you don’t like running, jogging or cycling but you want your food habits to make you or keep you fit then go for Lose It! app. It will take notes of your daily meals, sleep and your activities, not necessarily exercise. Once you store the data in the app, it will then give you the healthy balance between your diet and your activities. You can even get customized weight loss plan.

The barcode scanner which is inbuilt in the app is easy for the food logging, and it will give you a full plan on how you can get or reduce carbs, fats, proteins, fiber, and sodium. Fitbit too will help you to get an overall health report.

Download Lose It! for iPhone | Download Lose It! for Android


Fitstar Personal Trainer Fitbit App for iPhone and AndroidThis app works as your personal fitness trainer. You can get plenty of fitness sessions personalized just for you via video. These videos created by some of the known fitness instructors and hence you will have a comprehensive guide on how you can remain fit always. Apart from fitness trainers, get some excellent nutrition tips from reputed nutrition advisors across the USA. What makes FITSTAR, really a ‘star’ app is that it understands your daily routine and limits and then it creates a workout program for you.

Even with certain exercises which you are finding difficult to execute, FITSTAR very well understands your problem and changes the activity or reduces the number of time you need to do those steps. Your daily workout data tracked by this app from your Fitbit smartwatch, and at the end of the day, it will let you know some calories you burned during the day. Isn’t it cool?

Download Fitstar for iPhone | Download Fitstar for Android

#8. Waterlogged

Waterlogged Fitbit App for iPhone and AndroidWhile maintaining fitness, we tend to forget about water level which is necessary for our body. Because of you workout hard you sweat hard as well. Apart from that even during our regular job at home or workplace, we lose water from our body. But, thankfully we have the Waterlogged app which will keep on reminding you about water level you have or whether you are running out of a risk of losing it too much. If you want to find whether you are running out of water or not, the process is simple.

All you need to do is to take a quick snap of the water bottle you are drinking water from your smartphone, and the app will keep track of how much water you are consuming throughout the day. The app will provide you data on whether you are achieving your water goals or not. Your Fitbit will take care of the rest of the tracking on water outlets.

Download Waterlogged for iPhone | Download Waterlogged for Android

#9. Lumosity

Lumosity - Brain Training Fitbit App for iPhone and AndroidThe known fact is that regular workouts not only keep your body fit but also keep your mind also fit. If you are at the late age of your life, then regular exercise will keep your mind active as well. If you don’t believe this, then you must download Lumosity app and link it with your Fitbit smartwatch. This app keeps track of your daily mental activities like memory, attention, mental processing speed and flexibility in thinking. Then you will get advice on doing various mental activities by this app, and thus you can keep your mind fit.

Just link and sync your Fitbit with this app and it will track your daily activity and will keep on providing you your mental data and then you will certainly believe how the mental and physical fitness co-relate with each other. The best part of this app is that it adjusts automatically with your daily activity so you will also understand that the app changes your mental goals according to your recent physical and psychological activities.

Download Lumosity for iPhone | Download Lumosity for Android

#10. DriveBit

DriveBit Free Fitbit App for iPhone and AndroidExperiencing a problem as Fitbit mixes your fitness data with your commuting as well? Yes, this can be a terrible experience for many of us and to cure that problem we believe that you must have the DriveBit app loaded on your smartphone. What this app does very well is that it will clear all those traveling logs mistakenly recorded by your Fitbit. For example, if you found your trip through car, tube, tram or bus DriveBit will explain them all and give you the real fitness data.

You can also make your transportation to make sure that DriveBit registers it and records it correctly from start to finish. This app is very easy to use, and you can also add widgets to your home screen to make it more easy to choose what kind of travel you are experiencing right now.

Download DriveBit App for iPhone | Download DriveBit App for Android

Your feedback?

With these best Fitbit apps, we are sure you will be able to maintain both your body and mind in a correct way. We wish you all the very best in health once you start using these apps. In return, we would like you to come back and give your feedback on the apps you are using here in the comments section or on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus so that our readers get updated information about them.