We already prepared the exclusive list of the best Fitbit Alta bands, which changed the entire look of your fitness smartwatch. Now it is time to give you bands replacement ideas with these best Fitbit Alta HR bands. With an extra care of taking style into the account along with the protection, we went through a big number of such bands and then selected these bands.

Not only the style and security but we also took care about the quality of the products and also the choices in material as well. Here you will find Fitbit Alta HR replacement wristband made from stainless steel, PU, silicon and genuine leather as well. So you have a wonderful choice in your hands.

There are certain brands which are offering good numbers of bands for Fitbit Alta HR smartwatch in one pack. We selected those packs as well so that you get good savings on money on each of your purchase. If you decide to buy those packs then believe us you can change your Fitbit Alta HR bands almost every single day in a week without letting them repeated.

So, all in all, you will enjoy your selection and when you enjoy something the ultimate result will always make you happy.Wishing you a very happy shopping friends!

10 Best Fitbit Alta HR Replacement Bands

Fitbit Alta HR Bands

#1. BeneStellar

BebeStellar is currently giving you an irresistible offer of a 12 pack Fitbit Alta HR bands. If you compare this pack’s price with other such bands, you will see that this is going to be a money saving offer and there is no reason why don’t you accept it, looking at the quality of these bands as well.

Features of BeneStellar Band

  • 12 highly attractive and addictive color choices for you in just one pack.
  • Personalize your Fitbit Alta HR according to your mood and outfit.
  • Extremely comfortable to wear and replace.
  • Made from durable and best silicon material.
  • Wear them anytime as it is fit for exercise, sweat, sleep travel and much more.
  • It is an adjustable band with wrists sizes between 5.5″ to 8.9″.

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#2. Swees

We have noticed that most of the professionals who are using Fitbit Alta HR either go for a leather variant or a metal one when it comes to select a replacement band. So, for those professionals, we are presenting this Swees metal band which is exquisite looking and fits the image of a professional very well.

Features of Swees Band

  • Perfect fit for Fitbit Alta HR as it can be fixed and removed quickly.
  • The metal clasp will give the secure lock to the smartwatch.
  • Made from premium stainless steel mesh with unique magnet clasp which gives your watch fashionable look.
  • Fully durable, comfortable and smooth touch when you wear it for the entire day.
  • The strong metal clasp will also provide best wearing experience.
  • Available in 12 different and attractive color choices.

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#3. Maledan

Another excellent metal band for your Fitbit Alta HR smartwatch is here. Maledan which is the manufacturer for this replacement band is offering this piece in two different sizes, and thus you can select the one which you feel can best fit your wrist.

Features of Maledan Band

  • Made from excellent material which is durable and lasts long.
  • This Fitbit Alta HR band has a design of bracelet hence it can be a good choice for ladies.
  • The quality stainless steel used makes this band look extremely elegant and comfortable to wear.
  • There are two sizes available for both small and large sizes of wrists.
  • Easy to resize the band with different strong magnetic closure.
  • The company offers one-year hassle-free money back warranty.
  • Select your band from six different options available.

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#4. AK

Another pack of colorful bands is here, and this time it is brought by AK a known brand for accessories. You will get good and low price choice on selected options, so choose your replacement band from AK for your very own Fitbit Alta HR band carefully.

Features of AK Band

  • Personalize your Fitbit Alta HR band according to your mood with so many color options.
  • Made from the best TPU material for smooth and rash-free wearing.
  • Men and Women both can have different bands as the company offers this option.
  • Excellent choice for sports events, meeting and even dating.
  • The freely adjustable band and can fit almost any wrist according to circumstances of individual wrists.

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#5. POY

We already mentioned that metal and leather replacements for Fitbit Alta HR bands are the first choices for the professionals. We already showed a metal replacement and not it is time for a leather replacement band for your Fitbit Alta HR from POY.

Features of POY Band

  • Exquisite looking band replacement for your Fitbit Alta HR fitness watch.
  • Fits comfortably with wrists sizes between 5.5 inches to 8.1 inches.
  • There are precise multiple alternative holes which will adjust the suitable length for your wrist.
  • Made from genuine leather material means you have the best quality material.
  • Comes with metal clasps on both the ends for secure locking.
  • POY offers 30 days money back warranty.

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#6. Oitom

Oitom is one of the respected brands around when it comes to providing secure and great looking bands for various smartwatches. Today, we have selected a metal band from Oitom which will add more value to the looks of your Fitbit Alta HR.

Features for Oitom Band

  • Available in two different sizes for different wrists.
  • The Large sized band is good enough for the wrists size between 6.7″ and 9.3.”
  • The small sized band from Oitom can handle wrists between 5.1″ to 6.7″.
  • A wide range of colors like Gold, Pink, Blue, Brown, Silver, Black, and Rainbow.
  • Replace the original band with this band by just using its unique fully magnetic Milanese loop, which needs no tool to fix.
  • 18-month warranty of unconditional refund.

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#7. GinCoband

We have seen few replacement bands here which are available in 12 band packs, but over here GinCoband is offering three replacement bands for Fitbit Alta HR fitness watch with multiple color choices as well. Overall this can also become a great option for you to save some money.

Features of GinCoband Band

  • It is very easy to install or remove this replacement band.
  • The buckle design gives you not only the comfort but security for your gadget as well.
  • There are numerous and precise holes which will help to adjust your wrist size.
  • Made from high quality and durable material which is waterproof as well.
  • You have 12 different color choices to fit your daily fashion statement.

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UMTELE is another known and respected brand for manufacturing some of the coolest and brightest replacement bands for various smartwatches. For Fitbit Alta HR too UMTELE has a broad range of alternative bands which will certainly steal your heart without a doubt.

Features of UMTELE Band

  • This replacement band has a precise measurement for 5″ to 8″ wrists.
  • Made from silicon material which is of top quality.
  • Silicon material is also human skin friendly hence there is no chance of your skin getting rashes.
  • Metal adjustable buckle clasp brings the old fashioned look but very comfortable to wear as well.
  • There are ten pin holes for fine-tuning according to your wrist size.
  • UMTELE offers one year’s unconditional refund guarantee.

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#9. bayite

A great looking leather replacement band for your Fitbit Alta HR is here, and it is presented by bayite. The band is available in 9 different colors, and all you need to do is to pick up the band which suits your personality and style. For all those executives, they should give these bands a good look for sure.

Features of bayite Band

  • Made from top quality genuine leather to give you smooth and secure feel.
  • Best fit for the wrist sizes between 5.5″ to 8.1.”
  • Ten holes at precise gap will make sure that you get a perfect wearing.
  • Stainless steel buckle, not only adds value to the looks but also secures your fitness watch.
  • Get 1-year warranty with replacement or full refund without returning the belt.

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#10. KingBaas

Finally, a replacement band made for Fitbit Alta HR which can win the hearts of ladies is here. This beautifully crafted alternative band from KingBass looks so elegant that it will be very hard for any woman to deny purchasing it.

Features of KingBaas band

  • You can personalize your Alta HR with this band with outstanding crystal which will make your watch look elegant and upscale.
  • The company also provide a tool so that you can remove the links easily and can fit your size.
  • The standard size which can fit this band is between 5.5″ and 8.1.”
  • If you have any quality issue after the purchase, you can quickly ask for a full refund without even returning it.

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We can bet that after going through this exclusive list of the Fitbit Alta HR bands, you will need not to go anywhere else to find a perfect band for your fitness smartwatch.

Once you select any band from the list above, do let us know which one you picked and what prompted you to do so.