Nintendo’s most popular Fire Emblem Heroes is the best strategy game is now available for Android and iOS devices. This game is probably bit different than you play some of the other games which are related to war and battle. Well, you have probably crashed or burned while playing the game. So, you would love to know some of the best Fire Emblem Heroes tips and tricks to play well.

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There is enough in the game itself which can help you to plan and play it in the much better way. But, there is some more you can do to impress your friends. These tips and tricks will help you to make a perfect strategy with your heroes and will make you possible to win as many battles as you can. So, further ad, let check out 10 best Best Fire Emblem Heroes tips & tricks to have too much fun.

Fire Emblem Heroes Tips and tricks

10 Best Fire Emblem Heroes Tips and Tricks

#1. Know the Color Triangle

Fire Emblem Heroes Color Triangle

You will notice that every weapon you have is having one out of three major colors. One is red, and the other two are green and blue. These colors are part of the ‘Weapon Triangle’ called by Fire Emblem. You must know that each color is powerful against one color and weak against the other. So first let us know which one is powerful and weak against which one.

  • Red weapons are powerful and effective against Green ones, but they are weak against Blue weapons.
  • Green weapons are powerful and effective against Blue ones, but they are weak against Red weapons.
  • Blue weapons are powerful and effective against Red ones, but they are weak against Green weapons.

The colors also have their advantages and disadvantages as well, like a Red weapon will do 20% more damage to a Green weapon holding enemy but at the same time will do 20% less damage to an enemy who is having Blue weapon. So, use your weapons smartly. Plus Magical tomes also have these three colors, and they also act likewise.

#2. Colorless weapons

Fire Emblem Heroes Colorless weapons

There are few weapons in the game which are typically colorless, majorly bows, daggers, and staves if we have to name them. These colors are not part of the color weapons we talked about earlier, and thus they do not carry any advantage and disadvantages against any color weapons. But, they do carry advantages on their own, and every colorless weapon has its bonus point. Like Bows have 20% damage bonus against flying units. So you need to keep your Wyverns and Pegasus away from any archers.

#3. Plan Before Entering into Battle

Plan Before Entering into Battle

Just do not enter the battle in Story Maps without having any preparations for it. In the Training Tower or in the Special Maps model you need to check the surroundings carefully. If you check the surroundings carefully, you will notice that the game itself gives you tips on your enemy’s arsenal and also the colors of your enemy forces. Apart from these, you can also check the colors of weapons the enemy carrying into the battle. You will see the color of swords, lances, and axes, etc.

#4. Make Your Team

Make Your Team

Now that you know about the color combination of weapons and also how you can remain aware of enemy’s planning, now you need to have a good set of players battling for you. You need to keep the above two things in mind and then collect proper heroes for your team so that you can win the battle hands down is another tip for Fire Emblem Heroes.For example, if your enemies have Red weapons then you need to have at least couple of Blue heroes, and similarly, if the enemies have a lot, many bows then pick heroes with flying units. You can edit your four hero team at any point in time before entering the battle, and you can also have a pre-assembled five teams. So, you got the option to choose the best team before entering each battle.

For example, if your enemies have Red weapons then you need to have at least couple of Blue heroes, and similarly, if the enemies have a lot, many bows then pick heroes with flying units. You can edit your four hero team at any point in time before entering the battle, and you can also have a pre-assembled five teams. So, you got the option to choose the best team before entering each battle.

#5. Coordinate Your Attack Before Striking

Coordinate Your Attack Before Striking

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There are very few games which can even let you know the outcome before you even enter the battle scene. Over here you will be able to know which enemy you or your hero should attack before starting the battle. You just need to tap on the top of the screen and check out the possibilities the app shows against each enemy.

This information will let you know that how much our hero can damage the enemy and whether you will have the advantage of disadvantage by fielding a particular hero against a particular enemy. Apart from that, it will also let you know how many Hit Points your hero will lose. So before just entering the battle carelessly, it is advisable to plan the strategy with this feature.

#6. Watch Out for Special Attack Counters

Special Attack Counters

In some of the battles, you need to watch out for special attacks which will activate after making a certain number of actions. Once you see a purple color number next to your team member’s portrait, you should know that you have been hit by a special attack. Once a player is facing this special attack the number against him goes down. When this number touches zero, it will turn into a symbol and all your units will have a purple selector around them.

So next time whether it’s you or your enemy engaged in an attack, it will automatically consider as a special attack. These special attacks are like two side sword so you need not only to watch out for these attacks but also need to plan before entering the battle because it can suddenly become a question of your life and death.

#7. No Harm Sacrificing Your Hero

No Harm Sacrificing Your Hero

In almost all the games of the Fire Emblem Heroes there is no ‘permadeath,’ but still, you can use the death of any of your heroes to your advantage. Once a hero of your team dies, he or she won’t be able to participate in the remaining part of the game, but he or she can return for the next battle. So, if you plan well you can even sacrifice your hero thought you would never wish to do that in the first place.

You can bait and engage the enemy in fighting against the hero whom you wish to sacrifice and rest of you can then gang up against the enemy and finish him. Remember, this tactic can go wrong and as we cautioned earlier that it might lead to sacrifice your hero as well. But then you got chances to win a battle as well. So, plan smartly.

#8. Use Orbs to Upgrade Castle

Use Orbs to Upgrade Castle

This trick is less talked about, but it is beneficial. We have noticed that if we use Orbs and upgrade the castle, it will increase the number of experience points or EXP and by doing that you will only level up your heroes faster than you can do in a normal course. Each castle upgrade will give you 20% EXP more, and you got five such upgrades so that you will have 100% EXP at the end of the day.

This means you will gain double the experience whenever you down your enemy. Another advantage of this is that you will need to use lesser resources like shards and crystals.

#9. Try Special Maps

Try Special Maps

You can try Special Maps where you have a great chance to collect new heroes and also duplicate ones for the existing. This is same as story maps, but the difference here is that none of your heroes can die or you will not be losing any battle. There are two difficulty levels, normal and hard and it depends on which one you are completing.

The new hero you will receive will be a stranger to you, and once you claim a victory on Special Map, you can grab a hero each day. So this is the simple yet great way to get new heroes every day which you haven’t unlocked yet and also the duplicates of your current heroes and then use them to increase their power.

#10. Create My Nintendo Account

Create My Nintendo Account

Yes, the title of this trick is enough to understand what we are talking about. You should sign up for My Nintendo account. Once you are signed in to this account, you will keep on getting many freebies from Nintendo which will be helpful while playing Fire Emblem Heroes. Don’t worry if you still have not done this process you can do that right from your app itself and link your other Nintendo games like Miitomo or Super Mario Run and start getting rewards. This process will only take two minutes.

Final Words

We are sure that these tips and tricks would certainly help you to play Nintendo’s latest mobile game Fire Emblem Heroes in a much better way and you will enjoy more defeating your enemies.

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