Fitbit Alta has very impressive looks and some fruitful features as well. When you buy it, it comes with the only single band. Don’t you think wearing the same band in every party or occasion is very embarrassing? So why don’t you replace the original strap with these best Fitbit Alta bands and make your wristband stunning than ever?

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You will get here an excellent choice of color, material, and style as well. These all straps are made with different materials which will give very comfortable wearing experience. Whether you want stainless steel, leather or soft silicone bands, you will get every option here. Get ready to pick the best band for Fitbit Alta from this top 10 collection of best replacement bands.

10 Best Fitbit Alta Bands

Fitbit Alta Bands

#1. Gincoband – Fitbit Alta band with super-attractive colors

Let us start this list with one the brand which is offering us colorful options for choosing our Fitbit Alta band. Gincoband is offering 12 pieces of replacement bands for Fitbit Alta with super-attractive colors.

Once you fit one of these bands and then keep on changing them every day. It will take at least two weeks to get a repeated band. Not only the days but this much of choice also gives you the flexibility to match what you are wearing as well.

Fitbit Alta Replacement Band

Features of GinCoband Band

  • The material is so flexible that it can fit with the smartwatch quickly.
  • You can adjust it further by using the button and feel comfortable.
  • This band is perfect for large sizes like 6.7 to 7-8.1 inches and also for smaller sizes like 5-5.7, 6 or 7 inches.
  • Because we got such a vast color choice that we can match this band with your daily clothes.
  • Best for the party lovers and also for those who believe in setting trends.
  • Made from comfortable material which is also waterproof so you can wear them for long and also can clean them easily.

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#2. Henoda – Silicone Replacement Sport Band

Henoda always brings most reliable replacement bands for all the Fitbit smartwatches and thankfully Fitbit Alta is also not left behind.

The look of this band itself will give you the impression that it is really sturdy. Although Henoda gives us a good choice in leather as well, we thought that this time we should give you a different choice.

Fitbit Altra Silicone Band

Features of Henoda Band

  • This band is a free size band, so it will be very comfortable for you to wear.
  • The soft silicone material will never irritate your skin, and thus it will remain rash free.
  • There are plenty of color choices you have, and you can wear the band which matches your outfit.
  • The quality material also makes sure that your smartwatch remains safe always.
  • It’s made from High-Quality Silicone, Tactile and Tough. So it is comfortable for sporting time and looks good on what you are wearing.

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#3. Greeninsync

This band is made of a flexible, durable premium material which is hypoallergenic. This product is the most loved product on Amazon. More than one thousand users gave their positive reviews about GreenInsync alternative belts for Fitbit Alta. If so many users are satisfied with one product, then one should believe to trust the same product as well to use it. Let’s check what is so special about these bands.

Band For Fitbit Altra

Features of GreenInsync Band

  • GreenInsync offers, even more, color choices than probably any other belt we present here.
  • What makes this extra band special is that the material used in it is shock-proof and that is why your Fitbit Alta will also remain extra-safe from shocks.
  • No bar use this ‘band of bands’ because they can fit the style of both the genders.
  • The durable premium hypoallergenic material provides comfortable wearing experience.
  • In this pack, you will get 3 Fitbit Alta replacement bands, 1 unique design fastener, 3 metal clasps and 3 general colorful fasteners so that you will get great choice within choices.

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#4. Vancle – Adjustable Replacement Bands

The Vancle brand Fitbit Alta bands we are about to present the brand new belts, and they are highly adjustable to almost all the wrist sizes. Because of its exclusive design, this belt fits only with Fitbit Alta and no other smartwatch, so take a note of this fact as well before purchasing.

Replacement Band For Fitbit AltaFeatures of Vancle Band

  • If we compare this band with the original Fitbit Alta band, then you will get price benefit but without compromising quality.
  • There are plenty to choose from multiple color choices, and they make sure that your Fitbit Alta looks less sporty and more stylish.
  • It is very easy to fit and take off this band and very sturdy too.
  • These bands are very flexible and comfortable because of elastomer used in it.
  • The Vancle band fits any wrist for any occasion.

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#5. Swees – Stainless Steel Replacement Bands

If you want to purchase a Fitbit Alta band which is made from metal, then have a look at this Swees band. It has some elegant looks which will certainly steal your heart. If you are a professional, then we believe you must contemplate about this alternative to your original Fitbit Alta band.

