Fitbit has become the best fitness tracker gadgets world around. You can manage your daily task smartly and efficiently. For sure nothing can beat the Fitbits technology level, but there are still some of best Fitbit Alternatives you may not be aware which promise similar features like Fitbit.

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Since people have started complaining about getting rashes on the skin, many people have decided to move to the Fitbit alternatives. Well, the company promised to solve the problem, but there is no improvement yet. Hence, it would be better to choose other fitness trackers. So, here we have listed 5 best Fitbit Alternatives that can perfectly track your daily fitness activity and keep you notified about your routine. So, let move down and pick the best alternatives to Fitbit fitness trackers.
Best Fitbit Alternatives

5 Best Alternatives to Fitbit Fitness Trackers


If not Fitbit then what? If this question is bothering you before selecting an alternative for Fitbit then what can be the better option than NIKE? NIKE is one of the best options you can think about while choosing a fitness gadget which is not Fitbit. NIKE + FUELBAND gives you almost the same facilities which your Fitbit can offer.

NIKE + FUELBAND will track your fitness activities every day including counting of steps, a number of calories burnt and plenty of other things. Set your goals and this gadget will help you to achieve them. This band also keeps you giving information about how you can improve your daily fitness routine.

Not only when you are exercising, but also the NIKE + FUELBAND also takes care of your sleep as well. The app of this band is compatible with iPhone only and not with Android, but still an excellent Fitbit option to look for.

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#2. Microsoft Band 2

One can easily call this band as a complete gadget to track your daily fitness activities. I can even add that you cannot just call it a fitness tracker because it gives you more than that. It monitored your steps, calorie intake and burned, heart rate, sleep just like a regular fitness gadget. What makes Microsoft Band 2 different than others is that it also alerts you to your phone calls, social media notifications, texts, emails, and calendar reminders as well.

Microsoft Band 2 carries some unique features like sun intensity measuring sensor and GPS mapping. You can also get information about your workout training, and this gadget will update you with constant tracking of your heart-rate. Microsoft also has an affiliation with TaylorMade hence it is the best gadget for the golfers.

Microsoft Band 2 available in three different sizes and it is compatible with iPhone, Android and of course Windows phones.

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#3. Pebble Time Steel Smartwatch

Pebble is another known brand, and I can say it is growing popularity at a very fast rate and soon can give real competition to Fitbit. So if a brand is good enough to give competition to Fitbit, it can indeed become a real alternative to it as well. Pebble smart devices come in many shapes and size, and it works well with Android, though it is compatible with iPhones as well. It measures your steps and sleeps and almost all your daily exercise activities.

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Pebble has a strong partnership with some of the big names like Jawbone, Misfit, and ESPN. Apart from fitness apps, Pebble is loaded with some great mobile gaming to keep you attached to it. The best part of Pebble is its long-lasting battery which can last for at least a week on a single charge. If you are looking for a better alternative to Fitbit, the Pebble can come close to it.

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#4. Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit

Along with fitness tracker, you will also get a smartwatch features in Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit. This is probably the slimmest smart watch cum fitness tracker you will ever see. This most attractive gadget has the Super AMOLED screen to add to its beauty. The smartwatch is protected against dust and water, and you can track your daily activities easily.

Measure your heart beats, steps and get daily feedback on your activities without fail from Samsung Galaxy Wear. Not only that you can even get notified of your messages, emails, and alarms. Customize this fitness wear as per your wishes. With that, you got the brand name Samsung which you can always trust.

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#5. Adidas MiCoach Fit Smart

If you want to concentrate more on your heart rates than anything else, then you should go for Adidas MiCoach Fit Smart. This device has a unique heart rate tracking features. Once you wear it on your wrists, it will start monitoring your heart rate, and you will be informed about it always.

What makes Adidas MiCoach Fit Smart different than the rest is that it has a special coaching features as well. This feature will keep on motivating you, and it will train you to become fit and smart. If you are a real athlete or want to become one by going through some tough training sessions, then I believe Adidas MiCoach is the best alternative for you to Fitbit.

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That’s it!

These were the five best alternatives to Fitbit fitness gadgets. We have taken care that you get the best options by providing you products offered by known and trusted brands only. Hope you liked this feature.

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