Fitbit Altra Stainless Steel Replacement BandFeatures of Swees Band

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  • This band is a perfect fit with the metal clasp for Fitbit Alta.
  • Made from a premium stainless steel mash clubbed with unique magnet clasp design will certainly add value to your style.
  • When you look at this band carefully, you will love its fashionable craftsmanship which is durable and extra comfortable.
  • You can wear this band as long as you want because it is designed for that only.
  • The band size is freely adjustable according to individual wrists.
  • This great looking band is very easy to install and remove.
  • The material used is also eco-friendly and low-key but super elegant and practical.

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#6. I-Smile – TPE + TPU Rubber Band

These belts from I-SMILE are newly manufactured products, and they can be the best replacement for your original Fitbit Alta band. You will get plenty of color choices, and we can assure you that the options offered are very attractive and can ultimately very tempting to buy all.

Fitbit Altra Replacement WristbandFeatures of i-Smile Band

  • The closure of this band is very stylish that is why it will change the entire look of your smartwatch.
  • Made from high-quality TPE and TPU rubber it is sturdy and also long-lasting.
  • Because of the TPU, the feel of the belt is soft on your wrists and makes it perfect for extended use.
  • The material used is also flexible, so any size of the wrist can fit with this band.
  • Change the band according to your mood and outfits with so many colors on offer.

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#7. Voma – Design Genuine Stainless Steel Band

This replacement band from VOMA will certainly attract women as one can easily say that it is made for them only. The delicate design of it can become an automatic preference for any woman. What makes the bands from VOMA more important to talk about is that it is available in different materials like leather, soft silicone, and stainless steel.

Fitbit Alta Designer BandsFeatures of Voma Band

  • VOMA has a collection for all the occasions, so just go through the huge list of Fitbit Alta bands.
  • VOMA provides a tool which can help to remove the links so that the band can fit your wrist size.
  • There is a good choice in materials, but there are far more options in design and colors as well.
  • All three material used for this band will give comfort to your skin always.

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#8. Acbee – Adjustable Secure Wristband

If you love your sport and want to give your Fitbit Alta a complete sporty look, then the bands for ACBEE are just perfect replacements. Whenever you go for any sports event, you just need to change the band, and for that, you got a handful of choices.

Best Fitbit Alta BandFeatures of Acbee Band

  • Made from stainless steel, this buckle adds extra security to your band.
  • It is very easy to wear and take off your Fitbit Alta if you connect it with this replacement band.
  • Made from soft and durable material this band will also avoid hurting your wrists while you are playing any sports.
  • Fit any size of wrist all you need to do is to pick up your kind of color and use it for any occasion.

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#9. Bayite – Genuine Leather Band 

Leather belts can give any sports watch a different dimension altogether. Take a look at this leather band from Bayite which will make you stunned for sure. For all those professionals who love their sports, this belt can be an ideal choice. So let’s know more about this replacement band for your Fitbit Alta.

Fitbit Alta Leather BandsFeatures of Bayite Band

  • The high quality and skin-friendly material make it the genuine leather cases for Fitbit Alta.
  • With stainless still buckle attached, you can be assured about the stable locking of the band.
  • The flexible holes will make sure that you get a comfortable wear all the time.
  • Get almost nine different and attractive color choices.
  • The company also offers one-year replacement warranty with this band.

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#10. Umtele Fully Magnetic Band

It is not only ‘another stainless steel’ band but its magnetic closure clasp will give extra security for your smartwatch, and that is what makes this great replacement band different than the rest.

Fitbit Alta Metal BandsFeatures of Umtele Band

  • Easily install this Milanese bracelet loop along with the magnetic clasp without using any additional tool.
  • Made from stainless steel mesh give protection from sweat and water.
  • The belt can feet any wrist size between 5.5” to 9.3”.
  • The curves on this belt may look simple, but they are fluent as well.
  • No matter whether you are a man or women the design of this band is such that it can easily match your persona.
  • You will also get one year’s warranty, and thus we believe you may not need anything else, do you?

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So, here we are at the end of this great list of the best Fitbit Alta bands. After going through this exclusive list, you must be ready now with your choice of replacement band for your Fitbit Alta. We are eager to hear from you about the band you purchased, so give your feedback on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus or here in the comments section.